► World of Tanks: Master Assassin – AMX 50B Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

AMX 50B Gameplay Review. AMX 50B Epic Gameplay. Best Battle.

At first, looking at the damage, this replay didn’t seem to be that amazing, but what exactly going to happen in it, crazy! “exe29” doing everything he can to bring victory for his team!



  1. awesome tank i play a lot on test server

  2. where is that circon intro … ? wve been waiting for a joke with the intro

  3. Typical arty players, to stupid to move around map coz if u are arty you
    dont have engine! GG AMX!

  4. wow he still lost 10k? fuck you war gaming

  5. Also the ssssss sound from heat so annoying hearing it’s in my CDC XD

  6. defiantly epic

  7. Gotta love autoloaders.

  8. Oh ARCAN guy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Using warpack zoom out mod and HD graphics :3

  9. assassin – a person ambushing asses?

  10. Ho lee crap! Nice game eXe29!

  11. I am sure he called his doctor as heart was skipping beats.
    VGG……….The noobs with 6 dislikes don’t know nothing.

  12. I know it’s free to play and all but such a hard carry deserves some
    reward. WG doesn’t have to be stingy do they?

  13. is the t34 good the tier 8 heavy i really want one so i want to know if its

  14. anotherrandomtexan25

    35 seconds in and I gotta say… X GON GIVE TO YA!

  15. At first, the thumbnail looked like a BatChat to me.

  16. Ohhh orgasm when he one shooted those pigs *__*

  17. Make more sarcastic comments,you have a gift for it ffs use it ,i laugh my
    ass off when you do it

  18. Intense!

  19. where is the introooo

    y u do dis

  20. Amazing game x!

  21. a disu titties???

  22. You have to be mentally ill not to do well in OP-loaders

  23. Hello Dez ! For the next episode of Face Off, I personally really want to
    see Type 5 Heavy against Maus or E100. Thx you for tout greats vidéos ! I
    love it !

  24. Dez 2k16 ” loosink “

  25. what are your PC specs Dez?

  26. Superb

  27. Well done

  28. Epic. Lucky as hell with the final shot, though!

  29. AndreiDeBORSA adv


  30. PlaceFor Retards

    fibally someone that is nkt on prem

  31. God your voice is erousing

  32. Dez, I thought you had higher standards than that. The guy camped the first
    five minutes and didn’t fire a shot until about 10 minutes left in the the
    game and his team down 7 to 11. Basically, if the enemy team was semi adept
    or the arty didn’t religiously defend the cap, it’s a loss 9/10 times.
    Obviously this guy is a good player with 2 marks on the 50B, but this game
    is an example of how not to play WOT. He basically camped, let his team
    trade all of it’s HP so he can have a field day taking out a bunch of
    oneshots. Embarrassing, if you ask me.

  33. cmmn guys sub to him 100k playbutton!!!

  34. Amazing

  35. My heart stopped when he missed the T92…

  36. Furkan Kılıçaslan

    Dez why dont you take a t92 and try to destroy as much low tier light tanks
    as you can at once with splash damage.

  37. that kind of game and wargaming only gives 4k exp?!! cmon thats so skroutz

  38. fewkin intense man ;)

  39. xX_Hyperbeast_Xx XOXO

    “2 kills,1clip” I see what you did there Dez :D

  40. Zoutsteen from Holland

    epic bridge fail at 4:50 where amx cdc discovered WG still did not fix the

  41. Romanii au uneori talent…

  42. So world of tanks feeding Is now a thing

  43. extra

  44. Wich country are you from? Your voice sounds german

  45. Man, I thought he was going to roll after killing the T28 Prot! Crazy game,
    at least pucker factor 11, gg!

  46. Truly great game cause he was so close to what the 50B could have done in
    THEORY. But as always the enemy need to serve themselves up on a plate. It
    was the one clip 4 kills sequence where he stepped up the pace on his own
    that set up for victory and easier gamplay later. That 4 kills one clip
    sequence was all his work. I really envy that tempo change he was able to

  47. Yes….. Assasin and Master…….With AUTOLOAD!!! GG

  48. Yeah gg wargaming, a guy gets 12 kills and 10 medals and does over 6k
    damage and he loses 10k credits… this is why tier 10 is a pointless waste
    of time.

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