► World of Tanks: New HD T57 Heavy Tank + Contest Winners – T57 Heavy Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. Contest. Giveaway and Gold Giveaway.


Yet another giveaway over and here are all the winners!

Gratz if you won and if you didn’t win, then better luck next time!

Thank you guys for supporting my channel and for being that awesome!


  1. That collision tracked him? -.-

  2. Aw I was away when this happened

  3. Congrats to all the winners :)

  4. Gratz to all how win!!!!
    And a big thy to DezGamez for that nice contant!!
    🙂 from Germany

  5. Congratulations to the winners (thumbs up to Dez)…at least I’m lucky in
    love ;)

  6. there is a rascist thing goin on im from asian sever and no one from the
    asian sever got anything

  7. fuuuuuuucccccckin hell man

  8. No SEA server…

  9. Congratulations everyone!

  10. Bram Van der Meer

    The only thing i really rage on is that like 3/4 of winners dont support
    and just participate to win something and never support dez again till next

  11. NA/Asia viewers are Minority for u And Eu viewers r much higher.So Thats
    why EU gets most of it 🙁 .But hey Great Giveaways 07.

  12. The RealNovaGames RNG

    As expected, asians didnt get any prizes… So far on all giveaways I see
    on YouTube I dont see Asians winning…

  13. The video sums up perfectly the feeling I had during this contest 😛 Thank
    you Dez for giving me and all of us at least a chance to win 🙂 And
    congrats for 80k, actually 85k subs now!

    And at least one price came in the same country as I live in ;)

  14. Julien Brouilhounat

    i’ve never won even at the time we were 5k subscribers… now we are 80k+,
    i feel i’ll never won a prize with so many people. But, it’s life. anyway
    thanks for the video, thanks for the new episode, thanks for giving prize
    with your own money, thanks for all dez. can’t wait to see when you reach
    the 100k line !!!

  15. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

    gratz to all winners!, i do hate you a little bit :P, how can a T57 Heavy
    lose a track when a Jpz E100 just drives backwards?? that’s kind of lame..

  16. rigged <3

  17. Hey, i wonder why nobody from SEA server win?

  18. congrats for the winners, fucking artillery shot me :(

  19. Sebastian Michael Paschalis

    no SEA server? im sad

  20. Damaschin Georgian

    Nice giveaway,good luck in future Dez :)

  21. Tom's Multiplayer Gameplay

    Congrats to you all dont worry Dez i still lick you☺

  22. Music From Games

    gg for the winners! I don’t care if I didn’t win.

  23. This guy prioritised a Lowe over an E100 and let the E100 live, shameless
    damage farming and a major noob move right there

  24. Hurrah I didn’t win because no one told me what server I was on >:(

  25. I feel really bless for your timely upload of awesome contents!

  26. can i say something why all the winers from ue wow

  27. congrats to the winners! Congrats to Dez for having shit loads of fun doing
    all this!

  28. RIGGED! :D

  29. Congrats guys

  30. no one win from SEA.. :/

  31. T57 Heavy best tank 2016.

  32. All i wanted was a 62 as well… gawd dammit crusader sp

  33. Can you do give away for blitz?

  34. Dez you forgot about the SEA players

  35. I really like the videos and congrats on the subscribers. Keep up the
    awesome work. Not all your fans are from the EU, it would have been nice to
    see 5% NA winners. Oh well, no worries. It’s so cool that you even had a

  36. Trenton purinton

    wtf none or one im not sure if NA means not applicable or north america but
    whatever thats bull

  37. Wow really gave us NA players a chance

  38. so what was the right answer?

  39. i didnt enter but i was hoping my name would pop up and i would win by

  40. sovietrepublic38

    I am from SEA server, though I didn’t get any gift but I enjoy your video a
    lot. I will keep supporting you Dez!!

  41. im so ready for my T57. only like 65k more XP

  42. Is anyone else on SEA server crying, like me?

    But congrats to the winners!

  43. well I get to keep my streak of never winning a giveaway ever.

  44. rigged for eu

  45. Dez, I hope you know I will always love you, homosapien

  46. Didn’t win because contest was rigged! *rumblerumblerumble*
    No really, thanks for giving out to the community!

  47. congratulations to the winners

  48. Sad that it has to feel like you are going to get crap from your fans for
    giving free shit. People need to learn to be more grateful.

  49. What was the answer BTW Dez? how many times did 80K appear?

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