► World of Tanks: Panzer 58 Mutz Review / Gameplay – New Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I have some special for you. Going take my first look at new tier 8 Germany premium tank that is going to be here soon – “Panzer 58 Mutz”.
Is it going to be worth the money? Is it a good tank? Let’s find out!



  1. When you first put the gameplay into a smaller frame, and show the garage,
    it’s useful. But then you continue having it smaller for a very long time
    while you’re not showing anything that’s more interesting that the actual

    I do like the dual view, but I’d suggest only using it when you’re showing
    something that really is more important than the footage you’re making

  2. First premium I have seen in a while where the standard ammo pen is
    “BEARable” , Don’t worry I’m here all week ;)

  3. Hope this tank doesn’t end up being cheesy, or full of holes, I could go
    on but I will quit while I still have a shred of self respect left ;)

  4. As a tester, do they inform you why they are introducing another tier 8
    medium, German tank? The Panther 8.8 is still a fairly new addition to the
    game and they give us another German tank….

  5. Good honest review but, the explosions reminded me of something hmmm oh yes
    now I remember,’Early Sherman models were prone to burning when struck by
    high velocity rounds. The Sherman gained grim nicknames like “Tommycooker”
    (by the Germans who referred to British soldiers as “Tommys”; a tommy
    cooker was a World War I era trench stove). With gallows humor, the British
    called them “Ronsons”, after the cigarette lighter with the slogan “Lights
    up the first time, every time!”, while Polish tankers referred to them as
    “The Burning Grave”. :D

  6. “Dick dick dick kill.”

  7. SHIP…Another great segment; good variety with the mini-windows in your
    descriptions, nice touch, watching game play as you show the garage views.
    Like alot of quirky premiums, its going to have to find its role and driver
    in order to play fairly; you bring to the features its good and bad points,
    as plain as can be explained. It is up to the player to decide to take the
    tank or not; if you get frustrated at it in your first 25 or 50 games,
    perhaps you are to impatient to understand the tank fully or you are so
    used to another model, you are trying to fit that style into a new image.
    Give it time, give yourself time.
    –You proved that even in your first game, surviving all the way up to a 13
    v 6 score on a very challenging map. Its a credible accomplishment even if
    you did get clobbered by French arty, its still contributing to a major
    part of the win.
    I think of this tank like a feather-weight boxer, lots of style and
    maneuverability, additional aspect for the gun to engage the enemy (makes
    the opponent consider; 2nd guessing is always an advantage, keep your eyes
    peeled for that opportunity, your instinct will tell you when to pounce!).
    Naturally, its not good to take punches, but when you have to absorb one to
    get into a better position, its tolerable.

    Its useful in its role…don’t force it to do something its not designed to
    do: Brawl.
    It could turn out to be your favorite TD killer: Piranha when patient.

  8. Cant get this tank until i get a better pc. 10-20fps. Can’t they boost
    computers that struggle?!? With some setting

  9. I played with Dez yesterday on the same map when he was using this account,
    nearly had a massive fan boy moment!

    Bit of luck he didn’t show that game i played uselessly lol. Keep up the
    good work Dez and please can we hear a return of your old catchphrase
    ‘HowstGoing’? cracks me up every time

  10. Congrats for 40 k subs Dez:)

    You are perhaps the most enjoyable,informative and honest tank reviewer out

    Keep it up:)

  11. background song, i just cant remeber the name?

  12. Anyone else notice with the gun stats it showed pz 58 and pz58 mutz maybe
    new German medium coming to game besides the premium?

  13. I dont believe the enemy borsig had HE loaded for you. He was waiting for
    your borsig.

  14. 19:08 borsig trying to steal kill. True team player.

  15. Seeing games like these makes me think WG posts random shit about arty
    accuracy being nerfed and completely RNG based, and the plebs believe it.
    Can’t wait until it gets completely revamped this year.

  16. 16:18 arty hits +DezGamez from a different map.

  17. How do you get this thing?

  18. I was going to sleep, but I Mutz watch this video first :(

  19. In your hands every tank looks op, but i think you are the same arty magnet
    like me :D

  20. The dick with T. Alright, okay, alright, okay :D

  21. thatbattlefield dude

    wow I am gonna buy this.. I loved the Indian panzer. The only thing that
    sucked about it was the aimtime. and this get good aimtime… so excited 😀
    any idea on when it comes to the NA server?


  23. I’m not sure what to think of the mutz, thanks for the review dez it was
    very informative, ps LOVE YOU !!

  24. That Lorr. 155 50 shoot on you made me laugh so hard.
    And S-51 OMFG you are lucky winner hahaha LOL…..
    OMG arty really love you Dezz.!! :D

  25. Dez u so funny

  26. I love the no bullshit reviews, dez you are the mvp

  27. Hey Dez. Thanks for showing the Lowe. I bought one a few weeks ago and glad
    i did. Just wish i could play it more. 🙁 So many grinds. So little time,
    XP and Silver. :(

  28. I agree, this tank does not really have any good pro´s but a lot of con´s.
    I’d rather play my 8.8.

  29. Nope it’s not a beer. It’s a bear! :D

  30. Its worth noting that with 30mm side armor, every gun 90mm or larger can
    overmatch and pen at any angle, so at tier 8 sidescraping is completely not
    possible against anything but like, light tanks pretty much. Its amazing
    the difference in protection actually going from 30 to 50mm of side armor.
    Not much from artillery but with 50mm only 15cm guns or larger can
    overmatch and not many tanks have those, whereas at tier 8-10 basically
    everything has 90mm or larger guns aside from the scouts lol.

  31. I’ll just stick to my Panther 8.8 .. snipe4days, cheeky scrublords!

  32. Xhino Domi (Reaperino)

    It kind of seems like it’s the German version of the CDC.

  33. There’s no T in “Dick” :P

  34. Hey Dez, another fine review sir. I learn so much from you and your so much
    fun to listen too. Thank you, the old man, aka flea1951

  35. this is a Tank from my Land. why they make it german??? dschwiiz isch sehr

  36. at least wargaming are having there year of the fixes.

  37. I think it will be marathon reward tank so = free

  38. I want dis!

  39. ww2legoproductions

    Neat tank!

  40. Stop camping Dez, seriously… 😀 New tank +WG account +youtuber= ultimate
    arty clickbait

  41. fuck that arty cunts

  42. Holy shit thats ugly…

  43. soooo when will we get a good british premium tank?

  44. Funny they put a Swiss tank and make it German. Guess they are running out
    of tanks.

  45. Its a Swiss tank in real life.

  46. I am early.

  47. dangit, so close

  48. I like this tank very Mutz

  49. Hahahahahahahahaha. 😀
    Sorry, cos i am laughing, but i love the scene at 15:00. So awesome. 😀

  50. Do you or anyone else know when it will before sale on the NA server? Today is the 26th of January and I don’t see it, I know EU has it though. My German medium crew would like to take it for a few thousands test drives… 🙂

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