► World of Tanks: My Time Today! – Favorite Tanks, Fun Times: FV215b & AMX 50B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of 215b Gameplay. World of AMX 50B Gameplay. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Today I have one quick for just to keep you updated with what is going on and what is going to happen. It is my birthday today and thanks to that I am going to take a little break from youtube, so there is going to be lack of content for the next few day… But for that, you received 6 videos in 2 days. 😀
So try to survive at least one day without new videos, I am with you! 😛

Maybe I am going to be streaming as well, today or tomorrow.. or the day after that, will see. I am going to keep you posted via my social network (links are above)



  1. Happy birthday Mr Dezgamez

  2. Oh, Dez has a girlfriend. I totally SHIP them hahahaha hahaha haha ha ha….
    That was a horrible joke .__.

  3. Dez-ich-habaucham5.10HappyBirthday-Crazy-I-Drink-one-Beerof-You-LiGrDagpuhoo510

  4. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Michael Mcdermott

    I hope you had a great birthday yesterday mate :)

  6. Seems like the 50B is exactly like the Foch 155. Wait too long for a clip
    load, shoot, miss every shot or bounce it.

    I bounced on an RU251 yesterday. Wonder how that could happen.

  7. where are you from dude because your six sence is cool

  8. Happy Birthday Dez 🙂 Keep on rockin ♫

  9. Happy Birthday Dezzz :D

  10. Happy Birthday DEZ! Stay as you are! Youre incredible funny and its a
    pleasure every time to watch your videos! 😀 Thanks!

  11. Oh well nice job Happy BDay :)

  12. Happy birthday Dez

  13. happy birthday Dez!

  14. Enjoy your birthday :)!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEZ! From your long time Canadian viewer. I will have a
    drink or 12 for you tomorrow on my day off!

  16. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it

  17. Happy birthday Dez!
    -what is your age if I may ask?

  18. happy birthday dez…..enjoy.

  19. happy birthday i really hope you get the best of that great day !!! an
    thanx for all thoses video you gaves us (it’s for some of us a birthday
    gift a day ) 🙂 keep up that very nice work

  20. Dan Dan (DanDanRigMan)

    Happy Birthday bubba! Hope the food is good and the company better!

  21. Happy Birthday!!!!

  22. Dez we share a birthday :D

  23. Happy Birthday buddy; enjoy the meal and birthday sex ;P

  24. Happy Birthday man! :D

  25. First quickybaby’s birthday, now yours! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  26. I just researched the E50 in Blitz and now I need the money, but from a
    mission I got a day of premium and I have an Elite Hellcat so im gonna
    grind with that Hellcat for money.

  27. Happy Birthday m8!

  28. so…. happy happy birthday, dez! njoy your day :)

  29. Maybe they’ll make the FV215b a CW reward tank?
    Edit: Also, happy birthday Dez!

  30. Happy Birfday DezGamez! Best of luck for the rest of your life and Happy
    Hunting ^_^

  31. Hope you had a great birthday, have some fun man. Thanks for all the hard
    work :)

  32. Happy Birthday Bro :)

  33. Happy birthday buddy! :)

  34. Happy birthday buddy! :)

  35. Happy Beer Day!

  36. I find swamp a very confusing maps, never knowing where to go. If I am not
    the only one that has this problem, that would explain the frequent Draws.

    Happy Birthday and don’t eat to much cake.

  37. Odd! I keep getting these subliminal messages about a Birthday

  38. happy birthday DEZ

  39. Congratulations DEZ

  40. Alowishus Davander

    Dez ever since I saw you playing the 215b and you saying how much you loved
    it, I realized its a tank that fits my play style and have been grinding
    like a coked up mouse on the wheel to get to it before it gone.
    I almost have the tier 9 and will be SOOO PISSED if I cant even get a
    chance to play it at least a little before they remove it.
    Also – I want my awful panther back as well – I LOVE THAT TANK!!
    They take away all the good stuff and give us total new trash like the 59
    patton or the SPIC.
    BTW love the vids and happy b-day mate.

  41. Happy birthday Dez! Take all the time you need away from YouTube.

  42. Happy Birthday Dez, knew we shared something in common.

  43. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Happy Derpthday, DEZ!!!

  44. Happy birthday Dez. I learned about the 215b being replaced for a Chieftain
    and I got really excited for it and grinded the line..then it became my
    favorite tier 10 🙁 not too excited for it being replaced now.

  45. Happy Birthday Dez! Hope you enjoy it!

  46. Happy birthday Ship. Enjoy, you never know how many you get.

  47. Happy birthday dude.

  48. Happy Birthday Dez

  49. happy B-day dez

  50. Happy Birthday!

  51. Happy B-day Dez!

  52. Happy Birthday Mister Nuts!

  53. ww2legoproductions

    Happy b day!

  54. Any advice on how to play T34? Just got it… :/

  55. Happy birthday ..

  56. Happy Birthday Dez.

    I love your videos.
    Your attitude, commentary and gameplay are relaxing, interesting and I
    learn something new most of the time.
    Thanks for all the work and keep them coming!

  57. happy B day and stop camping!

  58. i feel your pain about the 215b

  59. I went to that same starting position on Swamp a few days ago, in my Bat
    Chat 25t. I immediately got pushed by two top tier heavies who slaughtered
    me. Good support is essential! Happy birthday.

  60. Happy birthday dez!

  61. Happy Birthday

  62. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 生日快樂 !!!

  63. Happy birthday man, love the vids.

  64. happy birthday man! and take your time

  65. Now that you talked about the FV215b removal, I started missing the
    Aufkl.Panther :(

  66. Have a Happy Birthday!!

  67. happy birthday. :)

  68. Armoured warfare download is taking forever for me and I have AMAZING

  69. Happy birthday man and keep up the good work

  70. Luís Henrique Dória Santos

    Happy birthday Dez!

  71. Happy birthday Dez. I hope you come to Sweden some time so I could buy you
    a ham sandwich and show you around my little village.

  72. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    100 cap points = 6 kills

  73. Snippsnapp Gaming

    Happy Bithday!!! Enjoy!!! :)

  74. ilarionas avgoustou

    happy birhday man!enjoy your day


  76. Got the 69th like??


  78. HAPPY BDAY DEZ YOU R AWESOME!Enjoy the well deserved

  79. God I LOLed so hard at that Jp e100 moment xD

  80. Happy Birthday Dez. hope you have an awesome birthday man and get blitzed

  81. Happy Bday man, hope you have a nice day.

  82. happy birthday dez, nice vid

  83. 11:49 RNG-sus moment?

  84. S Crosthwait (crosst53)

    Happy Birthday. Have a good one

  85. Đông Nguyễn Viết

    happy birthday :)

  86. How is it to have a beast mode birthday Dez? a huge birthday cakes… and
    gaming ships, tanks lots of tanks. Happy Birthday mate all best wishes for

  87. Happy Birthday,Dez!!!
    May you live a 100 years more to make gr8 videos!!

  88. TheMole72 DiggaHole (Molletje72)

    Happy Birthday, have fun and enjoy the day.

  89. SovietTenkDestroyer

    6 hours to render a video?!? What program are you using?

  90. i just got this tank and i love it, happy birthday dezzzzzzzzzzzz

  91. Xhino Domi (Reaperino)

    Happy Birthday Dez! Enjoy it! Also, may the freedom be with you.

  92. Happy B-Day

  93. they should turn the fv215b into a tier 10 priemeum for the british it’ll
    be a win win situation people with the tank will get the priemeum for free
    and the chieftain so yeah and a bigger tech tree cannot forget about that

  94. Khang Nguyen Duong Bao

    happy birthday man!!!

  95. lobby for bad tanks. wot put you to do that ?! ofc :)))

  96. Nice Video dez keep the good work and where u from … because the 6th
    senth is a swearing on bosnian/serbian/Croatian

  97. T30 needs some love dez! 😀 Also. French Sherman should be Tier 7. Not 8.

  98. Happy Bithday 🙂 Enjoy it

  99. Yay!!!!!

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