► World of Tanks: Painfully Slow, But Super Deadly! – T95 and T110E3

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Source: DezGamez

. Gameplay . World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

I am back in my good old , the slowest tank in the game… Didn’t play with it for a very long time, because I did not have crew for it, but I believe it time to wake this beast up from sleep! 🙂



  1. Schießplatzverwalter

    you will get a bit money for each clicks and you are saying pls dont click
    my video lul

  2. thx dez, im 3 million from my E4.. gonna be fun! any equipment advice?

  3. dang, tank icon above Mutz is still too high… I made many mistakes
    shooting it behind fence like that…

  4. 1. Set video speed to 0.5
    2. ????
    3. Profit

  5. Daniel PeNeTrAtOrX (PeNe)

    1. T95 -> i would never drive this tank. bco there is no teamplay.
    2. i rly like the flag of estonia.
    3. and pls call it “Grillen” (speak grillan) instead of “Grilles”
    greetz from Germany 😉

  6. on 100k selebration dez show your face 😀 :)

  7. I am a console player but love watching you and your energy in World of
    Tanks. I always put my tablet down and jump on the console and start
    playing. You would be a good combat leader.

  8. Is that a wookie noise when you get spotted???

  9. TheTankingGamer (planeman777)

    How do you get that victory background?

  10. When can you Be Sure to Be the Last ally alive in a T95 ?

  11. while im watching my at-2 is also auto driving through the same map

  12. What mods do you use ? P.S. Great Gameplay !

  13. Nice, but I have to say “Epic Battle in T95 or T110E3 = No Arty!” LOL
    Great games just the same!

  14. slow . slow . . slow . . . legendary . Boom . Sticks

  15. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Why are there unlocked padlocks on the Gold and Free Experience?

  16. in the second battel look at the chat ,around 1-2 minuts in game grille 15
    dies and says medium tans are idiots becous they didnt spor for him, but he
    is on E5 were meds should be , and then he says “louse it fast idiots”
    saying to the rest of the team . But only idiot in that game is {grille 15
    } heheheheehhe #HighTierNoobs

  17. Hey Dez. Maybe some E4 gameplay pls?

  18. Luckily for you the T95 is made for the Siegfred Line ;)

  19. I srsly have smile on my face always I watch your videos. unique mind flow
    you have man. 5995 nobody answer…???

  20. Doom Turtle ! :D

  21. i like your videos. You dont speak much and play good.

  22. Estonian flags on ur t110e3 its my other motherland

  23. Watch in in half the speed !!!

  24. pls face off t95 vs jagtiger like to DezGames van see it

  25. Just a little advice! T95 is on the best in medium ranges

  26. Ђорђе Добрић

    Congratulations Dez,I heard some Bruce Springsteen in the background ;)

  27. T95 is one of my favourite TDs, simply because it is truly unique in
    playstyle compared to all other tanks in game.
    it has great armour but the speed limits the way you can play it
    effectively, and sometimes on large open maps you can go full speed forward
    and not shoot a single shot (if your team is winning).
    but still it is a beast that is hard to kill and i love it

  28. M8, your voice is so good to listening and watching with your commentary is
    better. Very good videos. Make it more ;)

  29. Hey bro, do you form Estonia?

  30. Great video as always Dez, thank you for making them.

  31. soo pinfuly slow… there are no razors sharp enough 4 me to play those
    tanks :)

  32. Tip of the day : set youtube speed to 1.25 🙂 there you are free tip for
    all you tankers out there.

  33. ahhh, t95. my most used tank, by far.
    its bad for your rating, but it has 4 tracks …. so.

    FEMALE TANKERS, paralel parking. thats what we want for the next face off

    btw. if you see any agile enemie tanks comming to ‘circle’ you. INSTANTLY
    goto the closest hard cover, then hit it with your ass. instantly! 🙂 they
    will pay for their overconfidence.
    (the WZ did it right tho. he ran off 😉 )

  34. Almost 100k subs!! HYPE :-)

  35. Justin Bieber is gay.

  36. “Born in the USA” is not a patriotic song.

  37. Do an E3 vs JgE100 video please

  38. I love my T95 but half of tier 9 and 10 just simply pennetrate my hatch
    easily from about 200m….and even tier 8 when they spamming gold on me.The
    limitation of speed also limit my style of gameplay….This is the most
    challenging TD tank that i ever play.

  39. T110E3 is made by a T95 and a T110E5 had sx

  40. Excellent video as always. it’s a toss up and an ongoing argument which is
    the better TD, it all comes down to your playstyle I believe. Where the
    T110E3 has a slightly better gun and was purpose built to kill tanks, the T
    95 is armored to take a brutal beating and was built for taking out
    fortifications. also like the T110E3 one of the tanks you can punch
    through even the front armor of a Maus without using gold ammo or he
    rounds. I should also note that the T110E3 is a little faster than the T 95
    as well. So it comes down to which style the player prefers.

  41. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    I had this monster and I started to enjoy it when I almost got the E3. It
    just depends on the map and the cover you get form teammates. In tier 9
    matches it’s a monster in city maps, I laughed so hard when I was in front
    of my team pushing with my repair speed at 100% repairing tracks in 4
    seconds, way faster than E75 and M103 tracking me hahahaha, they were so
    scared of me in Himmelsdorf. Best team ever when an E-100 stays right
    behind me: I would hide its lower plate and I would fire with him: pretty
    much 1,5k damage every 16 seconds~

  42. ‘Murica bitchezzz!!!

  43. 13 km speed ???? Wargaming should give some more speed to Tank so that
    it would be good ? 25 km/h

  44. Somebody needs to come out with a hack that lets the T95 to do 60mph! LoL

  45. I thought he bounced more in E3 ?

  46. “This map is really good, no artillery”… Yes and then put in a couple of
    artilleries and everyone knows E3 can’t do much on that map.

  47. How can one be such a sadomasochist playing this T95… ? 😀

    Do you smoke to much weed and you like chilling in this T95?

  48. Miley Cyrus destroyed all the epicness *sniff*

  49. actually it is the ARCHER=slowest tank in the game (when move forwards)

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