► World of Tanks: Ooh, And That’s a Bad Miss! – AMX 30B and E-50M Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Ausf. M Gameplay Review. Review. Gameplay. Gameplay Series.

Good old E-50 Ausf. M and my newest tier 10 medium tank, AMX 30B, in action!



  1. Leopard 1 from 2nd match is a full retard.

  2. MANGƠ “LyraLH” dakimakura

    OBJECT 268 VS MAUS ?!

  3. Damn, guys you act like you’ve never missed a shot!! Get a grip! Dez, great
    gameplay. I wonder how many of these guys play and get the numbers you get?
    I enjoyed the video thank you. the oldman out!

    Take care,flea

  4. I saw the title and wondered if it was a that Mitchell and Webb look

  5. lol vk 72

  6. Kristoffer Johansson

    Commanders hatch on amx getting larger for each patch?

  7. I just had to resub by the way, youtube unsubed me for some reason….

  8. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    luv it wen u say world of tonks.

  9. lol look at the chat at 11:30 the leopard 1 is raging on Dez XD

  10. lol that Leo 1 on your team (2nd game) was an idiot. He was pissed at you,
    calling you a bot. Wait until he sees the result screen. How embarrassing.

  11. Did anyone read the chat at 11:05?

  12. jean-pierre rojas

    Meds over cheater OP dude noob

  13. are you from one of the baltic state countries? you have our accent :D

  14. Dez could u play RU251 or Leo 1 sometime? Tough drive ;)

  15. Great video , loved it and the commentary

  16. nicely played , nice mod u r running , could you supply a link to where to
    download it from

  17. Dez how did you change the victory score pic

  18. Was that a vk 70.0(k) that he killed in e50. if it is that has to be the
    rarest tank in the game

  19. good job me… good job….

  20. Cone-feather-rate

  21. the ending zoom in fucking killed me

  22. “my mom can roll higher than that” hahaha:-D

  23. woaw dez….that reaction when object was closing on you…i tought for
    sure you wore going to get shot, you left me speachless…..epic driving
    epic player , keep it up :)

  24. Oh so this is Dez Games…..I thought my friend meant Deez Nutz

  25. you kind of goofed there, you were shorting at the wrong rock. kind of
    surprised you didint hit your allies

  26. Bram Van der Meer

    354 likes, 1 dislike THE FK YOU DOING STEVE!?

  27. I got 1 question: Let’s say I drive a tank with APCR as standard ammo. Do I
    have to pay the same amount of credits to get the ammo as I have to pay for
    tanks that got AP ammo as standard?

  28. A Mitchell and Webb crew script isn’t entirely out of the realm of

  29. LMAFO ….fucking monkey :D

  30. TheAllegiantTraitor

    Where’s Dez Games from?

  31. Hugo Saint-Aroman

    Lol this retard leo1

  32. Frankie Hernandez

    Can we see some T57 Heavy gameplay :'(

  33. TheCrystalSurfer

    I’m freaked out Dez. I just watched that very same episode of ‘That
    Mitchell and Web Look’ BEFORE watching this! What are the odds man!?!

  34. Where can i find that mod with the womens that you use it..?

  35. DEZ u wasted so many shots in e50 game, the enemies were not there! They
    were all the way at the back of the map! Even farther back than the rocks

  36. That battle results screen doe, lol

  37. Dez what hacks do u use

  38. that leo-tard was offending u in the 2nd clip. but why?

  39. the leopard I in the second game was salty af

  40. Where can i get this victory background? :D

  41. Michiel van roekel

    Another quick question DezGamez.
    Do you stream?
    If the answer is yes, what is the twitch name and when do u stream?

  42. Πετρος Παπασωτηριου

    i am in love with your victory window with the girls :D

  43. lol World of Tongs. You watch too much of that ladie’s butt in the game
    stats :D

  44. Hey Dez, will you be trying out the German BBs in WoWS when they’re
    released next month? Would be great to see another ‘road to’ series
    featuring BBs :3

  45. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    What Type 5 Heavy is he talking about? 😀 and why…

  46. Dat zoom in the end :P

  47. what mod do you use for that sexy results screen? :)

  48. I bought KV2 yesterday and Im in love with it

  49. Michiel van roekel

    Love ur content Dez keep it up!
    But did u grinded out all those tanks in ur garage? or what?

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