► World of Tanks: My “New” Lost Tanks – Panther 8.8 and M4A1 Revalorise

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Panther 8.8 Gameplay . World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Today going to play with some of the premium tanks that I didn’t even know I have…

What next?



  1. “top reputation with panther 8.8… in AW.”

  2. Hey Dez!! Gr8 video √.I request u make a video with Wz-111.I guess u
    haven’t featured that on your channel.

  3. Dez you beast! attacking poor lil’ Bert!

  4. Ohhh all the old tanks, I love it

  5. Yup. another shining example of arty reducing “Camping”. I like my Ravioli
    Sherman but I feel the that the Aimtime should be lowered. It’s weak points
    should be it poor armor, slow reload and low top speed due to the somewhat
    weak engine but they really should buff it’s aimtime.

  6. lol i called that arty kill in my head XD

  7. the panther 88 is so forgettable, proven by dezgamez XD

  8. lol…gotta love arty

  9. “Was able to sneak that shot in before he was able to get away and..”

    Stop camping you scrub! =p

  10. Misha “Misha3K” Arciszewski

    We need to play a platoon. You, me and my boy Nomancs

  11. 4:50 to 5:14 simple epic dez. you are awesome.

  12. just curious, have you got enough, ” pound the table, yell Fuck as you walk
    away and kick the shit out of the refrigerator” video clips to put up a
    video? cause i think you do that better than anyone else!!!! After all you
    are the Beast” love your videos dez well done.

  13. dez we continue to grow! love your vids man make my day one of the best
    youtubers, keep going man! ;)

  14. man I really like your videos and your generosity. your videos are funny
    and your stile is entertaining. keep the good work… hope your channel
    prosper in 2016

  15. That GW Panther who drown himself actually has an advice average rating.
    But his most played tank is the GWP with 6500 games on it. Shudder. I’m not
    sure you can pay me to play that much arty.

  16. Meatballs for life

    God sake Dez have you not learned to not camp at the front of the map, jeez
    and you wonder why arty kills you, dirty camper :)

  17. at dez, ill let you burrow my account if you review the charioteer…. and
    maybe the cruiser 2 if you want to seal club

  18. i just bought my self a Deathstar u got any tips besides spamming the HESH?

  19. If CDC had as good accuracy as the panther…it says 0.32 but in french
    tank logic that ia more like 0.40

  20. First Order Stormtrooper

    You got riggity riggity rekt in that first game from orbital bombardment
    developed in World War II.

  21. Yeah fuck………….LOL

  22. Hey man, what is your favorite tier 8 vehicle? And please, don’t say it’s
    the OP-3.

  23. For some reason every freaking t34/100 shoots heat, and they say they are
    cpmpensating for “crappy pen”. I’ve played trough a-44 (and shot only like
    20 prem rounds at max) and it has about 9mm less pen whit ap compared to
    t34/100, but 167mm pen in tier 7 med tank is enough for almost everthing if
    you know just when and where to shoot…

  24. Sorry Dez but i refuse to stay at this level of sexyness. By the time you
    put up an other video i will be sexier :D

  25. Panther 8.8 is my favorite Panther

    Great games Dez

  26. Canny video Dez

  27. Did anyone else notice that AMX 50 100 with the 95 second reload at 12:09?

  28. Nice work with the deuce 8 and the ravioli, DEZ!!

  29. Nice video dez! I’m glad to see that you enjoy playing the ,,Raveolie” or
    ,,Revenge” or whatever. People often forget how brutal that tank is. The
    armour is crap, but with some help from The RNG Gods I managed to bounce
    with my butt 2 shots against the CDC :0. Keep it up man and you’ll very
    soon reach your goal for 75k subs :)

  30. the arty focused you for the fame
    gone well!

  31. what about 113, 121, TVP, T-34-3, or lower tier tanks? Would like to see
    them (again). Still nive vids m8, pls dont change!

  32. justin kolenbrander

    you should make a rage compilation :-)

  33. whooop whoop another Dez video!

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