► World of Tanks Patch 9.10+ Update News: Japanese Heavy Tank Line Preview – New Tanks!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update + Review. World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay. Patch 9.10+ New Tanks, New Japanese Tanks.

In today's World of Tanks News I am going to take my at every single tank that is going to be in new Japanese Heavy Tank branch, hopefully with patch 9.10… But we never know when they are going to be live, it can change! And keep in mind that all the stats can change as well!

List of all new Japanese tanks:
Tier 2 medium tank, Type 89 “i-Go”
Tier 3 Type 91
Tier 4 Type 95
Tier 5 Experimental, previously Mi-To 100
Tier 6 O-I, previously Mi-to 150
Tier 7 O-I 100
Tier 8 O-I 120
Tier 9 Type 2604
Type 2605

Gameplay used: http://wotreplays.com/site/2038559#self

Thanks to:
Leaks: http://wotleaks.ru/
WoT News: http://wot-news.com/
Rita Status Blog: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/

I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. +Joshua McLaughlin because that’s just how most countries do it

  2. Joshua McLaughlin

    this was a troll comment… but why cant he just use the decimal instead of
    the comma seriously lol

  3. +Joshua McLaughlin the comma stands for a fullstop, basically 10.452 seconds

  4. Joshua McLaughlin

    +larsvd meyde dez said that the O-I 100 has a “10,452s reload”

  5. +Joshua McLaughlin no

  6. +ChoppyHD Amazing skill dude, much impressive, very wow. I had to watch
    video twice because I was too focused on your playing to even notice what
    ShipTheNutz was speaking.

  7. +Adeebullah Esmati that will most likely be ap, the kv-2 gets ap as well

  8. What the hell! The problem isn’t well armored tanks, it’s the gold
    ammunition. They made gold rounds available for silver thanks to noobs like

  9. +William Heayn Or proposed changes. Like when we went from 8.x to 9.x and
    were supposed to get the Havok engine.

  10. +theknifesong was feeling the azacct same thing bro

  11. +theknifesong they only change the first number for massively game-changing

  12. These Japanese Heavy tanks seemed like the WunderWaffe that the German
    developed trying to save their own arses, the Japanese had no spare parts
    and manpower to fix their own crap, not enough material to even build
    tanks, that’s why the Chi-Ri was half completed, Men were eventually
    withdrawn and no prototypes of these tanks were ever produced. Not because
    they sucked

  13. Well if the Japanese heavy tanks were never proceeded to production it’s
    either they didn’t work and sucked or the war ended to quickly. It’s like
    if you rush a tank into production like the Pershing or Panther they won’t
    work and what’s the point if a tank that doesn’t work.

  14. Correction: VK 45.02 A/B

  15. +Molon Labe crack a book some time. Japanese tanks weren’t as bad as
    everyone thinks they were, also a few of the tanks in the new heavy tree
    were actually built in either prototype or limited numbers (ie type 91/95,
    some of the early O-I variants) which is more than some of the other tanks
    in game (ie Vk 4501 A/B ect)

    for more info see either ‘Imperial Japanese tanks 1918-1945’ by Paul M
    Roland or ‘Japanese tanks 1939-45’ by Steven Zaloga or ‘Australian Armour :
    A History of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps 1927-1972’ by R N L Hopkins

  16. +Louis Scollay lol uneducated faggot

  17. +Ola Justin I know, it’s getting to the point where you can’t even reliably
    bounce shots from everything in the Maus. Seriously, I was sidescraping my
    turret on Himmelsdorf at the steepest angle possible against a JgPzE100
    (sure he were firing gold) and the shot just melted through my angled
    turret side like a knife through butter. If Maus can’t bounce that, it
    becomes completely useless.

  18. +Ola Justin not necessarily true. one or two e100 can really carry a game.
    nevermind if you have 1-2 support tanks as well.

  19. It’s been my problem with WOT for a looong time now. I remember the days
    when armor ment something. Now, if you want to reliebly carry games in tier
    9 and ten you have to drive meds. ALL good players drive in med platoons
    unless they accually want to have some challange. I got fed up with it all
    and now I’m just fooling around and couldn’t care less. It’s sad that the
    game has come to this state.

  20. +Ville Lepoaho
    It’s not like anyone plays the Maus right now anyway…

  21. +Ville Lepoaho Why should anyone go for such tanks anyway? They are totally
    outdated. What is the sense of having a heavily armored tank, if anyone
    will just load premium the second they see you?
    Also, you should not take the stats we see in the video as hints about its
    ingame performance. Until we know things like ground resistance etc., it is
    not possible to forecast anything.

  22. kostas davazoglou

    +9 plus 10 true, but these things actually have armour, lots of it

  23. +kostas davazoglou might be cause su100y its at tier 6….

  24. +DezGamez Thanks, should’ve looked there first :s

  25. +Bouche Dag

  26. +Kieran Roberts That tier 9 140mm tho… holy FUCK 600dmg 250 pen…..

  27. +Kieran Roberts yes so op, theyre all slow and fat

  28. +Kieran Roberts nooo

  29. +TheAmazingGamerz1 over 300 views club 😀

  30. +Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die. I’m tired of 152mm look like kv-2 need
    1520mm. 🙂

  31. SovietTenkDestroyer

    +Willver Lopez Yeah can’t wait for them.

  32. I was watching his video and looking at the comments. The heavy tanks look

  33. SovietTenkDestroyer

    +Willver Lopez WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE

  34. Blah blah blah

  35. +DezGamez Those tanks may be big, but for me looks like the MAUS will be
    the King Of Steel !

  36. Or TOG Family

  37. Lol box tanks

  38. +DezGamez there is gone be lots of rams with those heavies

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