► World of Tanks: M41 W. Bulldog – 1vs7, 2,000 EXP Epic Gameplay Review

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Source: DezGamez

M41 Walker Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Battle Series!
►Welcome Home!

Sit back and enjoy just pefrect gameplay in . That tier 7 little Beast going be alone, versus 7 enemy tanks… What going to happen? Take a look!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  2. Play Conqueror again please. 

  3. Like a boss 😀 Muusika teeb ainult paremaks :D

  4. i love bulldog

  5. Hey Dez, thanks for this epic gameplay, once more, as alwyas.
    See you next time :)

  6. First comment!

  7. Peanutbuterjelly

    in his warker burrdog

  8. Posted 37 minutes ago…seems legit

  9. Your awesome :D

  10. i thinkhe is from croatia….

  11. yep he is from croatia

  12. Dez,can you tell me what graphics settings you use?
    I play on I7 laptop but I have to play on low settings . _.
    I7-4510U till 3.1GHz boost
    NVIDIA GeForce 820M with 2GB dedicated VRAM
    16 GB DDR3 L Memory
    Man I see I5 playing on full settings,but I7 plays on low? What is up with
    wot ;-;

  13. EPIC! Very well done to you MisterCro

  14. Another epic game you give us 🙂 thank you for that.

  15. Wuhuhu 😀 Epic commentary like always dez 😀 Tnx for making this epic
    gameplay more epic 😀 

  16. Great game!

  17. Incredible! 

  18. Put in description link of +TECHXPOSE.ORG canal because he was playng with +Mister
    Cro :D

  19. Adam Sindberg-sørensen

    Hi from Denmark, i have been subbed to you since you only had 2000 subs:)
    its groning fast;)

  20. Dragan naš

  21. Mister is streaming on twich too ask his and play together that whoud be

  22. Gotta love the chat traitors. Don’t help your team, throw the survivors
    under the bus. If your dead already, why haunt your team? 

  23. “1962 Pro Experience” That about sums it up, fucking epic!

  24. Stinger & Gelero

    Proud to be Croat

  25. I saw that video on Misters channel, damn, still nice to see it here! Go

  26. This is why I still have my Bulldog. The games you can make happen in it
    are just amazing at times. that being said I’m still pissed at WG for
    removing the GOOD 90mm gun on the T49 and leaving it that pos HEP shooting
    90mm and the derp 152mm.

  27. People will try to claim the bulldog is OP off things like this, but no
    it’s one of the few light tanks that is competitive. Good players are OP

  28. Awersome

  29. nice game!
    pozz svima i sretan Uskrs!

  30. Absolutely well played with a good mix of Rngesus looking out for him and
    idiot enemy players.

  31. Dez, U Spelt “Perfect’ wrong u Spelt it like this “Pefrect”

  32. I loved it

  33. ImaginativeDesignzJB

    Best replay I’ve seen ! gj MisterCroo

  34. Nice. That wild chase with E25 was really epic!

  35. wow that was epic :O, nice vid dez

  36. This is why i love the Bulldog.
    Have a nice weekend Dez!

  37. Holy crap that was a great game…. Very impressive. 

  38. ചൊറിയാൻ മാക്രി

    Very gg apart from other UNICUMS he carries ZERO skill ammo,like it buddy

  39. Now take anoher tier VII LT and do that .

  40. Holy crap batman! I can see i have a lot to learn…

  41. Hi Dez! I wonder if you can do some Luchs vidz??? 

  42. best replay m41 w.b i ever seen..

  43. pls guys tell me how to play on T49 tank , I’m so disappointed of this tank
    🙁 so poor reloading and especially aiming time even to close targets …

  44. Epic carry indeed. That E25 lol, “Benny Hill” comment = priceless :)

  45. Sorry… killing damaged enemies with 10 shot autoloader and this fast OP lighttank? exactly These hiding Players are so proud of theyr fuck statistic and let die the rest before. congrats to this !

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