► World of Tanks: M4A1 Revalorise Tank Review / Gameplay – NEW French Premium Medium Tank!

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Source: DezGamez

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Today is going to one special day, I am going to upload THREE “Tank Review” episodes!
In this second review episode you are going to see newest French medium tank in action. is going to be tier 8 premium medium tank “M4A1 Revalorise”. Just try to tell me that this tank doesn’t look like Sherman with ridiculous gun! 😀

Let me know what you think about this tank!



  1. hehe you said boobies

  2. I watch almost ALL WoT youtubers including QB Jingles Foch etc. But if i
    want to watch a review Dez does it best. I hope i’ll see you up there Dez –
    Your friend Headshoterino ;)

  3. From what French I know, I believe it’d be pronounced ‘Rehvaloray’.

  4. Do the French really need another tier 8 premium medium? I would’ve liked
    to to see them replace the FCM 50t with another French heavy that doesn’t
    get preferential matchmaking.

  5. aleksandras subotinas

    how do you participate in eu supertest

  6. souds like – give it just gun from amx30 and it will be fine kinda thing

  7. Kids, bounces are bad, m-kay! Don’t do bounces, m-kay!

  8. Looks like a solid tank over all. Tho I would like to see the pen go up to
    215mm and the aim time drop to 2.5 and that might make it a little better

  9. this should of been a tier 7, it would not be overpowered, it would be like
    a faster IS ,with more gun depression, but slightly longer reload and less
    armor ….i hope wargaming will add this tank in the isrealy tech tree

  10. No need to carry too many shells,if you run out just use the muzzle to beat
    the hell outta the enemy?

  11. WOOOO Kolobanov’s there…. replay from that T25AT point of view?

  12. Great battle! I played the VK28.01 on enemy team. I wondered what that tank
    was, now I know. Too bad our team had so many noobs but thats the reason we
    can see it on Youtube.

  13. And another shit tank lel , slower than fcm 50 t , less pen , no pref MM.
    Well done wargaming just keep adding more lame prem tanks nobody wants.

  14. actually SuperSherman,and how can i get it?

  15. This tank looks really fun

  16. soooo im going to work and your uploading videos at this time…. do you
    ever sleep? XD great commitment :D

  17. Vive la France!!!

  18. Second review episode today… And there is going to be third one as well,
    today. Huh, crazy day!
    Hope you enjoy and leave me feedback please!

  19. Adryan Pleniceanu

    NOICE :)

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