► World of Tanks: Loud and Deadly Sniper! – Waffenträger auf Pz. IV Crazy Battle

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. Epic Battle. Best Battle.

Back with another epic battle episode and today, I am going to show you one loud and deadly sniper in Waffenträger auf Pz. IV, tier 9 TD. Check out what kind of epic action going to be happening on map!

Player: zlajooo
Replay http://wotreplays.com/site/2976558#stats


  1. OMG. Awesome playing : -o

  2. Freshwater Spaceman

    “How one sided was that battle guys?”

    Very! Unfortunately for the team that lost, the other side had a zlaioooo

  3. Pavel Secka (BolginNT)

    Breaking news… Wladimir Putin drowned in his Lorraine, no doubt by
    unfortunate accident.

  4. You’re a grrrreat youtuber dez ;)

  5. “Are you not entertained!?”, had too, thank you Dez. Keep up the good work.

  6. Does anyone know the name of the last spotted tanks and hp on the minimap
    mod if I’m not using Aslains?

  7. jan kristian mari Dia

    for the first time in 4-5 years with my isp, my actual download speed is
    peaked at 250kbps! then dez uploads vid just the moment i found out my
    connection speed doubled up (used to be around 120ish). what a glorious
    evening! – hello dez! from a far away province in Philippines with shitty
    ISP choices… used to watch your vids at 480p because 720p would take
    waaaaaaaay too long to pre-load

  8. zlajo is nickname of name “zlatan” which in languages of former yugoslavia
    means “golden”

  9. His entire team combined did less damage than him, how sad.

  10. Nice one Dez.
    The mighty WTF line.

  11. 0:39 sounds like you said “Vladimir Putin just drowned in the rain” xD

  12. Dez whats your favourite TD

  13. That’s not a thumbs up, that’s a penis button!

  14. Just one question. Why does he even carry HE shells if he does not even use
    them on Arty?

  15. Anyone know what mod is showing the health on the minimap? If its xvm
    anyone know how to configure it to that? Sorry I am mostly a mod noob.
    Thanks in advance for any information!

  16. Dez are you crazy ? 😀
    You show Vladimir Putin died the day of his birthday
    and then you show a tank with 666 hit points
    So Dez, glad to have know you :P

  17. What is his equiment and skills? I quess he had camo and repair.

  18. hia. i have an idea for a battle video (not a line up but basic battle on
    map of your choice)

    -heavy tanks+fat tank destroyers. (slow and overpowering) (thinking t95’s
    and maybe is-7’s. dunno)
    -all medium tanks. (fast and agile).

    ig guess it should not be a city map 😉
    (maybe live oaks map. it offers both heavy tanks and medium tanks options.)

  19. its going to be harder now to be a hidden sniper with 9.16 since it shows
    direction of a hit pretty accurately.

  20. thanks for the vid honey

  21. not bad, but besides that, he is toptier and almost unable to not pen tanks
    on enemy team.
    one of the most important things he received in my opinion: his 2nd stripe.
    This shows he deserves it, because he knows how to play the tank ;)

  22. All I heard was skippy, skippy.

  23. Looks like you started showing off the glass cannons. Nice.

  24. Good guy batchat flipping over that medium.

  25. Owen “NooBinatoR” Squires

    Why would you ever give up a game on ghat map in arty!?! I find this is the
    best map for arty

  26. anyone saw the 666 hitpoints at 6:23 illuminati confirmed

  27. whoa this is why people love waffletragers DAMAGE

  28. AWESOME play ,,still world of tanks is the worst online game

  29. Arty is killing the game, I will not spend any more money on this game till
    they fix the arty

  30. iluminati confirmed

  31. The “no premium ammo” guideline is going to limit your selections to the
    boomsticks and lucky. I didn’t like premium ammo when it was just for gold,
    it seemed like pay to win then. But it’s available to everyone for credits
    now so I don’t see the big deal.

  32. We need to see more premium shells! 😛 JK, I don’t care.

  33. bro srsly lately so many afk bums. why not fock off if u dont wanna play
    the game.. annoys me to death..

  34. I hate those campers Why Do you have To upload such a match….

  35. that guy was the best guy i’ve ever seen in this game! i want his tank :(

  36. Great replay Ship 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  37. Lucky penetration on obj704 gun mantlet tbh.

  38. lel this Lorr. Arty is one of my Clan m8s xD


  40. Also looks like he got a mark of excellence.

  41. keep doing what ur doing. love ur channel?

  42. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Jesus Christ, WoT today was completely unplayable. The worst time to play
    World of Tanks is on the weekend.

  43. Damn you dez and your 30sec ad jk love you <3

  44. Dez, can you access the test server anymore, i havnt been able to access it
    for 3 days, it says the servers maynot be available

  45. it looked like that tiger 1 shot him

  46. Another great video Dez! Thanks as always for the narration and good
    explanation re the HP pools etc. A great way to help improve my game play.

  47. thank you a lot dez for your replays, and the way you are speaking, slowly,
    quitely, make it easy to understand for us, poor frenchies, and make we
    able to appreciate your comments ! you are wonderful, and I wanted to thank
    you for that ! kisses

  48. This TD is deadly. It’s only weakness is that it’s SUPER weak vs HE. The
    gun shield is a HE magnet that can kill you match quick if you play poorly
    or get caught out because the first HE hit will likely break the gun AND
    kill the gunner as well.

  49. looks like rig rng all the way through the game to me for I’m to win it

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