► World of Tanks: My First Poem… WoT in Under 5 Minutes! – 9.20

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Source: DezGamez

World of Patch 9.20 Update Review – 9.20 Vehicle Rebalance –
All Tank Reworks and Rebalancing. World of Poem.

► Information about World of Patch 9.20 Update:
– https://worldoftanks.eu/en//general-news/0-release-announcement/

As promised, today I am going to talk about every single vehicle update, rework or rebalance… and I am going to do that in a way that I have never ever done before. You are going to hear my very first poem about World of and patch 9.20 update! 😛

Don’t know how you take it, but let me know what do you think?


in action:
– A lot of different tanks!


  1. Sergio González Torres

    Ed-tank Allan Poe, is that you?


  3. liked it dez, ever considered being a voice actor?

  4. I am dieing od laugh

  5. For the next patch Dez, you gotta drop some sick bars, dope rhymes, and a slick track.

  6. I actually found it so much more fun to listen to the patch notes in this way!

  7. Panther 8.8 was shit, but now it’s lit… wait no, it’s still shit, wg pls fix

  8. Harvester of Noobs

    “…they increased your aggression by giving you more depression” lol so true

  9. Next do it with BGM

  10. Am I tho only one who thinks the stb1 had no home now. I’m ok with the 30b having the buff but seriously it’s better in every way when it comes to the gun and movement.

  11. new talent, eurosong, tupac,eminem, LOL,gj Dezz, my favorite Google computer program 🙂 🙂 this is awesome

  12. I was awake too late. Thanks for the video that felt like a nice bed time story and I dosed offff…. zzz..

  13. Haha!Epic Job mate.Epic Job!!!!I love it.” goodbye BL-10 , goodbye My lover”

  14. This made me laugh tho hahah push the like button instantly

  15. Can anyone tell me if the British tanks got there buff….Thanks in advance…..:).

  16. I always one to get that ISU Distroyer tam is my dream vehicle 🙂

  17. What music were you playing in the background?

  18. Haaa, super awesome rhyme @DezGaming!! ! As always looking forward to your next video..

  19. Hey Dez, have you thought about diversifying your content? We like your content but we want you to play other games. Hate to see you end up like fochgate or ichase.

    Just a suggestion, much love.

  20. That was really good actually. Great job!

  21. So beautiful <3

  22. like velvet…

  23. Beautiful! Congrats!

  24. Kyroxzos The Primordial

    About time Godzilla took a few blows from the nerf bat.

  25. MusicEngineTheSeventh

    I teared up my friend. Make a t-shirt with this poem written on it and I’ll sell my house to look like a baus.

  26. very clever Dez thank you

  27. You missed the changes to Chinese medium tanks, okay poem 8/10

  28. Next time we need a rap battle 😉

  29. And centurions???

  30. ‘Kill Me Please’
    There is a new APCR* round on the O-Ho,
    on the gun that no one wants to give a go.
    They could’ve buffed accuracy or its aim-time,
    but they’d rather nerf mobility on this blight of a line.
    The O-Ho’s back is weak, it cannot aim down frontally,
    and enemies can flank you without any company.
    Honestly I hate this big stupid tank,
    with its tumorous turrets and its massive thin flanks.
    It feels like driving a cow or a boat,
    none of these buffs can keep me afloat.

  31. Great job! ?

  32. What a legend you are, please I’m begging you, do a RAP next time?

  33. I want all future patch note for every game to be like this

  34. Wow Dez Wow this was amazing… i didnt expect something like that… just WOW
    amazing dez!
    Keep it up and stay awesome!

    Best wishes Gurkensalat_2016[HDK]

  35. Nice try. But you should stick to playing WoT 🙂

  36. Usually I never vote videos up or down, but this deserves a freaking thumbs up man xD
    Really nice work dude 😀

  37. So a WTF AUF e100 that has a small profile, doesnt get annihalated by HE rounds. has armor, Has great mobility.
    what more could you ever want right ?

  38. Gijs van der Gracht

    this was awesome dez

  39. next time do a freestyle! give it a awesome beat that would be cool!!

  40. XD great

  41. Well that was interesting 🙂 What have you been smoking Dezz :)? I want sime stuff.

  42. Hea töö DezGamez. Võib vist vabalt hakata rohkem luulelisi videosid tegema 😀

  43. am i to take it that you dont like this update dez? 😛

  44. Franziskus Forrester

    #ClausiansCare :-)))

  45. Most of the changes in this version are great
    Except when you roll out a tank of tier eight.
    Matchmakin’s still broken
    With hesitant pokin’
    In tier ten games you’ll still be served on a plate.

  46. Following in the footsteps of Under, Kaplinski, and Viiding? I love it!

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