► World of Tanks: M4 Improved – Quick Guide / Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M4 Improved , Review / Preview. World of Tanks Series.


Today I have tank review episode for you. It is going to be in dept about what to do with your “M4 Improved”.



  1. GG Dez. Improved, what, a, name. M4 Trash would have been more appropriate.

  2. lol, glad I didn’t bother buying it then!

  3. @DezGamez quick and to the point …. it took me longer to put my
    headphones on and not to need them lol great work by the way

  4. lol very funny. It isn’t THAT bad a tank but it’s true I won’t play it very

  5. Great guide. Without pref it is nothing.

  6. nice one Dez 🙂 couldn’t be more strait forward!

  7. What was the point of showing us all the unicum games you had in it? It
    doesn’t make sense to show us a great battle results screen and then sell
    the tank…

  8. oh cmon u just kicked ass with it how can it be that bad?

  9. Right I shall go and buy it straight away. PSYCCCCHHHHEEEE. it must be
    garbarge if you had that good a game in it but still hate it.

  10. I’m not very experienced at WoT but I’ve had some great games in this
    premium. I got it because the gold and premium that came with it were
    almost worth the money so it was almost a bonus to get the tank too. It’s
    fast, maneuverable, bouncy armor, fast firing, good gun depression. The
    only drawback is the horrible penetration. I find it WAY better than the
    regular M4.

  11. LOL, funny one, I liked it

  12. Haha! That was great :)

  13. That good eh…? ;)

  14. LOL you beat Circon’s review:) that is hard to do LOL.

  15. Well, I like the M4 Improved. It’s like a Super Pershing. You have to play
    it as a “heavy” to succeed with it, becasue of it’s sluggish mobility. I’ve
    bounced 122mm AP with it, so it can be a good tank, but it depends on the

  16. lol its that bad dez? :p

  17. Yep, got the message. M4 Improved is a crap tank. You played and sold it.
    Circon in his video also said shit, QB played one game and said will never
    play again.
    So, don’t waste your money ppl.

  18. Am I the only one who would actually like to see the game from that

  19. SovietTenkDestroyer

    I don’t get it? Are you saying it’s terrible even though you got 3000 dmg
    in it.

  20. Rob Mitchell (Tango12Bravo)

    LOL… OK.. we get your drift, you are not the only streamer saying this
    either, you cut to the chase though and saved us time by making it 1 min,

  21. why did he sold the tank?he had a good game in it!

  22. Plot twist, they buff the gun in one week :)

  23. Dang Dez, I’m old as hell and I got it! Thank you sir.

    take care, aka flea1951

  24. so the M4 improved is really good then? Did i get that right? :-)

  25. this is M3lee improve but it still a M3lee

  26. But DezGamez… I kept waiting for your obligatory yet regal voice-over
    introduction, thought something was wrong with the sound, cranked it up but
    still couldn’t hear anything… but A++ on the “review” heh heh :-)

  27. Are u idiot ?

  28. most iconic is the fact that you still have the pz 2 d in your garage

  29. I love the “M4 Improved” … Its a great tank!

  30. Best Review Ever!

  31. Looks to be a good tank. Sadly i see most that hate it is because of it’s
    really bad pen.

  32. so you sell a tier 5 tank that can do 3k dmg, i dont get it

  33. Best guide Eu

  34. Dez, I don’t see the point of this video, due to the fact that you bought
    the pile of shit in the first place!! (Just kidding, bro! I will echo the
    sentiments of all before – “Most informative tank guide video of the year,
    by far!!”)

  35. a good M4 improved:
    90mm gun (9.3 rpm)
    150mm thick armor front, 100 side, 80 rear
    150/100/100 turret (well angled)
    350hp engine (to compensate)
    max speed 35kmh (10 backwards)
    32° traverse speed
    38° traverse turret
    weight: 55 tons

    tier 6

  36. pmsl nice 1 m8

  37. Dez as ruthless as usual, love it

  38. Natvar's tuto et gameplay

    Wha… wut ?Actually my first battle in it was a master but the tank is
    pretty cool …

  39. i was like… ??? then… Hmmm… then… ahhhh. Check.
    Love it! Thank you – feeling good about the decision to pass.

  40. lol m4 improved is 19 dollar money sucker you pay wargaming 19 bucks they
    give you invisi blow job

  41. Julien Brouilhounat

    huuuuuum…….. WTF ?????

  42. 10 thumbs down? One is for sure quickybaby’s 😀 He made this tank look sexy

  43. LOL Dez good video :D

  44. Dan te jeba Kappa

  45. WTG Ship!! 92mm pen gun from the M3 Lee that sees Tier 7 tanks. Who makes
    these ridiculous decisions in WG?

  46. *initiating the slow clapping*
    good job, mate.

  47. LMAO good stuff sir, good stuff. I picked it up mainly because I needed a
    little gold and a bit more premium time. Figured the tank was just a bonus.
    I won’t be selling it because it really isn’t THAT bad. At least in a T5 or
    light T6 match. AT least it’s better than the T-14 :D

  48. Top review of this tank !

  49. LOL
    I loved the quick selling procedure…
    if only it had 76mm…

  50. The future of World of Tanks!

  51. Quiet applause.


  53. so epic and clear guide. I really LOL

  54. Great guide, i will follow it

  55. but… why? it is a premium tank Lol. I don’t have any prem tank and you
    are selling them….. omg if you don’t want that tank give it to me

  56. Keep those guides up! Love them! So informative and straight to the point!

  57. Was laughing my ass off as soon as you started removing the equipment, knew
    exactly what you were about to do.
    Paying for that piece of shit was insulting, if it wasn’t for the fact that
    I collect premiums, I’d sell mine too.

  58. lol that bad ha

  59. Emmanuel Ramanambiar

    Thx for sharing, really helped me out alot.

  60. Long time since I wanted your previous video, but man. What a video to
    welcome me back. 😀
    No words needed, you know how to make me pee into pants without saying
    anything. :D

  61. Fucking priceless mate, just fucking priceless. 😀
    You know how to deliver stuff

  62. This Describes the M4 Improved in a nutshell. Good one.

  63. So far 8 people do not understand what is going on, or this video was too
    late to inform them… In that case, sorrrrry! 🙂

    But I knew that this is going to be the reaction from some of you guys! :3

  64. almost bought it thanks for helping me, u just made sure i didnt make the
    biggest mistake of my life ! 😉
    love ur vids dez, keep up the good work cuz ur the real MVP

  65. Best part is after selling the m4 improved we can see you kept an even more
    shit tank the pz 2 d lol

  66. and then people think you tubers get paid by game developers… nope.

  67. Your funniest video to date!

  68. hahaha best wot video i’ve ever seen…really funny i did same thing total
    bag of shit wg must think we are all a bunch of noobs….

  69. this video could be titled “nuf said” good stuff Dez no messing about with
    you straight to the point I love it

  70. The most informative review available online. Captures everything you need
    to know about the M4 “improved”

  71. lol, good review. All the others I’ve seen say it’s crap too.

  72. Epic, must be a really good tank.

  73. Problem is I can’t sell it because someone bought it for me as a birthday
    present….FUCK MEEEEEEEE lol

  74. you can see how garbage it is just on the paper. :D

  75. It’s just worse M4A2E4.

  76. thx for guids

  77. hahaah it does’t even deserve a comentary .. xD

  78. is this a movie trailer?

  79. I love this guide lol

  80. and now you put up the fact that its crap when i bout it 5 minutes ago -_-

  81. in short “don’t buy it”???

  82. Love to see that you understand what all of this means… It is garbage!
    You all are MVP’s! :D

  83. Good Guide Dez :)

  84. result = dont buy it

  85. This guide really helped me out

  86. Nimitz “Krofnica” Forsaken

    Thx Dez you were very helpfull 😀 hahahaha

  87. I fucking knew it ;)

  88. So……..not a big fan?

  89. New Thriller

  90. here are two replay i like. i think the m4 improved is a good tank but it needs pref mm! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1AjARHbMXQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj-XiXSY1XE *thumbs up*

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