► World of Tanks: Mad Farmer Object 268 – 13,700 Damage – Past #7

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Source: DezGamez

. Epic Battle. .

In “: Past” episode 7, I am going to show you 2 things that has changes – and map. I think this map has seen the mostchanges, out of every other map in . Check out that amazing farming action, what Virushere going to do on one of the older versions of Murovanka.

Played by: Virushere
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/598958#stats



  1. next time hellcat when it was so nicely fast even backwards?

  2. As always great video! When are you going to upload another video with the

  3. Who does not love sexy bush action???? I like the old map better then the
    new one. The magic forest was fun to watch scouts rush into it.

  4. Only 1300 base xp wtf?

  5. Really love your vids Dez.
    Just keep beeing awesome!
    “sexy bush action”…. rofl

  6. I came for the Sexy bush action.

  7. when I heard “ladis and jentlman” hahaha

  8. go foward shoot go back go foeard shoot go back

  9. 268 is still garbage… that shell velocity is broken slow on top of the
    armor being fairly terrible

  10. Please keep up the good work! This old replays were the major reason why i

  11. Old WOT maps were more TD friendly 🙂 No more :(

  12. i loved old murvanka this new one is shit 🙁 also the old el halluf was
    much better the the new one dont you think that DezGamez ?

  13. by the way, the obj 268 still has 303 pen

  14. You said you were looking for premium tanks to use for your videos, in a
    video I don’t see anymore, I suggest is6 vs 112

  15. On this map i actually had my most XP from battle, about 1800 with T29 :D

  16. #DezToFokin100KSubs

  17. facecam video for 100k special

  18. My wot doesn’t work since u 9.16… war Gaming answered me that they
    couldn’t help me because they have no Mac OsX Support Team. ( yes im a i
    Mac scumbag) Pls help me
    There is an error ( Wine error) need help Launcher closes after clicking
    play…. Help Meh!

  19. Wow, I forgot how powerful the 268 used to be.

  20. 10:12 that bush was best player of year 2014

  21. obj 268 dmg 13713 fv215 183 dmg 3713 Illuminati maybe? Also difference of
    the damage : ITS OVER 9000

  22. when that map first was released i actually got lost in the forest. was a
    beginner and disabled my mini map without knowing the keys.

  23. Soo last summer I was in finland and went to the tank museum.. I knew every
    damned tank there xD
    And felt like I was at home ???

  24. I don’t even play my 268 anymore. It is so inflexible.

  25. Such a shame the player is pretty bad, so many bad shots its insane, and at
    the end actually pushing the is8 ( nowadays T-10 )… Just shows that TDs
    needed to get nerfed… Anyone could get those kinds of results…

  26. subscribed

  27. mmmmm bush action

  28. Only tier 10 I ever sold. The grind was great fun, but the 268 is probably
    the worst tier 10 in game at the moment

  29. Golden times… Did a lot of damage from that bush in my Hellcat….

  30. I miss the magic forest… 🙁 another great vid Dez – thanks for your

  31. Pretty sexy bush action … mhm aha :P

  32. Can you do the T30 when it was a tier 10 heavy? :D

  33. Hey Dez you should name it blast from the past..ok i’ll leave

  34. How the fuck are his shots going in the soft parts of the ennemies so many
    times??? Incredible

  35. ah almost 3 years old. chat still dind change xD

  36. So you like sexy bush action Dez :D

  37. i remember that bush ;)

  38. I wouldn’t mind playing the old maps once in a while, like a “Blast from
    the Past” thing or something…
    We could show the new guys a thing or 2. :)

  39. i miss this map

  40. DezGamez, at 12:55 you said “Only one XP short of getting lead amount of
    experience” ???

  41. tank you very much :)

  42. The game and map was better then.

  43. One thing that doesn’t change over time: assholes in chat

  44. im so just happy because u are uploading good replays in old patches when
    the game was the best…but now we have only good lucking models because
    models are in HD mod(but foch and foch155 are bad in HD..these tds are
    really bad now in HD..much bigger and low for penetration..)..nothing
    else..this game was “destroyed” with patch 8.11 and 9.0..i dont know why
    but that game was my favourite game…but the times are changing and i can
    take new name for this game its “World of nerfs”:-)
    ps: the next video can be with E4 :-)

  45. I can not lie. I love me some bushes as well.

  46. sexy bush action lol nice

  47. I think it still has 303mm pen.

  48. “Good” old days when you could find bunch of bushes…
    Was it good? Camp festival?

  49. Wow that’s a blast from the past… I am glad they increased the size of
    this map! It is a lot better now, the only weakness now is the stupidity of
    my teammates ;)

  50. Good old map. Remember it. I started playing in 2012, so it is good to see
    those memories. And btw Obj 286 still has 303 pen with AP ;)

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