► World of Tanks: “NO STOPPING!” – Challenges #5

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Challenges Series. World of Tanks T49 Gameplay . World of Tanks Epic Challenges.
My today’s challenge comes from Dan Kov it is:

Challenge #5: “NO STOPPING!”
* Play with a light tank
* No stopping allowed
* Be #1 by EXP
* Be #1 by damage

Originally, 4th rule was “win the battle”, but I decided to change it to “be #1 by EXP”.

Check out what happened!



  1. omg that shot! lmfao awesome dez

  2. I’ve done a few challenges myself and challenge you to them. The most
    notable was the IS-4 with the D-25T WITHOUT gold rounds
    And the IS-7 with nothing except HE.

  3. Kill at least 3 enemy

  4. I have better one……………… CHALLENGE: kill a tier 10 HT using
    medium tank loaded with full HE

  5. Wait…

  6. Can you do this challenge?
    CHALLENGE 1: drive a heavy tank without ammo, and do ramming dmg as much as
    you can.

    CHALLENGE 2: use any kind of tanks you want, play using V mode, kill at
    least 2 enemy tanks


  7. Leave it to Dez to come up with another nutty challenge, beat it and then
    TOP it. And I thought I was a good player….

  8. Challange: play AMX 50b and try to get the most dmg blocked by armor

  9. Play a russian heavy. Whatever you shoot at, no aiming in prior, so you
    need at least to constantly turn your turret a bit. Let russian bias carry
    you to win and top of team on damage done.

  10. I have a challenge for you – the CHAI sniper special – remain unspotted the
    entire battle, be top on y our team by damage and xp.

  11. medium tank
    kill when in the air
    top dmg and xp

  12. Ram with an Light Tank (not lower then T4) 2 one Tier Higher Enemies to


    Do 2x Double Kills with an Arty in ONE Game!


    Do an Doublekill with a Derp Tank (FV215b183/KV2/…)

  13. ram a maus with a e50 m

  14. Hey +DezGamez do you stream? Seriously, your commentary is pure gold, would
    enjoy that quite a lot

  15. Paweł Waśniewski


  16. now that is how you T49 like a boss!
    nice job dez

  17. RNGesus

  18. RNGesus

  19. Jacob Schifferman

    for your next challenge try playing in sniper view only

  20. this is a challenge? this how I play all the time

  21. nice shot

  22. Arty… fucking as balanced as ever. Fuck, this game is cancer.

  23. Good job. But why do you believe that the 212A won the game for his team?
    Just because he killed you? The T 92 got just as many kills but caused more
    than twice the damage of the 212A. He also spotted the last vehicle for the
    212A to get the last kill.

  24. Play the KV-2 with the 150mm equipped, but you can only fire normal AP. Be
    in the top 3 players for damage done on your team.

  25. Try killing an enemy tank by staying on top of it (any tank you want is
    allowed) but you have to survive

  26. You so fun. Nice ideas for challanges.

  27. to be fair, a handbreak is also an kind of break 😉 but you threeshotted
    an obj. 268 and killed a charioteer in badass style so i forgive you for
    that ^^

  28. Hanz Gooblemienhoffen

    love this series!

  29. Challenge: reverse side scrape in a heavy that is not good at reverse side
    scraping (so no KV-5) and get steel wall plus why not High caliber as well

  30. do a double kamikaze meddal (kill 2 tanks in one battle who are one or 2
    tieres higher than you)

  31. Christopher Vanoster

    Play kv-2 with only HE and get a pascuchi medal

  32. Jesus the rng with this second clip, holy shit.

  33. instead of saying bouncing like a boss (bausss) you should say bouncing
    like a maus lmao

  34. one shot on the move to kill Charioteer

  35. Next challenge: get high caliber with amx 40 doesnt matter MM

  36. -only HE
    -completely stock tank
    -50% Crew
    -no consumables
    -light tank
    -tier 5+
    -most dmg both teams
    -most xp both teams

    full respect to anyone who makes it + video proof

  37. Arty shot gun challenge. No top down view allowed, shot gun only. Top by
    damage done.

  38. get a top gun in the mt 25 with the autoloader

  39. How about doing the same challenge but with a heavy tank?

  40. Konstantinos Zafeirakis

    You didn’t do it because i paused the video and you stopped :P

  41. Arty in this game. Sucks. Big. Time.

  42. Next challenge: 1 Shoot only turret 2 Drive a tier 10 tank 3 No premium
    ammunition 4 Be first in tour team by damage caused

  43. Challenge “I like it from behind” – you have to point your gun to the back
    of the tank and it can only traverse till it hits the corners between the
    back and the sides. Summary: you are a backwards oriented TD, somewhat like
    the Archer. Good luck!

  44. next chalange…drive arty in td mode…do utleast 1k dmg and kill utleast
    1 enemy

  45. first by assisted dmg in a arty?

  46. jackob kieserling

    4:35 driving on the wrong side of the highway is like.

  47. 1 play with autoloader. 2 you are able to use just AP sheels. 3 when you
    hit one shoot (pen or not) your next one have to be a miss. 4 top exp. 5
    top dmg


  49. that charioteer kill :)

  50. How about the t92 ap challenge, you have to only load ap in your t92, and
    come first in damage. Enjoy

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