► World of Tanks: Massacre! – 12 Kills in 7 Minutes – TVP T50/51 Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

T50/51 Epic Battle. of Tanks TVP T50/51 Gameplay Review. Battle Series.

Time for another epic battle episode, you guys haven’t seen them for a while! You are going to see super devastating platoon with “TVP T50/51” and “Object 907”.

Game is played by: SiemkaHunter_PL
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2448122#stats



  1. gud sh1t

  2. if your a good player you make your own luck .. and he was very good

  3. World of Tanks Global best replays

    This Guy is OP, nerf him :D

  4. I can sooo smell a hardcore nerf coming to this thing in the future.
    Wargaming will soon be like “oh we must have miscalculated something
    (again), we’ve created a monster somehow” and that will be all she wrote
    for the 5-8k casual damages per battle. We should be able to put an
    inscription on it later like “Nerfed by wg – gg easy”.

  5. He had the mm but he made the difference by using the terrain. Realy nice
    epic game!

  6. players in vilin have warpack

  7. Auto loader helped too.

  8. EPIC game Dez! I don’t play tanks but kick em in the citadel buddy! I’d
    really like a WoWs video focused on kicking them in the citadel, which is
    just like kicking them in the nuts, same level of sensitivity.

  9. Hy Dez Epic Replay with nice Dez Like Commentary, what is it for Musictitel
    you had it tto in Livestream Video,please tell me Thx and you are for me
    the Best Real Funny Boy i Love yor Videos and the Channel. Best Reagards
    from Good Old Germany Dagpuhoo510

  10. awesome game! Man this tank is smooth.

  11. Wow, just wow. Especially that save from a watery grave! lol

  12. Wow 31 medals between both teams. Good job. I would never be able to do
    that XD

  13. Video was 10 minutes and 24 seconds,not “7 minutes of epicness”…

    I demand a refund:P

  14. you should have named it “7min of OPness” this gun has far to much good gun
    handling regarding to how fast it bursts… at least bc25t has limitations
    on its gun… WTF e100… bulldog… à lot of the autoloader tanks are
    unbalanced, not because they have OP overall caracteristics but only
    because WG gives them to much instant firepower with high/fast burst… i
    dont say its only luck/OPness, this guy played well, but i really think WG
    is going the wrong way by releasing OP tanks only to make players into
    it,but un long term making the game even more unbalanced… the worst error
    beeing the UNNECESSARY E5 buff!
    anytime à tank is played, 50% of the play should come from the players head
    and the 50% other from the tanks capabilities, but when u play an OP tank
    the ratio come to like 25% skill and 75% from the tank, making even à
    brainless tomato competitive …

  15. in no other tank this is possible

  16. Dezzy baby, where’s Wows gone on your channel? 🙁 you needing a break from
    it or something?

  17. fast and furious 8

  18. I was holding my breath when his tank went under the water. That would have
    been such a crappy ending to a great game if he had drowned. Keep up the
    great work!

  19. after 8000 damage and 12 kills just get 25000 credits this game is so bad
    rewarding.Please WG give some credit bonus for good damage rolls.

  20. In Germany, Jag its prenounced Yah, so Jagdtiger its YahgTiger

  21. nerf this tank please

  22. This tank is new… must be overpowered! Or maybe something else is
    happening that is making the tank seem much stronger then it is.

    What is the tanks strengths: High burst damage and Good mobility
    How about the weakness: Armor, Pen and a reload between bursts

    How does the burst damage relate to other T10’s: one of, if not, the best
    in mediums but many TD’s can do similar damage in one shot or short burst
    (WT E100).

    Mobility: Not the worst, not the best average to above average for a medium
    (which makes it above the rest at T10)

    Pen: Lightly armored mediums are no problem but facing tanks like the E50 M
    and you run into issues. Penning heavies is harder ofc and the fronts of
    strong td’s is also an issue.

    So the only area of the tank that could be called OP is the gun which can
    be done in a shot with many tanks… Now the tank has a high potential for
    damage (as any tank with a good gun does) but can take a good degree of
    skill for it to preform to the same level as other t10 tanks.

    Then what is making all the cry for it being ‘OP’ or ‘Nerf it’. Well it is
    simply the people driving them. When new tanks are released the first to
    obtain them are those with time, credits, and free exp ready to go. This
    tends to be higher win8 and more active players. In my games I have only
    seen 2 players in the T9 that did not have at least 1500 win8.

    What happens when you put good to great players in a tank? They dominate
    and people are only seeing the top level players using skill. Thus many are
    relating this tank to the level that top players are playing at.

  23. Awsome game Dez!! The key was relocating,… most of us would rush their
    base, but SiemkaHunter showed total awerness to the batle.

  24. Love all these Wot uploads man keep it up !:)

  25. Was that guy using hacks? You cant auto aim on ppl who are behind
    buildings, and he did autoaim that Mutz in the end, or is there a legal mod
    that lets you do it :P

  26. Great video, keep it up!

  27. ye Polish players are weak ,i dont think so ;)

  28. aaaand everyone …..skoda is OOOOPPP… lolz, i think guys who said that
    are so red its no good, try to use brain and everything will be alright ;)

  29. OMGallnamesaretaken!

    Video reported. YouTube do not accept rape.


  30. Okay fair enough.. Epic game indeed, very good gameplay too. But still, no
    one thinks this tank is OP? Try doing the same in any other tank.. You’ll
    fail hard.. Dealing 1200 dmg within 4 secs in a medium tank as agile as
    that one, with just a reload of 25 secs for entire clip is seriously OP to
    Still dude had an awesome game, he and his buddy carried without a doubt
    the match there..

  31. I hope thad this tank doensnt get nerfed… Love you dez!

  32. Nice 6th sense logo!

  33. Aimbot?…

  34. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Perfect conditions, luck, skill and much more combined into epic game :D

  35. ive been subed sence 8k lol

  36. like if you pee in the shower

  37. one OP tank you wanted to say or?

  38. one powerful tank.

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