► World of Tanks: Object 261 Carry – Forgive me, I Have Sinned… – Object 261 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 2 Carry Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Gameplay Series. World of Tanks Tier 10 Artillery / SPG Gameplay.

As I told you in my video as well, that last time I played with artillery was in my previous stream, that was like 2 or 3 months ago.. or even more. Not a bad game for the start, isn’t it? 😛
Anyways, yesterday I had one random stream, but don’t you worry, you are going to see more streaming action next week so stay tuned!
Battle itself started off really badly, was boring and so on, butt the end just amazing with one super epic shot! 😀
And oh yeah… “Forgive me guys, I have sinned!”



  1. i hate arties with all of my hurt…they dont us to play,i have a mach
    yesterday with 5 arties,really?come on man,they distroing the play…

  2. Dez I think it is “Forgive me, for I have sinned” :P

  3. Kabudurcan Atongas

    Which server are you playing in ?
    i’m playing in EU servers, we can do some arty-platoons if you want.

  4. Arty Carrying is fun. Shotgun ftw

  5. Sky pig alert! Honestly playing this arty is a lot more forgivable. It’s
    tier 10 UK, US and French arty that are super boring.

  6. That E100 is a friend of mein and a clan mate, HAHA, i would be so pissed
    of if you did that to me! :P

  7. No such thing as arty carry ever happened. Only some camping fuckers get
    couple well RNG guided hits.
    No skill, No carry. Pls fix your description Dez.

    • +Andy Vanellus For that LEo kill im going to make some artys today a bad

      a btw. Dez, ONE MORE video like this I u have one subscriber less.


  9. I actually wanted to see gameplay of this thanks 

  10. Nope not watching this shit broken unbalanced game ruining crap

  11. oh i thought it said object 263 ive no interest in watching arty

  12. Arty is ok and WOT will be shit without it its nice to see replay with arty
    gj dez

  13. Baptiste Bachelard

    Don’t worry, I sin every single day!

  14. Oh no Dez, you’ve become a scumbag :P

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