► World of Tanks: Lucky AF… While Going HAM!

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Source: DezGamez

T57 Heavy Tank Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Rhm Skorpion G Gameplay Review.

Back from my weekend with yet another video. This time let's take a look at 2 really interesting battles once again, with T57 Heavy and Rhm Skorpion G. In the first one I am going kinda HAM and the second battle needs some more analyzing.
I hope you had an awesome weekend, but now sit back and…



  1. What is up?
    No upload yesterday, because I decided to enjoy my weekend a littttttle bit too much.. Kappa! 😛

  2. Ship the nuts

  3. What’s disgusting about skorpion G is that HE rarely pens it even when on paper the tank has no armor.

    I’ve seen a KV-2 hitting it for 160, like if the thing has a spall liner on the painting.

  4. Anyone notice the t54e1 get melted? 6:26

  5. what was more a mistake was you forgot arty was in play go into rock for cover till your un spotted and then try to escape to the hill in the middle less of a target?

  6. that IS7 fuktard(CZ monkey) bitching on start of second clip and guess what he did zero dmg LOL

  7. Dez you’re the best YouTuber of all the people I am subscribed to. Great work 🙂

  8. #ClausiansCare Thanks Dez.

  9. Hey Dez! I want to ask you can you give me any advice of how to play FV4202, because im very bad with him. And if you can make video of – how to play fv4202 or something.

  10. HAvn’t seen enough of this, and I am a dezian but #ClausiansCare from claus, dez!

  11. GoofyKenny Orlando

    The shot went throuh thr Lowe’s weak lower plate. The T57 Heavy also has 258mm of pen

  12. I run my skorp G as a support medium rather than a standard td, so optics, rammer and GLD. With my crew and food I run at 437m view range which is normally enough for end game carries and I tend to run with the normal medium pack and offer a massive 490 alpha support.

  13. “Tier 8 premium TD that is better than the STANDARD PREMIUM tier 8 TD” lol XD

  14. think on the scorpio battle, bit too much when t57 heavy was almost full health

  15. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Yeah well Kramvagns Gun Handeling is worse^^

  16. Hide. Run when he yolos u

  17. Why is there on 5x in Asia bullshit cause I’m trying to get Foch 155 I’m at the max ac 48 and I’m 20k from getting top gun then 190k XD for Foch 🙁

  18. Oscar van der Sterre

    Hey Dez, I think you should have run the other way in your Skorpion, after you killed WT. You went down and left, but if you went right, you would have had the mountain as cover..
    atb, enjoy your vids!

  19. Thanks for shout out for Claus Kellerman, I have been with him since 3,000 subs and agree with you, some of the his videos are very funny.

  20. So far, you have done a really good job on that Skorpion G, but what will happen if you tried to hide around the capture area? ( Not in the circle of course )

  21. Binos on the G everyday all day; abuse those turrets.

  22. 18:51 Ghost rider :3

  23. coolbreeze12013 z

    To be honest Dez, I would’ve double back around the T57 after killing the WT imo just saying lol great content as usual, keep up the good work 🙂

  24. Probably i would just run away and try to outspot the T57… The problem is that the skorp G has no camo whatsoever (T25 pilot spotted him at max viewrange with camonet)

  25. optics rammer and binos…

  26. Did you see the hit of the Death Star over the T54E1 at 6:24? 1,750 damage! 😀

  27. You should have hidden behind the rock
    Waited till you got unspoted
    And started running away, assuming, t57 got somewhat down the hill

  28. u shud not stop to shut , flank for hill?

  29. Dez, when aiming with t57… full aim or go to garage (unless lucky af)

    Who asked for Dez face? Look no further.

  30. Race between Stone and hill to get unspotted behind that Hill dez, only chance there was for you in Skorpion G ?

  31. SCORP IS BEST TD EVER . poor non premium TDs. ”CRYIN IN A CORNER”

  32. Michiel Verpaalen

    Just a quick aside. I saw an arty shell land 18:35 on the clock (of this clip). T57 should have a fair chance missing you if you had kept moving. Then it might be possible to snapshot him and keep the spot on him so the arty can now land a shell as well.

    But as these things go, that’s all in hindsight and from a bloody awfull player like me to boot 🙂

  33. I can’t even believe how much effort and work you are putting into your videos….cuts, music, slow-mo at some epic RNG shots, commentary….world class…keep it up, love your vids….I’m watching your channel since you had like 20k subs and the evolution is massive…thanks for the content 🙂

  34. All that grinding, time and effort for what? 1500xp???

  35. AF…… is that mean [Anal Fuck]…. (the word cross my mind in the Frist place)

  36. Jan Valko Kristak

    Yup, after the nerf of gun handling on T57 the golden rule is Fully aim your first shot or miss it lol
    Btw Dez keep up the good work , love ur channel and content !

  37. Deezzzzzzz… AMX 50 B and T57 Heavy which one is better???!!!

  38. that udes lol

  39. thanks for the shout out to claus kremlin. your the man dez.
    just for that subscrib to u.

  40. SmashedBanana Starzinger

    i want see face. (sorry for bad french)

  41. Instead of rushing down the hill in plain sight you should have gone right around that little mountain thing and played hide and seek

  42. I have a Scorpion G as well a d I would have baited shots then retreated around the hill to then try to put shots into him. If he rushed me I would play ring around the Rosie

  43. For the second game, I think I would have kept running for it and not have stopped at all until I was well out of his view range. I might have been shot in the back, but I guess we will never know!

  44. You could have gone around the hill where the WT was camping on the whole time instead going down towards the other side

  45. no way is the AMX 50B better then the T57 Heavy the only thing would be the speed and the gun handeling of the amx and that it holds more ammo but the DPM for the 57 is 800 higher and the armor on the 57 is way better. But the AMX 50B is a nice tank but the thing gets pend everywhere by tier 8s and using AP. But hey whatever you like is what you like.

  46. I use Binoc’s on my Scorp G due to I’m mostly shooting while still.
    I would’ve ran and hugged that big rock, so the arty wouldn’t have an easy shot.

  47. Alessandro Depaoli

    greedy on t57… u where under spot and arty was 90% aiming on u…still GG (as usual) 🙂

  48. Education Pineapple

    break left when spotted

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