► World of Tanks: Past – Dragon Ridge Farmer T-62A – Patch 8.1 [NEW SERIES!]

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Source: DezGamez

World of T-62A Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Old Replays.

Second episode in my new series. Changed name from ÜFrom The ” to simply “Past”. IMO, this is simple and understandable. 🙂

Today I am going 4 years back in time, to patch 8.1… When we still had one map called “Dragon Ridge”… Check out that epic rice field farming by “DoupleX” in his T-62A.



  1. omg dragon ridge I tought it. came back but no… I LOVED it and still love
    RIP dragon ridge… :(

  2. That was realy cool and crazy map.

  3. this map…. superpershing and go to the corner at G9…. Start bounce and
    start sealclubbing =)

  4. @DezGamez adding ‘The’ before ‘Past’ in my opinion sounds better.

  5. Great idea!
    You can also feature the original el halluf, serene coast, swamp, etc.. and
    also port map..
    Good old KV1S (although it wasnt that long ago)

    wow so many things have been changed..

    Also the idea of stereotypes is quite good.. you can do stereotypes about
    clans, and other things.. personally i liked this series the most..

  6. I played that map maybe 20 times before it was ripped. I thought u made a
    Maus replay of last man standing and he find a spot in the middle. He held
    a light tank pinned in the back with medium tanks at the front.

  7. need to get a replay of the KV prior to 7.3

  8. Tier 6 arty with 410 hp….sure why not

  9. This map reminds me of Kung Fu Panda

  10. Douplex — pronounced Dooplex. its a two story building/house. just an fyi

  11. Man, your english is much better than it was around 6 months ago! Keep up
    the good work:)

  12. Tomáš Kondr (JdaxCZ)

    Come on you have to call it (g)old times ;)

  13. Yes, some games without physics will be perfect!

  14. Sadly, I’ve never played on this map :(

  15. nice to see what it was like back in the day….glad u are showing the
    difference between then and now :)

  16. Good serie. Please continue.

  17. Dez you don’t hit apply when you have to keep going back to markers

  18. Is dez indian?

  19. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    Dez,1 suggestion for the name, “World of Tanks Blast from the Past” or just
    “WoT Blast from the Past” 😛 Seems kinda long but could be good :D

  20. Broken voices from this old version are awesome! 😀 I mean that he hit
    enemy tank and voice said: Enemy is destroyed! 😀 P.S. Sorry for bad
    grammar, I am from Czech Republic. :)

  21. Never had a chance to play this map before it was removed, but it looks
    really cool to me. I hope they fix whatever problem they thought it had and
    add it back into the game again.

  22. this was the best map

  23. seems like everyone loves this map, and they removed it 🙁 what was the

  24. I never got to play a battle on this map. They took it out of rotation one
    patch before I got back into WoT

  25. If you play on console you get these maps all the time.

  26. I still remember a game we played with my clan there 10 TOG II vs 10 TOG II
    was one of the funniest matches i ever played. It was an insane shoot out
    in the village at the center of the map.

  27. Oh man. I remember this map. Last I remember the reason WGing pulled it was
    “Poor optimization” but really it was more along the line that it was also
    smack in the middle of WGing gutting every map of bushes and tree’s to
    hobble TD’s and they couldn’t do that with Dragon’s Ridge because then
    there would have been no reason to play Light’s or TD’s on it as it would
    have been bare dirt and house’s.

    Also missed a golden chance to name this “Welcome to the Rice-Field’s

  28. I remember that map, i started the game about that patch.

  29. Like many others said already, *”World of Tanks: Blast from the Past”*
    would be a nice name. Just “Past” feels kind of dull imo.

  30. Thanks WG for removing all maps and now we must play the same maps all day.

  31. could somebody please explain why the arty on his team was called 212a when
    clearly at the time (8.1) it was called object 212. I don’t want to
    question the authenticity of this video but this has gotten me a little
    worried. keep up the good work DezGames!

  32. Loved that map! Was a TD’s wet dream!

  33. what modpack are u ussing?

  34. Next time port maybe? :)

  35. Always thought this was a good map.

  36. they removed it cause Russian tanks couldn’t overwhelm everyone, cause

  37. I miss this map so much but that’s not all 1M+ tankers miss this map too…

  38. if you are unhappy with the map situation, send an email to customer
    support and tell them to bring back the old maps and to add new maps.

  39. In my opinion , WG should stop focusing on new tanks and shit, and bring
    MANY Maps, seriously getting annoyed and bored of playing the same few maps
    over and over and over again.
    WE the players are the ones making this game survive , if we all start
    boycotting new premium tanks and premium time, maybe that would send a
    strong message to WG, you want our money we want mapS .

  40. I never had the good fortune to play this map but it looks very interesting.

    I sometimes wonder why WG build 10 x 10 maps when only a portion of the
    area is usable. There is little doubt that they have improved in this area
    over the years but it makes little sense to put in app the effort to design
    portions of a map only to make them inadmissible. May as well paint those
    areas grey and save themselves a lot of work.

    I would really like to see some of those pre-physics battles. I think they
    would be hilarious to watch even if they were frustrating to play.

  41. Sadly hero of this video stopped playing game after 2015-04-02 21:28:05 –
    it was his last time with WoT [*]

  42. It was such a beautiful map

  43. like the name!

  44. Christian Armbruster

    I would really love this map to be re-introduced for tiers 4-7 or so!
    (Tiers 1-3 have reduced map pool because of mini client and it is too small
    for higher tiers.)

  45. i missed dragon ridge, wot just removed all the good maps.

  46. I like “World of Tanks: Blast From The Past” . kind of long but i like it

  47. Miss this map, good old times!

  48. mmmmmmmmmm I am licking WOT PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lick lick lick

  49. ElectroGaming (ElectroGaming)

    This was an awesome map, I know I really miss it.

  50. pre physics video HYPE! O_o
    I never saw pre physics gameplay.

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