► World of Tanks: MAGIC TANKS! – A Day in WoT – Day 8

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks A Day In World of Tanks Series. World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay . Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Review.

We have some bloody magic tanks in this game, what is going on with the spotting system? :O

But enjoy yet another day, filled with crazy moments, in World of Tanks.


  1. cheater, reported 1K views and no dislikes, uninstall plz

  2. 10:00 T30 disappeared because the spotting system in WoT is fucking garbage

  3. There are spotting points on all tanks – like corners etc. I guess the
    entire back of the T30 turret doesn’t have one anymore.

  4. lol i wanted to make a joke about type 59 but you will never get it

  5. 4:36 *Some epic music*

  6. Mt ,25 jump was epic

  7. A burp in the first few seconds of the intro would have been perfect :)

  8. dez why I want to do workout :(

  9. thanks Dez, always saving me when I’m bored at work


    9:17 raped

  11. I can’t believe these are the “top ” comments

  12. drugi byłem here 2 witam wszystkich graczy łort of tenks

  13. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    I am early lest make a joke : World Of Warplanes… :):):)

  14. chuj cześć i czapka

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