► World of Tanks: Maus and JagdPanzer E-100 – Acing German Super Power!

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Maus Gameplay Review. World of Tanks JagdPanzer E-100 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series. World of Tanks Patch 9.17 Update.

9.17 test server still up and running, so I am able to test out those tanks that I do not have… In today’s episode I am going to play with The Mighty Maus itself, together with another beast from German, JagdPanzer E-100.

there anything else you would like to see from the test server?



  1. Thank you Dez for my German beast fix…..

  2. Its call to jäääägrrrr.

  3. Play the M3 Lee for the lolz XD

  4. semi camper + camper=big camper

  5. Arty is SUCH a bunch of bollocks. I’ve been one-shot in my Jagdpanzer E-100
    even when I had a Superheavy Spall Liner………but I feel as if the Jgd
    E-100 is such a primary target I can’t swap the SSL out for Binos.

  6. I hate playing on the test server because of all the Russian basement
    dwellers who have never played above tier 5 before. They see 1750 alpha on
    the 183 and play it. Then they engage their “cyka blyat, rush tonk” mode
    and suicide.

  7. Is the Maus worth the grind Dez? I’ll have to go back to PZ. IV H to start
    grind, VK 45.02 B is a tough nut to crack when fighting it in my E 75.

  8. that clickershitter map spam epic .)

  9. Question… is that really your voice or nah? I’ve been really curious

  10. Your team Grille 15 and E100 had no damage???? WHY???? That is why you
    might have lost.

  11. You should do series where you are trying to ace some awful tanks. Could be

  12. DezGamez >>> I Would Like To See You Playing Might Maus Tank In The Battle
    Too… It Is Too Awesome

  13. Please Subscribe folks!! Shit what pair of great gameplays my friend!!!

    Take care, flea…..the oldman

  14. Oh, more 121 ,113 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the

  15. How about going slumming on the low tiers?
    Say, T-26 or S-35? :)

  16. ä is prunounced as the “a” from apple not exactly same but nearly
    ^^…otherwise u can look it up in google translator…

  17. He makes it look so easy… And I consider myself lucky if I do over 1600
    dmg in my Maus.

  18. Derp, Derpedy derp derp derp derp. nj my man

  19. makes me want a jpz e100

  20. 95#! Atleast I got here before 100 lol nice again deez you should play
    something like a church 3 or excelsior lol but again amazing stuff :)

  21. IF you have STA-2 id like to see that with the buff its getting.

  22. Its Jäger, Pronounced like Jägah

  23. it is sad how many views you get but you are soooo gooooddd

  24. Channelling Quickybaby: “you have been epic” 🙂

    What mod do you use to get the Sigma and totals on the first tab of the

  25. its jeger

  26. GERMAN!!!

  27. “jag the Panza E one hanza” I have a challenge for you… how about you
    fight without mouse… your mouse are the arrows… and you costumize your
    fire button and stuff like that exactly ho you want… at least 5k DMG with
    tier 9 medium tank gl :)

  28. He doesn’t have maus or Jg100 on live server? @_@
    I thought he would have had all the tier 10 grinds done XD

  29. can you test LOWE

  30. Nice one, as usual

  31. yes very good games ….. when is the new patch will come out ?

  32. Play the t49

  33. Or the bc 25 t

  34. lol in the first match there is a lone tier 8. pior guy.

  35. is this played on a laptop or a actual computer

  36. Try to pronounce it like “Yaeger” without rolling the r too much (unless we
    won’t do that very often, mostly in bavaria)
    Our “J” is not pronounced as Jay, but morelikely the Y like in “cya”


  37. Hi Dez, Christmas just around the corner.. Can u share with us how you
    celebrate this time of year. My family is shit, no one cares anymore. 

  38. Omg that poor FV4202 P in the first replay.

    He was the only tier 8 in a game with 29 other tier 10s

    Wargaming pl0x

  39. wow, over 20 secs reload on jpnzr e-100. I thought it was like 17 or

  40. Gratz on the 100k!

  41. i got a REAL problem with swamp map.. when you spawn in the north, usually,
    heavy don’t even bother to move to J2!they sit and camp near TD… it
    happen to me 1battles / 2.. it piss me off so bad!

  42. “oh nice. thankyou”

  43. I Aced FV215b in my First Game on Test

  44. Games on test server are like playing against tier 5 in tier 9 . Becouse
    people don’t give a shit and they test stuff so if you do 10k dmg it’s
    irelevant becouse nobody gave a shit

  45. Hey Dez, for a tier 10 tank to play, I would like to see some action in the
    Type 5 Heavy or the M48A1 Patton. This was a pretty cool video, by the way!

  46. Ah the Maus, It’s getting buffed at last is it not? DPM is going up and so

  47. Maus too weak, please buff hahahahaha.

  48. FV 4005

  49. dez how did u manage to pen that type 5 with 246 pen in the tracks?

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