► World of Tanks: Lorraine 40t Returns – Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank – Patch 9.18+

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Source: DezGamez

World of Lorraine 40t Gameplay, Preview. World of Tanks Premium Tanks. World of Tanks Patch 9.18+ Update Preview.

Today I have one special episode for you, I am going to connect 2 different series – “World of Tanks: Past” and “World of Tanks: News”. I have some exciting news, old tier 9 French medium tank “Lorraine 40t” is going to be back in World of Tanks. This time as a tier premium French medium tank, with autoloading gun system… Exciting times ahead of us guys.
Going to show you few first pictures together with some first stats.

Patch 9.17 patch notes:

Pictures from: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/11/01/supertest-lorraine-40t-complete-stats/

Stats from: http://test..gg/wot//lorr-40-t#



  1. I want that premium tank for free, give my lorraine back wargaming

  2. Holy Cow…Geekirati Confirmed! 😉 https://i.imgsafe.org/5ccdf00bc4.jpg

  3. I wonder if its going to be added to the tech tree or if its only going to
    be a tank sold at certain times.

  4. The French Bastard

    I hope it get’s some nerfs to be on par with the 50 100 and change the
    clasification to heavy tank before they releas this

  5. Hello DG, nice vid, but how about the crew? Is this a 3 member crew that
    anybody need/want or another useless CDC-like stupid premium?

  6. I hear more and more of the flu…dam it man get better ;)

  7. I hope we get a chance to get this tank for free if we already have the BC
    25AP. Just like when they pulled the FV4202 and replaced it with the
    centurion AX

  8. so its gonna be the former lorraine40t again?

  9. WG you better giveus the awsome Lorr40t again instead of shitty german TD’s

  10. EVERYONE STOP FUCKING SAYONG OP OP It started of as a tier 8 and it was
    balanced with sam gun and more or less same stats

  11. they could make it a misiion set tank cos theres no t8 reward

  12. Why do we need more premiums?

  13. My 50 100 now obsolete…nice

  14. we like news

  15. this tank is better than 50 100 which is not fear gun should be worse…
    that’s it that should be changed… and maybe 50-100 HP remuved

  16. The gun is going to have a longer reload than the 50 100

  17. I love the Lori I’ll totally get that

  18. the amx 13 57f is tier 7 autoloader

  19. SHIP, Good stuff man!
    -Love the News Flash segment.
    I would have liked to see the stats of both versions of Lorraine, Premium
    and old version.
    Any difference in gun or DPM, etc.? Is it my imagination or did they have a
    larger gun on the old version? Memory fails me at the moment.

    Glad its coming back, actually. I think it would have been a nice thing if
    WG/WOT actually credited the folks that originally had it, or, perhaps, had
    a much lower cost of gold to pay to get it back. Yea, I know we had the
    exchange BUT, WG screwed us, we had to buy all new gear for the 25T!!!
    C’mon! It should have been a complete one for one swap, in my opinion. I
    may be mistaken but they also took the crew too; everything was start over.
    Talk about getting screwed.

    Does the Premium have preferential MM? Or will you find yourself struggling
    in Tier 10 battles with such cheese for armor and gun performance?
    IF we fact T-X, then keep the PEN, at least, or, give us the 105 gun, not
    just 100, with buffed Pen, Like the Chinese 121-B!
    Sounds tasty, doesnt it?

    Anyway, good stuff, News flash, good idea. I don’t know how many of those
    would actually be justified for the effort? Unless you are talking about
    adding conversation topics like what is found on the FTR site, or news
    worthy, gaming wise; other projects or games?
    Time invested vs output and variety of topics.

  20. Andreas Charitoudis

    hmm…i think the wg main plan is not to make the game better but to
    introduce as much prem. tanks as possible so they will earn a lot of money.
    ok i know there is a lot of improvments, but all the time they are
    introducing prem tanks, and do nothing about regular or a little beat
    fixing the mm algorithm

  21. Andreas Charitoudis

    but gg anyway
    i like you dezgame

  22. Pretty soon there will be more premium vehicles than standard vehicles…

  23. kinda wish they did a t-34 retirement into Premium tank with the L40t. They
    haven’t done that in a while.

  24. BTW that guy is using aim bot on replay

  25. My FV304 will like it from above.

  26. I must’ve missed it. In what way is this worse than the 50 100, if any?

  27. Next thing you know they will release a “Premium KV-122” at tier 8 as

    As for the Lorr well essh, that started as a tier 8, got MOVED to tier 9,
    Got REMOVED from the game and is now being sold back to the players base as
    a Gold tank…WGing are really smoking some next level shit it seems :P

  28. Lorraine 40T is going to come back with 200mm of Turret armor and 170mm of
    Frontal Hull armor plus 220mm pen on the autoloader that is on a 25 sec
    reload for the 6 round clip…. I mean if those new premium tanks are any
    indication then the above prediction is not going to be far off from the
    final outcome :D

  29. Too op, needs a nerf. Great vid as always :)

  30. This tank destroyed my will to live on the way to the Batchat

  31. AMX 13 57 GF is a prem auto loader

  32. Dez, to see your highest statistics in a specific tank, go to Service
    Record > Vehicles > Select specific vehicle , and then you should be able
    to see the highest dmg you’ve done

  33. My girls can’t wait to step out from the Batchat to jump into this tank :)

  34. Oh, seriously…

  35. Wargaming, pleeeease stop making premiums better then their regular

  36. So, pretty much its the old tier 8 lorraine before it got made a tier 9

  37. Please Subscribe folks!! Great news Dez, I hope the guns is better.

    Take care, flea

  38. I was one of the people who was really sad when the Lorraine 40t was
    replaced. The BC AP felt like a huge downgrade in my opinion.

  39. piew piew low tiers hahahaha


    would be cool if they gave it for free for the players who earned it
    through grinding before the patch

  41. lorrain is in everything bether then a amx 50 100 just the armor is vorse :/
    however amx’s armor is stil terrible so lorrain is going to be totally op.
    WG nerf the gun on 90mm and nerf the engine power.
    I think that it will rebalance it.But really why are you starting making
    bether premiums then normal ones

  42. this game starts to to be pay to win, premium tanks are growong like
    mushrooms after rain. sad money farming by WG.

  43. So this will be the new premium tank in the advent calendar ?

  44. 7:10 Would like to report this su 144-44. Even this replay is over a year
    old. It is very insulting in german. the salt is real in this one.

  45. Hey Dez! nice video but i’ve sent you another one better than this 😉 maybe
    you’ll play it on you yt channel :D

  46. Click bate

  47. There is also AMX 13 57, it is an autoloader as well. :)

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