► World of Tanks: M103 & T110E5 – Lemming Train Warning! – Solid Heavies! – M103 & T110E5 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks M103 Gameplay / Review. Gameplay / Review. World of Tanks . World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Long time no see… Mr. Live Gameplay Episode!
It is beautiful weekend going on at the moment, but decided to take a little brake and record one episode for you. Going to with tier 9 and tier 10 USA heavy tanks – M103 and T110E5.



  1. Hey Dez More armored warfare coming soon? btw i’d like to see M1A1 abrams
    😀 oh if u wonder who the fock am i i gavent seen you before 😀 im da i’m a
    fish old 1 c:

  2. for the next episode, maybe some Russian tds from 263 branch, if you have
    any unlocked… :)

  3. god damn do something about that keyboard sound

  4. I wanna see t54 new episode please ?

  5. Thanks for this video, I struggle in the M103 I feel. I’m not a good
    player, average about 2.5-3.5k a game in it. Not sure if that’s good. But
    this helps, seeing others play it (well). Thank you!

  6. Next time play T95 ;]

  7. Wow, M103’s reload is quite slow, my Conqueror reloads just over 8 sec

  8. Hey Dez! Do plan on going down the German TD line for the jpze100 in the
    future? I don’t know if you have it already but I think that TD suits a
    beast such as yourself! :)

  9. Is it me or is WoTs more full of noobs now since Armored Warefare came out.
    I sensing a lot of good players are playing that now.. My avg stats have
    gone up last 2 weeks. and had some epic games.. See a lot more lemming
    trains and so on and i play tier 7-10 non stop.. So i just not used to the
    top tier games feeling like tier 3 games….

  10. DESTROYED in your last game huh? LOL! GG Dez, G.G.

  11. ST-I and IS-4 please <3

  12. M103? I hate it. As soon as I have the E5 I am selling the 103.

    WZ-111 1-4 is a solid tank. 100% offroading and 45% clutch and that thing
    goes like a bat out of hell plus it hits hard.

  13. impressive tanking as usual
    i would love to see you playing more AW. as a new game i believe alot of us
    would benefit highly from watching gameplay of that game.

  14. Lol even @ tier 10 E75 what a shot = bad players everywhere :)

  15. guys come to play AWF , leave this shity game :D

  16. 704 had top gun

  17. nuclearsharkattack

    Ship, you didnt play badly in that last game, your team of shitters played
    badly. Like the E100 that thinks he’s a TD ‘sniping’ from the ridge, and
    the lemming train going north on Arctic. Had the E75 and E100 gone the same
    flank as you did they could have done a lot of dmg on that south flank.
    That shitter E100 is the type of player that ruins this game.

  18. t32 and any other american tank next please.

  19. Love to see a WZ111-4 or WZ 120 game Dez

  20. Did you really just song a little bit of Justin Bieber? Nice….

  21. Play the Cent 7/1 and the FV4202. a little challenge for you Dez is to play
    the 7/1 with the 20 Pounder gun!

  22. yeah right m103 is solid lol u must be kidding, the hull gets penned
    regularly in the upper plate easily even if its angled, turret is trash ,
    side armor on it sucks, turret has mantlet problem top of the mantlet easy
    pen for even 175mm pen soviet guns same goes under the gun, it also has
    roof with bar where it says hit me. oh did I forget the capula. only pros
    is speed and gun performance( I rather have conqueror since its buffed).

  23. I can’t believe you said the M103 was a solid tank. The only thing it has
    is the gun, almost everything else is mediocre compared to the other tier 9

    Mobility: #1s WZ-111, IS-8, AMX 120, E-75 #2s Conqueror, M103, VK45 #3s
    Type 4, ST-I

    Armor: #1s Type 4, E75, VK45, Conqueror, ST-I #2s WZ-111-14 #3s M103, IS8

    Gun: #1s Pretty much all of them are the same except the Type 4

    The Conqueror is superior to the M103 in everything except for hull armor
    and maybe a little bit of mobility so why choose that thing? I’ve never
    encountered an enemy M103 that caused me problems on 1v1s and I own one
    myself and still think its pure crap, I never felt comfortable as I would
    in my E-75 or WZ-111-14.

  24. That E-100 in the last battle must’ve been a HAVOK player on his EU

  25. next ep centurion 7/1 and fv4202

  26. i would like to see Centurion7/1 and Fv215 183 next time. thx and realy
    good job Dez ! keep it up. ( hope m’y english is good )

  27. E75 probably aimed beyond you… this was good I like US heavies! E75 and
    hundo not?

  28. why would you ever m103 when you can conqueror?

  29. CENTURION!!!!! 🙂 please!!! I love that British tank! I seen one IRL, its
    bae ???

  30. Any British Meds love the WoT videos

  31. Alowishus Davander

    I dare you – T34-1, 5916, and the WZ132

  32. Roberto Avalos Jr.

    more videos of wot pls no other boring games

  33. can we some british mediums ?

  34. nice game dez, in your opinion whats the best american heavy tier for tier

  35. next episode tier 10 tds (other than british and american) :P

  36. M103 might be good, but the Conqueror really outclasses it after the turret
    buffs. Having basically an unipenetrable turret is amazing.

  37. damn lemmings

  38. the obj. 704 was using top gun…

  39. God after deleting wot and playing a lot of AW lately, I find it so painful
    watching the amount of rng is wot ><

  40. please stop playing this crap and check out AW.

  41. E5 is a beast after the buff!

  42. I love Dez videos soo much, the new QuickyBaby in my opinion

  43. Finally a world of tanks vid ! :)

  44. First!
    Hah, got ’em! 😛
    Enjoy your weekend beasts!

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