► World of Tanks M46 Patton: Savior of the day! – Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay. World of Tanks Battle Episode!
►Welcome Home!
In today’s Epic Battle episode we are going to jump into ImSolo’s aka OneBigFatGuy’s M46 Patton. Really intense game, specially the ending.

Sit back and enjoy today’s dose of epicness!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Wow.. almost makes me want to continue researching this thing..

    TBH… I might have capped when the 704 got out of the cap.

  2. great game play .. well done imsolo

    • 7 days of Premium Account
    • 500 gold
    • T2 Premium Light Tank + garage slot

  4. Where is DezGamez from?

  5. dezgamez kappa t44 best tier9 tank ever says no one lol, since u say that
    did u like the t-44?

  6. Dez, you said the best tier 9 medium is T-44, but that is tier 8 tank; did
    you men T-54?
    And what do you think about the tier 8 T-44?

  7. Anyone else keep hearing in your mind Deeze Nuts!!! When he starts the

  8. Honestly I feel like he should have just capped after he killed the arty…
    the 704 was not in the cap at that moment and it took him more than 5
    seconds to get back into… obviously it wouldnt have been so epic but it
    would have been the safe choice to ensure the victory

    • +Shpee It is one good option yes. 😉

    • +Shpee My thoughts at the time were if I could take his flank I would have
      no problem. It only hit me after he shot me with HEAT that he was using the
      short 152mm that I started to panic and take more snapshots because I knew
      if he hit me with HE I was dead. Also I hate capping and I still had time
      to get back. I was just hoping that he was pointing his gun at the
      city…which he was not lol.

    • +onebigfatguy I understand, I wasnt trying to criticize you or anything 🙂
      You were most likely under some real pressure and that most likely made you
      forgot about the possibility of capping

  9. great patton game, i love the tank myself, don’t see why so many people
    hate it as the DPM is godlike and good mobility + view range and HP pool
    and not even half bad camo rating.

    you can see in almost all of his engagements he took damage but with good
    placement and the element of surprise he came out on top. gg wp o/ etc

  10. Its better now than before. When I had it back in 2012 it was a victim of
    arty parties and its 105mm gun used to laugh at me with some incredible
    misses and disappearing rounds.

    • +Anthony Evelyn Even with the Accuracy buff it got to it’s top 105mm gun
      this year(or last year?)it still has the worst accuracy of all the tier 9
      meduims. But I still love it.

  11. DezGamez do you have an NA account? Or thought about making one?

  12. I’m that old too man I’ve been here gathering dust for that long xD 

  13. This guy is just lucky

  14. Yeah! This one was had me shaking at the end. Thanks Dez! Hope you liked

  15. Oh look a shitty whiny RELIC subclan player… complaining about useless
    stuff because he is bad….. This guy also got ridiculously lucky, my god.

    • +TheBabytrooper I pretty much stopped playing Tier 2 over a year ago. If
      you looked at the last 1000 battles My tier has been 6 thru 10. Truth told
      I stopped liking tier 2 battles because it became an easy win. I felt like
      I was cheating. I do sometimes still play the Light Vic tho…little clown
      car that it is lal.
      Also my bad. I was only keeping a brief eye on chat so I missed what the WZ
      was saying.

    • and also seal clubbing is tier 6 and below, really. Or tier 8 light tanks…

    • +TheBabytrooper ehh. don’t have any tier 8 lights. My only “Sealclubing”
      tier 6 would be my su100 then…even tho I use the 100mm on it. My most
      played is my M6 and that is NOT a sealclubber at all.

  16. Map is windstorm

  17. finally my tank….dez what tier 8 premium should i got?? people are
    telling to get the fcm 50t…i also like this tank because im use to riding
    mediums and the fcm is fast tanks …but what is your opinion

    • The AMX CDC would be better

    • +jae lee You have to remember the the FCM is a heavy tank so only your
      heavy crews can use it. If you want to keep training your medium crews your
      going to want the AMX CDC which is like the FCM but almost no armor to
      speak of.

  18. Old Patton still has it guys…

    • +deadpan237 i did my TD-15 in Charioteer i did 6.4k dmg Maxwell uploaded my
      game i sended it to him 🙂

    • +DezGamez Unlocked it recently, like you say great all rounder and it’s
      able to do some epic snapshots. It is best at one thing though, it has the
      best DPM of the tier 9 mediums I think.

    • +tajj7 Yes. that is correct. It has the highest DPM of the tier 9 meduim
      tanks but that comes at a cost of having the worst accuracy at .4 and tying
      with the T-54 with lowest overall Penetration at 218mm(this is if your
      using the D-54 gun on the T-54 and not the other one with 201mm). The M46
      Patton is still a tough all-rounder but it’s squishy and you can pay the
      price if your not careful.

    • +onebigfatguy Yeh but I don’t think you notice the accuracy it has an
      uncanny ability to hot centre often, it hits so many on the move shots, you
      had several in that game where had you been in a PTA, or 7/1 for example
      they would have missed. It’s just a great all round tank, great soft stats
      and very comfortable to play, sure you can’t go brawling like a T-54 but it
      can do almost every role well if you play it right as you showed. Very
      under rated tank IMO. The E50 only has 2 more pen as well, there are some
      really good tier 9 mediums, I’ve really enjoyed the Patton, 7/1, T-54 and
      E50, I’m saving credits to buy several back after I sold them to fun the
      tier 10s. It’s just a shame they get heavy tier 10 games so often, battle
      tier 12 needs to come back. GG though dude.

    • +tajj7 Ty. Well I thinks it’s down to the fact that the M4 Sherman’s and
      M26 Pershing/M46 Patton had Gun stabilizers built into the tanks. But the
      video also shows me missing shots that clearly should have hit and pened
      the target more then once but oh well. I won with skill and a mountain of
      luck on my side which is always nice.

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