► World of Tanks: New Sounds – Gun Sounds / Engine Sounds + Gameplay Sounds

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New . World of Tanks New Gun Sounds. World of Tanks Patch Update Review / Preview. World of Tanks New Czechoslovakian Tanks. World of Tanks 9.13 Tank Changes. World of Tanks Vehicle Changes.

In this episode I am going to demonstrate new sounds in World of Tanks! Gun sounds, engine sounds and in-game sounds are going to be changes! When? I do not know, but hopefully soon!

Full list of new tanks:
* Tier 1 – Kolohousenka
* Tier 2 – LT vz. 35
* – LT vz. 38
* Tier 4 – ST vz. 39
* Tier 5 – Škoda T 24
* Tier 6 – Škoda T 25
* Tier 7 – Konštrukta /100
* Tier 8 – TVP VTU Koncept
* Tier 9 – Škoda T 50
* Tier 10 – TVP T 50/

►Full for 9.13 server version 1:

Enjoy the video!


  1. That tinnitus sound needs to be an option and not compulsory

  2. Arvin Dave Velasco

    wow the new game sounds are great… you can see the research and time made
    for the game sounds by WG. but the critical sound and when the tank is
    wreck does not appeal to me. but overall epic sounds. love to play this on
    the great headset or on badass speakers on a public gameshop =)

  3. yereverluvinuncleber

    Very good.

  4. Those sounds are amazing!! It will give the game more immersive depth.

  5. fuck this shit gnomefather mod sound is still better WG fail again

    • Gnomefather sounds are such piece of shit because you can’t create historical sounds for tanks who didn’t ever existed like high tier german arty..

  6. bad sound.

  7. is it just me or does the 155 sounds exactly the same as the 122?

  8. +DezGamez do a richocet -> hit shot aswell…I want to hear that :D

  9. Outstanding! Thanks for this, Dez!

  10. What kind of performance impact does this have on the game, though? I was
    never able to run Gnomefather’s because it completely destroyed the game
    performance for me.

  11. Pure oral sex. Finally some good sound work from WG 🙂 Outstanding. Much
    better quality than the mods and actually does sound beefy.

  12. Lol finally after so many years they have proper sounds :)

  13. i just hope this sounds wont ruin already low fps in wot

  14. Most important question: Did Rudy get re-recorded, too?

  15. That FV doesn’t sound as fearsome anymore ?

  16. The KV-1 gun sound is so beautiful

  17. Vincentius Dhendy R D

    I hope Dev. will release this new greeatt sounds 😀 in 9.13..
    *not hopeless again 🙂
    *sorry my terrible english.

  18. Athallah Wibisono Sisnov

    this new sounds is awesome ! but i think it is better to have a different
    guns sounds for different Caliber guns. ( sorry if i spell it wrong )

  19. WOw……. That sound of Shell flying over your head………..

  20. The new sounds sure make the guns less accurate.


  21. This sounds great!

  22. Thank you Dez for another great and informative video, keep up with the
    good work

  23. The FV used to sound legendary and everyone feared it and now it sounds
    like a 76 mm gun from the T-34

  24. grasscutter engine sound…. horrible, and the gun sounds too weak too

  25. impressive, most impressive! cant wait to hear this on live server!

  26. Dez, this is what allot of us have been waiting to see and hear for years.
    Thanks for the update sir!

    take care, oldman out! aka flea1951

  27. the high pitched ring is the only annoying thing in the sounds

  28. The gun sounds are great, but the biggest improvment is the engins. Ben
    waiting ages for WoT to get their tanks to sound better when they drive.
    Good stuff.

  29. LAGGER, ya i know what you mean the crit sound

  30. no deep and too much echo i think

  31. What no arty gun sounds? KAPPA KAPPA

  32. This is great.

    Some of the larger guns sound a little weak though.

  33. Baddog Productions

    This actually might get me back into WoT

  34. well dez i finally pulled a 2000 damage shot with my fv183 that poor is7
    didnt know what hit him

  35. why can I run Armored warfare on ultra and get better frame rates than
    world of tanks on the highest settings and armored warfare looks much
    better? These sounds are really good though.

  36. i wonder how e100 sound like

  37. No luchs auto cannon sounds? It will be the best!

  38. man the sound on those ricochet sounds.. and sounds from outside the
    tanks!! going to feel like a real slug fest ??

  39. Big improvement IMO

  40. Hey Dez! Great news! Finally got my T110E4 last Saturday! Whoohoo!!! :)

  41. Overwhelming majority of these sound terrible lol

  42. gun sounds I like. engine sounds I like. loading sounds? not sure if I like

  43. So much more immersive… but if Gnomefather gets it right with audio
    tuning to compete with these sounds, I’ll stick to Gnomefather. At least it
    makes the wait for Gnomefather’s in the next patch not so bad. :P

  44. After using gnomefathers gun sounds, that fv183 sounds terrible. not a deep
    enough thud. sounds like a pew rather than a BOOM

  45. My hopes went through the roof when I saw you aim at the building. I was
    like holy shit are they finally adding the new physics engine?! Then my
    hopes were slapped right back into the ground.

  46. dez, when i hear the sound of the fv 183 i wanna cry ='( the sound is to
    hollow and to weak for a big gun like that it needs to be more like
    KABOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! not poef! lol the sounds of the shells flying near your
    tank are awesome but then againe the impact sounds are to weak like that
    impact of the t110e4 gun on the fv183 its like you get hit by a samurai
    sword instead of a 155mm shell lol but all the rest of the sounds are nice!
    i think it is going to be weird to play the first game with those sounds
    because it is very different from what it is right now =p thx for the
    double vid today! haha ;p

  47. sounds sick :D

  48. The new sound is awesome 😀
    But the speed of sound is terrible and unrealistic. Wargaming use a good
    physic engine for shells and tank movement, why not a good sound engine?

  49. I hope they add these new sounds soon.

  50. sounding great just needs the correct track sounds now

  51. Nice :)

  52. I gotta admit the sounds are better than before, But no thanks i will just
    stick to the mods, still sound better.

  53. The sounds are cool and all but when you get to tiers where everyone has
    the same calibur, like 120s and 105s, what they really need is a different
    sound for muzzlebrake and non-muzzlebrake. Diversity is key, otherwise
    everyone just sounds the same.

  54. Beautiful sounds, but I don’t have a PC… Oh well, maybe someday.

  55. Sticking to the diversity of Gnomefather’s Gun Sounds for now.

    Sounds are much better, but not really historical, specially with same
    sounds/caliber when Russian and American 76mm sounded much different.

  56. Batchat sounds like my grandfathers car now. :(

  57. Yesssss! Want! Live server NOW!

  58. Nice. sounds much better.

  59. Echo may be a bit too much, but apart from that, sounds awesome!

  60. The engine sounds sound like the Battlefield 3/4 vehicle sounds.

  61. Sounds like they took the sounds out of wot blitz to be honest.

  62. 1:39 is it back? *~* old players will know what i mean :P

  63. Cant wait for T-34-3!!!!!!!!!!!!! -5 gun depression !!

  64. Szabolcs Csizmadia

    Damn the gun sounds are pretty awesome

  65. Makes me want to play again!

  66. Uploaded a video 1 minute ago. Im that quick

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