► World of Tanks: Oh… He Fucked Up! – A Day in WoT – Day 3

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Source: DezGamez

A Day In World of Tanks Series. . .

You guys seem to enjoy this new series a lot, so here “Day 3” for you.

Thank you for epic feedback in my previous episodes!

Love you, #nosuckicocki!



  1. You should do a t-54E1 vs T54 to see who deserves the title of the better

  2. so many bad word, bad nutz baad nutz

  3. SirHavocTV GamingVideos

    Your dead to me Timmy!!!! Classic great vid Dez!!

  4. wow the physics are so broken, glad i left this game.
    also Dez why so much anger at ks? was hardly your kill and kills mean

  5. 1:50 hahahah

  6. did enjoy! gg, bye!

  7. Please dont become like SirFoch dez, he’s such a whingy salt bitch. You got
    class however.

  8. “Why would I like to know who the fuck is playing today” ?? I lost it

  9. A T67 rolling his tank onto its side is the only reason I got an Ace tanker
    in the LT vz 35, lol. My first thought when I saw what he had done was
    exactly the same as the title of the video. Kappa

    98% = Eighty-nine percent. Thanks, Ship! Kappa

    The M46 isn’t the Fatton, the M48 is because of its size. I am, however, OK
    with M46 Fappon. Kappa

    Best scout EU, NA, RU, SEA…you forgot CHI and RoK. Kappa

    (Let’s pretend I didn’t just reveal that I’ve started playing WoT again
    after having quit something like 3 years ago) Kappa

    Screw it, only had Kappa after 3 of 5 lines, adding the other 2 just
    because I can. Comment full of Kappa.

    Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa
    Kappa Kappa Kappa

    I think I may need some help. >:D

  10. Duaneb Tankionline

    Can you do 15 O-Ni vs 15 Tiger 1

  11. 0:29 – 0:47 Lol.

  12. You are juiced today!

  13. Note to self. Change display from percentage to numbers. Numbers. Note to
    self. Don’t be stupid.

    One good thing about being on a different server from DezGamez is I can’t
    be featured in this series.

  14. Language!

  15. Funny Fu**in’ S*** Dez.. G.G.

  16. Gaming with scissors

    its like the “dear diary”series in a diferent format?

  17. It’s was at the moment, DezGames knew…

  18. Love the commentary… “G-damn mofo kill stealer!” My sentiments exactly.

  19. why all this much and fast talking. please talk normal Dez. it is funnier
    relaxing and makes this shtty game endurable. Personal opinion and u r
    still the best commentator . But starting from the beginning of the video
    my head began to ache cuz of all the fast talking

  20. OMG DezGamez that first match was great, ur on fire haha

  21. Sure the guy fucked up but seems to me the new physics fucked up as well,
    didn’t look right.

  22. Fun, for a change, but I prefer the usual style.

  23. You get more entertaining för every video man! Your comentating is so spot
    on, keep it up! :)

  24. this is more annoying than funny

  25. Press the ALT key or change your settings

  26. change your settings

  27. gold nup vallet fighter owned by physix,well u cant buy everything i see
    from shop lol

  28. 2:56 The numbers Mason! What do they mean?

  29. I call it m46 flappon

  30. 49 wiews 220+ likes?:D

  31. 15 TIGER-1 vs 15 IS Please.

  32. Navie Celeb (NaVIE)

    i cant stop laughing everytime he says motherfucker

  33. “I WANT TO SEE NUMBERS… NUMBERS… NUMBERS!” And what the hell are
    percentages? Letters? 98% 9 is a number. 8 is a number. 98 is a number too.

  34. Your SirFoch impression in the first battle was dead on point!

  35. lol it says 114 likes but 49 views wtf XD

  36. dez i think you’re losing your mind a little. keep it up!

  37. Stephvon Burlikowski

    earliest ever

  38. M46 FAPPIN’ LOL

  39. Some salty, salty people on the EU server.

  40. You are nobody… That’s what Arya says… 😀

    Nice vid, keep going and take care :D

  41. I laughed so hard at the moment with “being sneake sneaky” from bulldog
    view. So hilarious :D

  42. +DezGamez Holy shit Dez! Ease up on the coffee lol 🙂 You sound like i do
    when i make a presentation right after downing a cup of coffee…

  43. This.. this is what snorting coffee does to you. Don’t snort coffee kids.

  44. settings / marker tab / set HP left

  45. did you need a piss commentating on this??
    “In a rush, watch the game,,,, boom boom kill………. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

  46. yeah, Dez..keep up the “fuck” commentate…cause i love it

  47. If someone wants to contact You . How Can he do?

  48. Right after you say “Mini Map is awesome, easy game with Mini Map”, you go
    and ignore it and get threesomed ?

  49. too much coffee man

  50. Is it just me or on that 1st match with the 50b he REALLY was talking like

  51. 9th, yay

  52. nice…so no coffee just French toast? Don’t you know…kill steals are
    called “kill securing” ?

  53. [LV.20] Setsuna Kiyoura

    6k damage for “average” round? What kind of drugs you’re on?!

  54. 1rd!

    Wait no one cares.

    Like if you agree.

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