► World of Tanks: Map Secrets, Tips, Tricks and Tactics – MINES

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Source: DezGamez

Map Tutorial. , Tips, Tricks and Tactics. World of Tanks Map Tutorial Series.

Hello there!

Trying to get new series going. This time I am going to focus on maps, going to show you some secret positions, tips, tricks and map tactics in the future.

If you have any super awesome positions, let me know! I will take a look and will make a video about them.



  1. Great Series — we need this Thanks

  2. sovietrepublic38

    Nice episode, how to climb the mountains!!

  3. Can u do a Faceoff between 15 Tog II’s and 15 Churchill VII?

  4. Those invisible wall are all over the place on most maps. they came with
    the new physics in 9.14 or was it 13? so bloody annoying that WG cant model
    the textures properly.

  5. Great job! This is a much better climbing tutorial than what I’ve watched
    before on the WoT channel.

  6. In 9.15 I was unable to climb any of the hills in mines and mountain pass.
    Did you guys still managed to climb them ?

  7. Thanks for the tip Dev! Nice music :)

  8. TheTiredBobcat6222

    Lakeville, there is a spot on A0 and a other spot somewhere on the middle
    of the map that you need at least two long tanks to help you get up. I can
    show you these spots myself and how to get up. Respond to this comment if
    you would like to add me as a contact so I can make a TR and show you.

  9. E-25 god mode enabled!

  10. lots of negative comments. I think positions like this are really
    interesting, but a lot are impractical for pub gameplay. The only spot i
    think i would use without dying getting to it is the quick way up the hill.
    Either way i think this is good to see because it shows people there is
    more to the maps, regardless of how corridor they want to make them. Either
    way keep it up and are we going to get a new stereotypes video?

  11. These are neat tricks but I doubt they will be used much in practice.
    Enemies could easily shoot you while you are attempting to do them. Still
    seems like a high risk high reward for players who are good.

  12. Igot 1 secret position: Fjords, B9/0

  13. +DezGamez they will probably change the maps now they do it when videos
    like this go on youtube

  14. Daan Klein Gebbinck

    Elc would be a great tank to do that. 30+ hp/ton and very small and fast

  15. I dont know how that way works but it is also possible to enter the middle
    hill over a special route from the northern side

  16. I got tip for you: use dxtorys own screenshot option to get screenshots
    that does not show dxtory fps-counter! :P

  17. +DezGamez this series will also be one for WoT to patch all these spots up.
    So will be helpful for a limited amount of time. But thanks for the effort

  18. Yaroslav Bozhdynsky

    I think the 2nd and 3rd positions would be great for passive LT

  19. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Hi Dez, you forgot to mention that you can get to middle hill from North
    also 🙂 But the fail doing so is painful… as we could see in this year’s
    WGL GFs :)

  20. Please name of first song!!

  21. #DezGamez Great idea for a series But You Need To Use Tanks That Are
    Appropriate To That Map ! The only time a bacchat is going to be at Mines
    is in a clan war and not Public Battles !

  22. Death Blossom Kha'zix

    You should explain more, so that we dont go into a gama, to practice it,
    but always fail, bc we dont know some specifics

  23. One time,an enemy t67 went to the mountain at Windstorm,at B2,i don’t know
    how th bugger got there,possibly from the A1,2,3 line,but he could shoot me
    easily,might want to check this one out.

  24. Kukata_BG [Valor]

    Can the next map be cliff

  25. Looking forward to this series! I need all the help I can get :p

  26. very interesting and i will try this ;)

  27. I got on that south hill with BC 155 58 and i got 6 kills, the position is
    awesome you can shoot everywhere :D

  28. NIce video Dez, and congrats on finishing the university , you “aimbotuser”
    :P. And about this series don’t post any more videos like this, why? Well
    wg are keep blocking them every patch and goodbye fun, I climb alot in
    training room for fun with my friends, and if wg blocks all this locations
    I will be very sad :(.

  29. Keep it up sir… Great info

  30. I did know all of it but you forgot 1

  31. That whele at 3.58

  32. That whele at 3.58

  33. TIGER II vs RU 251 Face Off PLZ.

  34. tried the second position, failed every time because there are always
    enemies coming that way

  35. i think i know all the spots in game where you can go so if you need help
    just ask me

  36. Hey Dez, try using the CDC, it has +5hp/ton than the BatChat (35 to almost
    30hp/ton); most LTs and MTs dont even get 25hp/ton. TVP T50/51 has 25.

  37. Mittengard – above the spawn points on top of the hill.

  38. for the hill rush can you use the amx cdc? I have it for pc and I think
    their will be a free one for Xbox one.

  39. Barnabás Andriska

    Can I go to these secrets with Chaffee?

  40. Kfc and Watermelon

    Do this with more maps!

  41. YES!!
    For future vids on ‘difficult’ positions, could you maybe give a minimum
    HP/Ton ratio needed to actually get a vehicle in that position? I’m pretty
    sure the BC25T is OP in that category as well as having a low CG.
    Great stuff! Keep ’em coming!

  42. Show is all of the positions XD

  43. YAY!!! Awesome, thanks!!!

  44. you can get to k0 on karelia. Me and a mate found this and if anyone else
    knows please don’t spread it, cause its friggin easy and I don’t want
    everyone up there. And also if wargaming find out they will patch it. Its a
    great position cause you get the flanks of everyone on that corner

  45. One word: DON’T ! As soon as you show world and dog a “secret position, 2
    things will happen. 1) Everyone is trying to go there. 2) The position will
    no longer be accessible in the next patch. This has happened countless
    times – just look at Mountain Pass or Sacred Valley. All the points were
    one could go up the ridges have been altered. after someone gave them away.
    Where do you think those invisible walls come from, eh ? The same goes for
    “Tactics” There is hardly a good spotting bush left that doesn’t get
    artie’d as soon as the pigs are loaded. Passages where you could zoom
    through deep water are now on swampy ground I really don’t get the point of
    all these “Guides” We have spent years to learn the maps and find our spots
    – Why on earth give this knowledge away to everyone ?
    SO PLEASE, all you WoT YouTubers out there. Once you find something that
    works for you, be happy, enjoy it – and keep it to yourself. You are one of
    the reasons this game starts to mutate into a campfest, especially in
    higher tiers.

  46. Some suggestions… You should have commentary over this, and make each map
    spot less lengthy in time.

  47. The second and third positions are not as good… Getting there is
    impossible early game.

  48. UPVOTE if you think wargaming should take out the invisible wall!!!

  49. You spelled prastice wrong it’s practice lol

  50. You spelled first postition wrong it’s position lol

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