► World of Tanks: Object 263 vs Object 268 – Best Soviet Destroyer – Patch 9.16 Update

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World of Tanks Object 268 Gameplay Review. Review. World of Tanks Best Soviet Tank . World of Tanks Review, 9.16 Test Server.

Back on World of Tanks test server 9.16, to test out some of the tanks that I do not have. I think one of my next grinds is going to be one of the two Soviet tank destroyers… So either or Object 268, but which one? Let’s find out!

Full list of World of Tanks 9.16 Update changes:



  1. I’ve had to change my phone notification noise so it doesn’t sound like
    yours, lol

  2. Which premium tank i should buy,help me fans :)

  3. 263 grind line its a pain in the rear, comparing to the 268, that’s for
    sure. the 263 its more mobile and bouncy than 268, overall you got get some
    vodka painkillers to do 263line ?????

  4. Hate my 268. After obj 704 i was just really disappointed. Was my 1st tier
    10, played it in the beginning, but now that i have more tier 10s, i havent
    played it in quite a while

  5. who is better object 263 or object 268 i hope u help me

  6. lol I loved that Illuminati confirmed

  7. WG pls gib historical 263 gun: the 180mm B-1P, because Soviets needs a
    (No that was sarcasm, 1150 alpha on a 60kph chassis lel NO)

  8. I have a joke

    Read more

  9. i hope the 263 and 268 go into hd soon

  10. Do a Face off episode with the Obj 263 and the Obj 268!!!!!!!

  11. everyone who drove those tanks always sighed and complained about how suck
    those tanks they are. i don’t know why they are doing.

  12. All tier X TDs ranked from best to worst:
    Grille 15
    Jagd. E 100
    AMX 50 Foch(155)
    Source: Dpgwhores

  13. 263 is very good but the line leading up to it is pretty irritating to
    play. very rare tank to see in game but when you do see them they normally
    perform pretty well if they dont get blasted by sky cancer clickers

  14. They keyboard sounds make me happy

  15. 263 is amazing the 268 os trash compared to 263

  16. Average Asian (Mr. Sushi)

    I just keep hearing Russia’s anthem…

  17. what accent does he have?

  18. Illuminati spotted

  19. E100 + E5 in quick succession could have done that much damage that quickly

  20. BagelsGaming •••《W.o.T.》•••

    *Plays stronk music while playing stronk tenk*

  21. Hey!
    Whats the name of the mod that shows you the DMG that u do? i love it.

  22. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    BL-10 for the win. I don’t know how the 263 is but the 152 mm gun the ISU
    and 704 have it’s just awesome.

  23. Sup dude

  24. 100k hype

  25. i just started the game but i cant see my tank can some one help me

  26. Your videos keep getting better, great job! :D

  27. how do you get on the test server

  28. Wait, wouldn’t the is7 have the same gun noise as obj 263? Cause it’s the
    same caliber

  29. anyone know what mods he is using? or if he has a modpack?

  30. Dez if you are actually contemplating this I don’t know what to say. The
    263 is the fastest tier 10 TD. It also has the best armor outside of the
    T110e3, while it brushes the 268 armor away. And while the armor shouldn’t
    decide gameplay, it does allow for more flexibility. On top of that, the
    263 has one of the best guns in the game… the only one rivaling it being
    the tortoise, which has neither reliable armor nor mobility. For tier 10
    TDs, the gun has average penetration (slightly worse that 268) but has
    better soft stats, aiming time, accuracy, etc. In fact, the gun is the most
    accurate aside from the Grille 15. The 268 is bad.

    The 263 combines almost all of the mobility of a Grille, all of the frontal
    armor of a T110E3, and sports the best gun in the game.

    It is also the most CW viable tier 10 TD.

  31. Hope you show some lower tier gameplay on your grind to Obj.263

  32. Which mod pack are you using?

  33. That beginning part ive seen that before! From the 263 ace ace

  34. I like my 263 a lot as well, but I am sorry to tell you that the grind to
    get it is soooooo painful. Grinding the 268 is so much more enjoyable.

  35. i have the 268 and it’s a blast to use! Full recommendation. plus, I loved
    how u had the Soviet anthem playing in the background

  36. The 263 line is amazing but the T9 (SU-122-54) is not so good in my opinion

  37. 17:20 how did the T49
    Get up there? It looks like he’s on top of the mountain

  38. the dmg farm at the beginning is real.. Exposes himself doesn’t relocate or
    fall back lol

  39. 263 is on my opinion better but other tds on that line is not so great….
    pls make more ur bike videos!!

  40. You should to 15vs15 wit these TDs

  41. I’m on my way to 263 as well. Currently I am grinding through SU-100M1, and
    I really like this tank for its RoF – reload time is 4,86 I think with BiA
    + Gun Rammer + Ventilation. It has good mobility too, and armor can bounce
    some shots. I hope I’ll enjoy grinding t8 and t9 too. :)

  42. Dez, what epic positioning is that T49 occupying at 17 minutes?? How does
    he get there? Does he have shots there? Does he having epic spotting with

  43. Obviously Its the 263

  44. Wait, wtf? Obj 263 has 5 crew members???????? tankopedia on worldoftanks.eu
    says it has only 4, i bought rudy second time to have 4 extra crew members
    just for this? Like really ?

  45. 263 armor is more reliable than 268, which is over 320mm overall meaning it
    can bounce gold. 263 has a weaker lower plate tho u 268’s lower plate is
    not much better, you get rekt if shot in lower plate in both tanks.

  46. People who think the 263 is bad probably just are pussies who don’t wanna
    grind through the line before it. 😛
    The 263 is amazing, but the machines before it are considered to be a bit
    shite by most people.

  47. Well, good luck with your 263. Tho you are looking for a hell lot of pain
    and kneeling before you get it. From tier 7 to 9, it’s a massive ****
    sucking what you won’t enjoy, unless you prefer a weird ass gameplay, like
    playing like a medium, but without a turret. High mobility and “trollish”
    armor makes you wanna play like one, but in reality you get raped once
    enemy meds see you. Because of the low alpha and bad gun traverse, sniping
    is a pain in the ass and the gun depression… just no. And did I mention
    brawling? Ooooh NO! Never ever experienced that much pain than brawling in
    263 and the tanks under it. Extremely limited gun arc combined with way too
    good mobility… uhhuhu HELL NO! Makes you miss lower plates from point
    blank range… Not joking, happened to me… Also if enemy arty is in play,
    they are gonna target you no matter where you are, because reasons. And the
    extremely obvious weak gun mantlet is a shell magnet too. Even if you
    manage to get hull down, people will pen your mantlet instead and drive you

    All in all, while 263 looks awesome, in reality, not so much. You really
    have to master it’s gameplay to have some fun, but I think even then, more
    often than not, you are just looking for a shitload of pain in the

  48. tier ten tidiee

  49. pls tell me what mod are u using

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