► World of Tanks Patch 9.10+ Update News: Japanese Heavy Tank Line Preview – New Tanks!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks + Review. World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay. Patch 9.10+ New Tanks, New Japanese Heavy Tanks.

In today’s World of Tanks News episode I am going to take my at every single tank that is going to be in new Japanese Heavy Tank branch, hopefully with patch 9.10… But we never know when they are going to be live, it can change! And keep in mind that all the stats can change as well!

List of all new Japanese tanks:
Tier 2 medium tank, Type 89 “i-Go”
Tier 3 Type 91
Tier 4
Tier 5 O-I Experimental, previously Mi-To 100
Tier 6 O-I, previously Mi-to 150
Tier 7 O-I 100
Tier 8 O-I 120
Tier 9 Type 2604
Tier 10 Type 2605

Gameplay used: http://wotreplays.com/site/2038559#self

Thanks to:
WoT Leaks: http://wotleaks.ru/
WoT News: http://wot-news.com/
Rita Status Blog: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Schwarze Kapelle

    Well, good thing I enjoy world of warships.

  2. Achim Mûhlebach

    oh dude, this game will come soo ridiculous !!!!!!

  3. Daymm!!!!!! that kinda damage in tier 5-7 heavys holy shit! people will be
    scared off like really scared 😀 what u thing dez? when ur facink that tank
    what is ur plan against it?

  4. *Godzirra raor in background*

  5. I know gold ammo renders armour mostly useless, but with the sheer amount
    of armour these things get, maybe you could even bounce gold ammo with
    angling? Especially if they implement the penetration nerf.

  6. Aidan Nielsen (VideoGameVloggers)

    Matildas are going to have a field day with the new japanese tier 4 heavies

  7. What and Epic E50M game.

  8. Yudhistira Onggowarsito

    Flawless gameplay. GG!!

  9. These tanks are bullshit. tier for tier they out power almost all of the
    other heavy’s they will meet and are so well armored that most same tier
    tanks won’t be able to even scratch them. the thing that pisses me off is
    that tier 6 POS that is a massive box AND YET IS BETTER IN EVERY WAY TO THE
    M6 AND VK3601H. what a fucking joke. if these go live I DEMAND the M6 get a
    long barreled 90mm with 170mm of pen. as it stands only the KV85 and the
    ARL44 will have the pen to hurt these pipedream sake powered tanks.

  10. Those things dont belobg into this game… Uber dimensionised ugly gold
    shell eating tanks which rather are ships on tracks and a fristration to
    both player and his enemy…

  11. Romain Guillemot

    I love this japanese heavy tank but tier 5 op tier 6 op tier 7 op cheater
    tier 8 op op op cheater and tier 9 and tier 10 very very op op op op
    cheater cheater cheater yessssssss it’s the maus but japanese maus !!!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 :)

  12. another good reason to hope for armored warfare to be a nice game on

  13. Thanks for the info, but I do have to complain about you making that E-50m
    round just a background video to the info. That match was friggin amazing
    and TBH it deserved more than to just play as a background. That guy played
    like a beast!

  14. Apathetic Bystanders


  15. Please Obsidian, bankrupt WoT with your Armored Warfare! PLEASE! Maybe then
    those cumbags at WG will try to actually do something for the players.


  17. Arty is still going to rape it……

  18. OMG at the moment they are so OP!

  19. I had to watch twice because dat game in background was too distracting..
    Holy shieet!! :O

  20. Yeah, I thought the next patch would be 10.0 and I was hoping for something
    big… :(

  21. Sorry ship, I didn’t pay any attention to you, i was watching the epic
    game! Damn, he was good, can’t have been you eh?

  22. Sharpé Bayonet (MrMusic762)

    Every time I get a critical hit in war thunder I say critical in something
    resembling your voice.

  23. These tanks will absolutely RAPE everything else if they get in the correct
    (Tier 6+ tanks I mean) The tier 10 is ridicolous. Like, wtf…

  24. one word ” GODZILLA !!!!!!!!”

  25. E100 > Type V Heavy

  26. Like Dez said, these will most certainly change, but what we see is
    probably the 90% solution. More than likely, these will be the tanks people
    grind through, and then play once in a while to just have a silly-fun game.
    That’s what I do with my TOG II; play it in a platoon for fun. I’ll
    probably end up doing the same with these. Thanks for the review Dez.

  27. this not a heavies line it is landbattleship line

  28. These tanks look insane! I think if these are popular we will see even more
    people turning to tank destroyers

  29. Joshua McLaughlin

    so the O-I 100 gets a 174.2 minute reload?! (10,452s/60s=174.2min)

  30. Unless these things have huge weakspots tanks like the IS, churchill, black
    prince etc are gonna get fucked unless they spam gold…?

  31. yay

  32. Thanks for putting my game up :)

    • +ChoppyHD Amazing skill dude, much impressive, very wow. I had to watch
      video twice because I was too focused on your playing to even notice what
      ShipTheNutz was speaking.

  33. Adeebullah Esmati

    This is ridiculous, 150 derp with 121 pen. RIP France. and wargaming wants
    us to buy gold ammo so that’s the only reason why they will add this line.
    I hope these stats will change…

    • +Adeebullah Esmati that will most likely be ap, the kv-2 gets ap as well

    • What the hell! The problem isn’t well armored tanks, it’s the gold
      ammunition. They made gold rounds available for silver thanks to noobs like

  34. Always good to give some kudos to your sources

  35. Amazing game in the background there. I’m kinda looking forward to the Jap
    heavies for the lulz, am v interested to see what the ground resistance
    values will be like. Even the “faster” 12 hp/t heavies might be around as
    slow as the 8hp/t slugs if they hammer it with resistance modifiers.

  36. I think wargaming wants more people to fire gold so they are going to add
    these tank.
    When two of these tanks meet there can be only one winner…
    The WG gold ammo department

  37. 9.9 to 9.10?
    someone please explain why this is allowed

  38. More fantasy tanks for a country that made shit tanks and no heavies. Will
    WG invent a whole tank line for Mexico next? 

    • These Japanese Heavy tanks seemed like the WunderWaffe that the German
      developed trying to save their own arses, the Japanese had no spare parts
      and manpower to fix their own crap, not enough material to even build
      tanks, that’s why the Chi-Ri was half completed, Men were eventually
      withdrawn and no prototypes of these tanks were ever produced. Not because
      they sucked

    • Well if the Japanese heavy tanks were never proceeded to production it’s
      either they didn’t work and sucked or the war ended to quickly. It’s like
      if you rush a tank into production like the Pershing or Panther they won’t
      work and what’s the point if a tank that doesn’t work.

    • Correction: VK 45.02 A/B

    • +Molon Labe crack a book some time. Japanese tanks weren’t as bad as
      everyone thinks they were, also a few of the tanks in the new heavy tree
      were actually built in either prototype or limited numbers (ie type 91/95,
      some of the early O-I variants) which is more than some of the other tanks
      in game (ie Vk 4501 A/B ect)

      for more info see either ‘Imperial Japanese tanks 1918-1945’ by Paul M
      Roland or ‘Japanese tanks 1939-45’ by Steven Zaloga or ‘Australian Armour :
      A History of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps 1927-1972’ by R N L Hopkins

    • +Louis Scollay lol uneducated faggot

  39. Are they going to make German heavies look weak? I mean, the tier 10
    Japanese heavy (if it would keep those stats) has better frontal armor than
    the Maus, it’s faster and the gun is better. So…why would anyone get a
    Maus then? For the extra side/rear armor and 300 more HP?

    • +Ola Justin I know, it’s getting to the point where you can’t even reliably
      bounce shots from everything in the Maus. Seriously, I was sidescraping my
      turret on Himmelsdorf at the steepest angle possible against a JgPzE100
      (sure he were firing gold) and the shot just melted through my angled
      turret side like a knife through butter. If Maus can’t bounce that, it
      becomes completely useless.

    • +Ola Justin not necessarily true. one or two e100 can really carry a game.
      nevermind if you have 1-2 support tanks as well.

    • It’s been my problem with WOT for a looong time now. I remember the days
      when armor ment something. Now, if you want to reliebly carry games in tier
      9 and ten you have to drive meds. ALL good players drive in med platoons
      unless they accually want to have some challange. I got fed up with it all
      and now I’m just fooling around and couldn’t care less. It’s sad that the
      game has come to this state.

    • +Ville Lepoaho
      It’s not like anyone plays the Maus right now anyway…

    • +Ville Lepoaho Why should anyone go for such tanks anyway? They are totally
      outdated. What is the sense of having a heavily armored tank, if anyone
      will just load premium the second they see you?
      Also, you should not take the stats we see in the video as hints about its
      ingame performance. Until we know things like ground resistance etc., it is
      not possible to forecast anything.

  40. Tier 6 HT : 120mm gun, 150 Tons. Not Bad.

  41. kostas davazoglou

    the type 2064 and the type 5 heavy will mount the 140mm 3rd year type gun,
    A 140MM NAVAL GUN. And people say the SU100Y is ridiculus :P

  42. i think the tier 8 tank isnt that great, since the gun doesnt look that
    good in my eyes – but the tier 6,9 and 10 look pretty awsome.
    i mean ofc. theyre slow, but the guns for their tirs :O + their armor ^-^
    guess they should be played in platoons with friend to compensate their
    non-existing speed, so that they can hep you. but the tier 9 looks pretty
    deadly – wont imagine it as a toptier – taking out half of the hp of tier 7
    tanks :O

  43. martynas samsonas

    good god that tier 10 heavy if it is going to go out like that frontally it
    is probably going to be harder to crack compared to even maus


  45. Still no Chieftain……

  46. i think the japenese heavies look pretty cool 🙂 also the tier 5 has stats
    like the kv5 so thats pretty exciting because i love my kv5 😀 also i love
    my maus so i cant wait for the higher tier machines because they seem to be
    like a mix between the mighty maus and the e100s massive gun :)

  47. Insane, hope some of it will end up in game :D

  48. stay mad waffentrager C:

  49. Angry Flashlight

    Who let the WoWS team into WoT? 😀 I’ll totally try these guys out, they
    look silly.

  50. How do you get that UI?

  51. I’d very much like to see the results of the gameplay that was running in
    the background +DezGamez

  52. Nice.

  53. So every tier 5-7 British heavy tank drive will hate this because none of
    the guns that are on the British heavies have over 200 mm of pen without
    firing gold. These Japanese heavies are op compared to the equals of their
    tiers because. They have more hp, more armour and bigger guns.

  54. Gonna love to sidehug these fat things in my ELC AMX 

  55. TheAmazingGamerz1

    Under the 301 views club

  56. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Kv-2 will love to shoot thoes box tanks.

  57. SovietTenkDestroyer

    I don’t mean to sound pretentious ,but you showed some outdated information
    concerning the names. Also, I think the picture of the 0-I next to the T29
    and IS might be fake. I’ll have to check that out.

  58. Gosh…some of those box tanks are bigger than MAUS… I wonder how they’re
    going to act in CQB…

  59. Looks like an army of TOG II’s brothers!

  60. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Can’t wait for these beast to come out.

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