► World of Tanks: Old Dogs in Action! – KV-5 and Löwe Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Tanks KV-5 Gameplay. World of Tank KV-5 Review/Preview. World of Tanks Löwe Gameplay. /Preview. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Today I am going with good “Old Dogs” KV-5 and Löwe. They have been in game since I remember this game. Are they obsolete or not? This is the question.


  1. If they buffed the ground-resistance of the löwe it would still have a
    decent place in the game, It was the first Prem I got back in 2011 and have
    seen it go from pretty damn good to something like a T-95 with a turret,
    without armor but the same speed. Get your engine taken out 2 times in a
    row and good luck. Or even worse, lose the engine and the driver and you
    wont get anywhere! 🙁 It needs some Löve the Löwe.

  2. When i see a KV-5 replay without ram-kills i feel a little bit cheated 😛
    love the tank, one of my first Premiums. I always try to ram stuff cause it
    is glorious! I agree on the penetration buff; 175 mm should be enough, IS-6
    has 175 mm so, why not? Ok, the caliber is different but they can do that
    just for the purpose of balancing those old machines :)

  3. Yeah I think your right Dez. The KV-5 just does not have the same impact it
    did 3 years ago and it really could use a pen boost. The Lowe I think still
    has a place it you asked me. It’s still a good sniper and with it’s good
    pen and ROF you can really rake in the damage.

  4. Gatewareu Gatewareu

    Thanks for the great vid

  5. Good stuff Dez – I found this video really funny – thxs for all the videos

  6. Again nice video! btw how is your reticle that “aimed” (not disperced on
    the move or idk how to explain it) including skills ofc , I have them :P

  7. Yay, 40 k !!! Congrats, you deserve it !

  8. reputation…yes yes…moar AW plz

  9. I have a KV-5 and I love it but I hope WarGaming buff the gun pen

  10. The Sick Horse Ranch

    The T34 is the way to go for farming credits IMO. The hull is squishy like
    the Lowe, but the turret is much harder on the T34 so you can go hull down
    and protect yourself. The guns reload about the same but the T34 does more
    damage. It took me a long time but I finally sold the Lowe because it was
    depressing. lol

  11. How many tanks in garage do you have ? ☺♥

  12. I’m surprised you don’t have the SU and ISU 152

  13. thank DG for the Fujin

  14. Yesss Another Dez Video! Nice Video as always! and some nice tanks aswell!
    Whoop Whoop

  15. Nice to see some KV-5 play. I find it fun when you can get yourself into a
    good position and bounce like a beast. But that low pen gun really makes it
    hard to be useful. You also get some really bad games when the slow speed
    gets you caught in the open against faster tanks that pen the weak areas. I
    think they did buff it last patch but not enough. It’s a tank I should hate
    but I end up liking.

  16. Fucking power creep is just too real. Tier 10 meds needs to get nerfed.
    Eather a view range nerf or penetration nerf, that includes prem ammo. Both
    would be preferable. Map changes and prem ammo for silver (wich I’m not
    against) combined with arty destroying everything slow has just made tier
    10 meds the only sane choise if you want to carry games. I really think a
    cap on prem ammo, say like max 20 % of total ammo capacity is a great idea.
    Would make CW really interresting as well. :)

  17. Both of those tanks are great , i love my KV5 more than the IS6 and my Löwe
    more than my T 34 , but with the IS 3 a those russian tanks may be

  18. Great video DG. Maybe start a new series looking at the defunct premiums,
    like pzivs,m10, t25 etc. DI’m not see much of these now.

  19. ahh… the Lowe… the reason I didn’t buy a Type 59 back in the day. I
    spent my broke college kid money on the damn Lowe.

  20. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    BTW DEZ… when ever you see a russian heavy side scrapong you alwayse
    shoot their hull roofs!!! you could of doe it in the lowe. all russian
    heavys have 25mm of hull roof armor and is easy to over match when they
    side scrape. thats the reason why german tanks are way better at side
    scraping the russian tanks because they have 40mm of hull roof and are tall
    enough so that smaller tanks cant shoot the roof

  21. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    kv5 is a bad bad tank in every way. lowe is a obsolete tank but you can mae
    it work. i have lowe and i loveit. DEZ yo said the armor is paper and yet
    it has good side armor for side scraping. good turret frontal armor to go
    hull down, it plays like a t34

  22. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    What med perm tank you recommend me to buy.Plz be cheap if you can

  23. That “some say” reminds me Top Gear… ;)

  24. KV-5 – *The Super Pershing of tier 8 heavies!*

  25. <3 kv5

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