► World of Tanks: New Tanks, Stock Grind! – Skoda T 50 and T54E1 Gameplay

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World of Tanks Skoda T Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T54E1 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Today I am going to show you 2 of my newest tanks – Skoda T and T54E1.

Check it out!


  1. Yep stock crew and tank awesome i have 6 sence on kv1 and kv3 nothing else
    🙂 and my six 6 is from mission number 15 heavy tanks female commander :P

  2. Armas Jürgenson

    heres the most painful grind… stock ST-I with the 175mm pen gun :/

  3. isn’t better to put all the crew with repair use that ability until to get
    the second ability to 49% then reset and have 6th sense?, for obvious

  4. Stock ISU was kinda fun (3000 dpm on 122mm 😀 )

  5. Hey, maybe you could get 30 of the most popular vehicles of all tiers, have
    them make a line side by side from smallest to the biggest and then make
    them race? 😀 I think that would be quite an interesting view.

  6. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Last time i tried to help Foch 155 to kill T57 which he tracked before T57
    could pump that 1600 dmg into him, he used his last two shots to my
    back…. lesson learned… All good things are punished.

  7. 10.000st

  8. Harrison Rawlinson

    Nice one dez

  9. social3ngin33rin

    lol we actually forced him to play stock?!?!
    i would rather unplug my computer
    play stock Churchill GC!!!!!!!!! lolol

  10. Hi Dez, many thanks for the uploads – been a long time fan, always have a
    giggle at what’s going on in your channel, great fun.
    Here’s a question though, why do you train 6th sense first? For the painful
    time it takes to train that, you could be using the mentor skill to speed
    everyone else along in gaining xp, or camo/repairs whatever. I appreciate
    you then need to retrain to 6th sense later, but you can do that for 100
    gold on discount, or just use credits when you get to 120~130%. Just
    curious if there was any other motive.
    Regardless, cheers for all your vids, and keep it up, please

  11. T54E1 is complete shit in full too…

  12. Dez, please reply to this comment

  13. UgliestWatermelon

    stock centurion 1 next Kappa

  14. You cheated us! 1st game in any tank is that you are always top tier!
    Except for scouts, where it is only 1 higher.

  15. Yhaggtigga!

  16. Zoutsteen from Holland

    6:59 O I Oppai ONI … you have breasts, Demon.

  17. What a coincidence. Just yesterday evening I finished the stock gun grind
    with T-50 Skoda.
    To some extent it was really fun. Even against tier 10 tanks since I was
    able to do shitloads of tracking shots with the stock gun.

  18. Bro, no need for HEAT on T54E1 stock, no snipe play close quarters and
    you’re set. I play NA server 3 MOE’s.

  19. I love this t54e1. I would never sell it. As for the stock grinds, shivers,
    When i first started i never put money into the game and i would always
    have crap equipment and low level crews. Hate that. But you did really well
    with them. should have went naked tho. no equipment at all. Haaaa. great
    series tho

  20. Stock ELC with 0 gold and 50% crew skill for the next ?
    Yeah, i know, i’m a bitch :>

  21. this series is great keep it up :^)

  22. 15 Foch vs 15 E3

  23. what do you mean “no gold”? don t you have a press account? doesn t WG give
    you gold and stuff? :)

  24. Stock T29 with 76mm

  25. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    The T29 stock grind is almost giving me cancer. I have to use 76mm gun :(

  26. you deserve way more subs

  27. “I’ve run out of gold”
    *has 2,500 gold* ?

  28. heres a challenge for you dezgamez batchat stock grind whit the 90 mm gun
    ;p u never know some ppl may sold the 100m and then dont enouf to buy it
    back ;p

  29. Satanam Daemonicis

    The stock T54E1 was a really great experience for me. I didn’t spend a
    single Free EXP to upgrade it. The stock gun does the trick and can be a
    surprise for those who think you’re using the upgraded one, they’ll expose
    themselves after your 4th shot and then get shot once again. I unlocked and
    bought mine when the On Track to The T57 Heavy was running, made it even
    easier to grind.

  30. Can you play Blitz not to many YouTubers play it and it’s hard to find
    decent content.

  31. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    the e1 stock is kinda op

  32. The t54mod1 did that because he was doing fine on that corner and you cut
    in front of him and ruined his position….I love your videos,but that is a
    dickhead move every time.Could have gone to his outside edge and had the
    same cover/firing ability without screwing him over.

  33. Paracatcorn-Illuminanarchy

    How is it possible that you have a t30 and t110e4, but no unlock on the
    previous tanks? Does this have something to do with the t30 being
    previously a tier X heavy?

  34. Stock grinds suck but not as much as a 75% crew when you don’t have any
    gold to train them to 100%. ugh

  35. Dez, can you do a video about the chinese power of 113 and 121?

    Keep up the good work and the subs dude :D

  36. 70K subs! woo! It’s happening Dez!

    On another note I had to do the stock grind on the T54E1 before they buffed
    the 90mm’s pen….only having 173mm was just SO bad. At least with the
    181mm of pen FEELS like it would pen more often.

    The Skoda T50 on the other hand seems to be blessed with a strong gun right
    out of the gate. Tho I HAVE seen some people using the non-autoloader top
    gun and they all said that they wanted consistent DPM over burst damage so
    I guess that’s a thing to think about.

  37. Feesh Garrysmod

    Stock t54e1 was good, even before pen increase

  38. Stock tanks, always there every time you want to feel miserable

  39. Alexander Stoyanov

    Screw autoloading op shits :)

  40. play a full artillery team in clan wars

  41. Nice! Grinding is for mortals afterall 🙂 Love the video!

  42. Hi, I am am not a particularly a good player, but how do you move your crew
    from, for ex. a hellcat into a t25/2, or is it possible, sorry this may be
    a stupid question, but I am pretty bad

  43. Stock DezGamez OP plz nerf WG

  44. Bartosz Mazurek

    What country are you from? cheers from Poland :*

  45. lol, yur gona hate this comment.
    OMG , ITS A TIER 8!! ….. load the skill ^^

    love the videos

  46. xX flying1ace Xx

    Can you do some more stereotypes videos? they’re epic :D

  47. you play fv215b 183 but change ur fire button to the actual delete button
    and play like that as a challenge

  48. last

  49. Good think I’m allergic to stock tanks so I don’t have to suffer ;)

  50. you can hold the left mouse button too shoot instead of clicking like a
    madman, just a tip

  51. i actually only liked the 1st part cause i dont like the 2nd Tank :p.
    Anyway, just go on like this. U are a great youtuber.

  52. Whoa 12th!

  53. What tank lines are left for you to grind through?

  54. Somewhat late video for you today… Let’s finish this day with some Stock
    action! :)

  55. wow 70k subs already,keep going & good luck

  56. 14th like!

  57. second;)

  58. TheRetardedDude


    Fuck off

  59. Nice vid ;)

  60. FreeSpiritGamer YT


  61. alphaomegabetta

    Uh not first

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