► World of Tanks: Patch 10.0 Update – Centurion Action X Gameplay / Review – New Tier 10 Medium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

10.0 Review. Centurion Action X Gameplay. Review / Preview. World of Tanks Update Test Server. World of Tanks New Tanks.

It time to take a look at World of Tanks Patch !

Finally it is the time guys, finally we can say Good Bye to our old friend ! This tank is going to be replaced by “Centurion Action X”. Long story short… This thing is A BEAST!
Let me know what you think about this tank in the comments down below!

List of important changes with the first stage of testing in Patch 10.0:
– New version of Rampage + two new maps
– PvE tutorial for new players
– Viewing system revamp
– Centurion Action X added as a replacement for the FV4202*
– FV4202 rebalanced as a Tier VIII Premium tank
– More tanks reworked for HD
– Changes in the US tech trees for some low-Tier vehicles
– Added a mission for obtaining the Tier VIII Premium FV4202*
– Added Škoda T 40 and M4 Revalorisé for testing

Enjoy the video!

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