► World of Tanks: OMG, The Adrenaline! – Stronk Duo Object 140 and T-62A Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Decided to make one live gameplay episode for you with The Mighty Stronk Duo – Object 140 and . Long time since I have played with these beasts! Going to get 2 really awesome battles, filled with adrenaline!



  1. How did you do 6k damage, and 1) Not get a High Caliber, and 2) Not get
    higher than a 3rd class mastery?

    positivePXL [+PXL]
    12k career battles
    ~2000 WN8

  2. this is a great”pay to win” game! without premium acc u r constantly in
    weaker team.11 times in a row chances to win under 25%???!!! 4 times in a
    row lost 15:1 or 15:2???!!! now i play just to ruin game for others!

  3. that 140 game rushed my blood in me

  4. Obj 140 heartbreak. :P

  5. why you are not using antyaliasing? i think your computer is enough good to
    hang on max settings.

  6. TheClassicGamer -

    I’m not sure if it’s the same but my dad destroyed T-62 in Iraq :p.

  7. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    I have a tiger 2 replay for ring series with tiger 2 aytoaim a bulldog in
    400 meters while the tiger 2 was moving.Also the bulldog was quite hidden
    should I send the replay for ring series and if yes where?

  8. your aim is awesome

  9. you are noob:-)

  10. mmmhh im sry but i have to tell you that your fight against the arty was

    btw which of that both tanks you think is stronger?

  11. After that 1st shot into the arty in ur 140 I would have kept moving
    forward as u would have gotten around it before it could have turned onto
    u… gg all the same :)

  12. Great game play Dez

  13. Liked before the intro finished…

  14. Thanks ship, great games, it’s easy for people to criticise after the fact,
    but they were’nt playing.

  15. NEVER stop mooving ;)

  16. ouch. that first game was hard to watch at the end. I would have gone and
    hugged him and hoped my reload could beat his turret traverse.

  17. I had a game like that… 2 tanks left in my KV-85 then I get one shot by a
    SU-100Y…. 🙁 Those are the moments that keep me coming back to WoT

  18. hello Dezgamez. I want to ask aout your opinion regarding Prokhorovka map
    because I don’t think there is a place for heavies in this map. I didn’t
    know where I should put this problem because I really want somebody whith
    his voice heard by others to question this map. there is no place for
    heavies to engage affectively with arty shadow. heavy tanks are not mobile
    enogh to peek and shoot and run across the map. so where should they go?
    should they camp in bushes all the time? please take a look at the map and
    consider my request to make a video about it. you are a man of the people
    and can deliver our sound. thank you very much.

    p.S. I post this as a comment coz I did not know ur contact address
    regarding such issues.

  19. Dez u should have rushed arty he was looking the other way

  20. Dez, my friend. You answered my prayers!!! 140 & 62A that’s, why your my
    favorite video god!!!!!!! Thank you so much!! More please!!! the old man
    Take care, aka flea1951

  21. Yep tier 10 same old boring tanks yet its the tier 10 balace that puts all
    the tier 8 and againts then just ignore light tanks useles , cant even put
    different guns turrent and tracks or more shit your stuck with same old
    boring tanks dude how are not getin borend doing tier 10 games :D

  22. Back up, camo reset, then flank

  23. at like 3:58-4:02 you would have lost at least 200 health in the leopard

  24. that was beast dez,,,,,even i could feel the tension just watching!!

  25. where are the 9/11 jokes? 4:47

  26. Where are you from, I can’t seem to recognize the accent… :(

  27. “I can’t blame my team because they were all dead” WoT 2011-2016 in a
    nutshell :D

  28. All you had to do was circle behind him :(

  29. epic

  30. DAT rng

  31. El Classico!

  32. Should of just rushed the arty man, easy to sit on his side and kill him.

  33. my favorite 2 tanks. I wish I could play them like you.

  34. You should have rushed the arty, not pull back after the first shot. :/ But
    I know that in situations like that you can’t really think properly.
    Nevertheless, great work boss.

  35. Bad play on that arty wat were you thinking?!?

  36. where is the minion 6th sense ?! :(

  37. As always, nice video! 🙂 are you going to do more video on armored warfare

  38. Liked before I watch!

  39. Dez 100k face reveal? Lol ;)

  40. I have been looking forward to your video for the last 4 hours. ☺️☺️??

  41. why didn’t u rush the arty when he was not looking dez

  42. Adryan Pleniceanu

    16 Viewers crew :P

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