► World of Tanks: Patch 9.14 Update – New Sounds, New Physics – Everything You Need To Know!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch Review / Preview. World of Tanks Sounds. Gun Sounds. World of Tanks New Physics. World of Tanks New HD Models.

It is time to test out another patch in World of Tanks. This time it is going to be patch 9.14 update. Main features with this patch are going to be new sounds and new physics, but for all the stuff check out the link down below.
I have to say that I love all these new sounds and effects expect the engine sound… It is, , to say the least.

What are your thoughts? Let me know!

►Full list of patch notes about 9.14:

Enjoy the video!


  1. Engine sounds are nice imo and the guns being fired around you. Nice bass!
    But the sound of the E-50M shooting sounds honestly a bit like using a Colt
    revolver in Medal of Honor :P

  2. As someone that has spent A LOT of time with big boomsticks (mainly the
    155mm on the M109 but also the IMI 120mm) these sounds (of the big guns)
    are not very realistic, they are too deep and miss a very distinctive CLAP.
    Their echoes, on the other hand, are basically perfect. BUT all the new
    sounds do sound absolutely epic and extremely immersive.

  3. I think a lot of players will have derp moments every game and maybe it
    will even result in too many players getting stuck and dying by tipping
    over. So they perhaps gonna change it back to normal soon after that :P

  4. How did I enjoy this episode? With a beer.


  6. Imagine a Maus rolling down the cliff on Murovanka

  7. Christian Rautjärvi

    TY!! You are awesome dude! :)

  8. New gun sounds have a bit too much echo for my liking.

  9. im with you dez,the bigger the engine hp the more it should sound

  10. The sounds are great, Gun, Engine and shells, but they missed the track

  11. Any game that wants to blow the roof through its realistic mechanics and
    tends to make it more and more ‘life – like’ is definitely going to get the
    attention of majority players.
    This statement excludes games which are based on fantasy and/or not
    ‘life-like’ principals in game play.
    Personally I think its an awesome change that will really spice things up
    and furthermore create a great founding for new changes. Let the games
    begin :-)

  12. “Fucking life goal” lmao you crack me up

  13. Nice, the only thing I ask of you, though is PLEASE make another RNGsus
    episode before you can no longer use the replays from 9.13. I sent a ton of
    clips like you said to and I’d hate to see them all go to waste!

  14. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Dez, a good run-down of the patch features. I liked the quick look at the
    HD models without much monkeying around with model changes. Sounds came out
    great on the gameplay! I can’t wait to hear it live with my good headset.
    Seems to make the game have a better “feel”. Not quite realistic, but
    immersive enough to get your blood pumping.

  15. I enjoyed this patch review over lets say QBs ??

  16. Yay the arty I play when I want to be a Dick is hd! And the troll master
    m44 (the only other arty I have) is also hd but I never play that anyway

  17. I liked it, short overview of what to expect from 9.14

  18. Great Dez, keep up the good work !!

  19. New Physics= more RNG ;3

  20. Sounds better though the engine note sounds like they’ve put some kind of
    super muffler on it.

    I don’t like the in garage HD models though. The tracks always look like
    they’ve got some kind of feature lighting going on with the highlights
    carrying on even under the cast shadow of the tank above. It’s almost like
    that’s the main thing about an HD model, “look at my detailed tracks”.

  21. really dez you dont know the hammer head shark? you could of atleat said ”
    oh the shark that has a head that looks like a hammer…” bad dez bad

  22. The guns sounds like i quickscooping in CoD with the sniper…

  23. Look’s real nice. The gun sounds are a good step up from the older ones.

  24. Amazing

  25. I’m really hope they allow me to turn off that annoying gun reverberation.
    That’s going to get real old, real fast, echoing in the earphones.

  26. Not a fan of the gun sounds tbh… although I am sure my crappy laptop
    speakers aren’t doing justice. We’ll see what it sounds like when it
    finally drops. The ambient sounds of guns firing seems a nice upgrade

  27. I like the new pach! I think the sounds are great, ok engine sounds can be
    litle better but they are ok. Like view range on mini map as well. Tank
    drifting and rolling is nicely done!
    There are many good things and few not so good, so we can call it a good

  28. The “Hammerhead” is the shark you were looking for =)

  29. nice video as always Dez, I am grinding towards the foch so I will like dat
    HD. However I don’t like the T28 Prot HD model, I myself don’t grind it and
    probably won’t but the front looks more flat now and due to the closed
    turret it has those rather big cupolas, not sure if the owners of the Prot
    will like it.

  30. Thanks for the vids Dezgames, love your WOT vids and have learned a lot by
    watching them 🙂 Would love to see a platoon with you, Jingles and QB in
    an episode from you 🙂 Keep up the good work :-)

  31. oh the e50m is so sexy

  32. As alway very informitive sir. Your the best. IMHO
    the old man out!!

  33. the sounds seem like an interesting change.

  34. +DezGamez
    If I’m right, the only different in the engine sounds between the engines
    which using gasoline and engines which using diesel. Just can make a 100%
    realistic engine sounds, because they don’t have e.g. WW2 german engine
    which are working nowadays.

    Btw I like the engine mods 🙂 And this gun sounds :3

  35. who da fuck needs HD models ….
    When will be skill based MM like CS GO or Starcraft 2 ?

  36. Σταύρος Θεοφιλόπουλος

    I believe its the path that all moders create , every patch I see useful
    mods to added in game the physics is something its needed in gameplay .as
    for the sounds make game look alive. I wish to see in game damage done and
    block by armor info so we can keep this game free of mods and Devs should
    create a program like ESL anti cheats so all this illegal mods lost from
    the game and those gamers will ban for eternity ……

  37. Super cool episode?

  38. I think the biggest thing is including some of the popular mods into the
    base game. As some one who doesn’t like have to download mods, i love it.
    The only way to make it better though is implement a Mod workshop like
    Steam has for games like shogun 2 total war, where once you subscribe to
    the mod it automatically downloads and you’re good to go

  39. Definitely like the new sounds and HD models.

  40. And yet Skill based MM is no where to be seen

  41. I really dig the new sounds. Engines are ehhhhhhh but the gun sound effects
    from your own and importantly from OTHER vehicles, like an SPG fires and it
    reverberates across the battlefield, are REALLY awesome and really well
    done. I think WoT might even have better gun and explosion sounds than
    armored warfare now……which makes me a bit sad honestly cause I prefer
    AW way the hell more than WoT lol(haven’t played in like 2 years). Also I
    enjoyed the way you did the patch notes. It’s so damn incredibly boring to
    just sit here and listen to some guy read off patch notes that you could
    just go and read yourself if you got off your lazy ass. Doing it in an
    entertaining way gives it some meaning outside of just being lazy(or too
    stupid to understand what the notes are saying for example, which I know
    from experience a lot of players are). The physics are…..well physics.
    RNG episodes should get a lot more interesting.

    Good job!

  42. Thank you Dez brill vid as usual 🙂 , don’t like the engine sounds … but
    that Boooooom sounds gooood 🙂 did you get on the Scared valley map ?? I
    believe it got a bit of love ??

  43. I like the new update and i will proabably do some kind of World Of Tanks
    Drifting video on my channel, but thank you so much for doing this ‘review’
    of the next update. Thanks!

  44. I can’t wait for the new physics, time for some crazy shit, trick shots and
    all that

  45. I think everything is great except the fall damage. It’s either too much or
    none. I was on the hill of Mines and jumped off in my E-50M, landed on both
    tracks and received 0 damage. A few games later in my TVP/T-50, I slid a
    tiny bit and landed slowly onto the ground, but since it landed on the
    hull/front it took away nearly 2/3 of my HP, taking out turret and ammo
    racks as well as my Commander. Needs to be evened out a bit, but it seems
    really good so far

  46. Can somebody go check out my channel ? Lego tank *

  47. Why does everything sound kinda like aw now DansGame

  48. wasn’t there supposed to be new models like BC 25t AP and shit like this?

  49. I do have the lefh. Do you want to see it or did you all ready have seen

  50. not a fan of the engine sounds, can barely hear them and they don’t really
    sound like they should

  51. Chi Nu deserved HD quality that thing kick ass but still no STB1…

  52. Great video man! Love all the videos you do :)

  53. Fix MM first please WG, then you can come up with new ways for noobs to
    kill themselves and throw the game.

  54. me gustas

  55. And we also tried shooting people in the air lol xD

  56. Does anyone remember when WG did like the physics test server like ond year
    ago and everyone on mines went on the big mountain that was fun lol

  57. I hate one thing with the sounds:

    U hear every track getting repaired on the battlefield. Even when the tank
    is 1000m of you away. I hate it ! Just soo anoying

  58. Nice video Dez

  59. if you want good sounds check out gnomefather

  60. New sounds are a big dissapointment, sound of a gun’s are just 2 soft,
    sound of engines are terrible, only sounds of richoches can pass. This is
    just my own opinion. Physics is good, and i like that they implemented
    render circles on minimap. :)

  61. you forgot the changes to sacred valley

  62. they took the top 45mm gun of the ms-1 and the 20mm auto canon. i know its
    not as important for most of the players as phisics or sound but that is
    something that you had to notice at least

  63. DezGamez, another stereotype video? How about those E 100’s camping at the
    back of the map?

  64. hammer head shark :)

  65. mortenjunior nielsen

    good video. cant wait till update. engine sounds is still a bit sad ,but
    maybe next update it will be fixed.

  66. BattleMunch - CSGO And More

    the engine sounds fine.. most tanks (current; m1 abrams, lavs, bmps etc)
    have a similar sound.. i think that its quite realistic and sounds decent..

  67. sounds are awesome! game play shit, just joking, great job

  68. I translated what those Russians were saying;

    “Dez smells”
    “Dez noob”

    Sorry if the translation is slightly off ;)

  69. Dez is that you waweing at 0:33? If so why is there an explosion behind
    you? Cool guys don’t look at explosions.

  70. I really hope the IS6 doesnt get a turret buff the thing is already super
    OP as it is. And if it does I might just have to go and buy one!

  71. BattleMunch - CSGO And More

    where does dezgames come from? im not that new but for some reason i have
    yet to know where hes from :/

  72. to me everything is perfect, except the fall damage, I think it’s too much

  73. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    i do like the patch, but wg better keep their hands away from my e 25 amor

  74. 8:00 Nash0r.. lol

  75. Am I the only one who’s waiting for the deathstar to get an HD model?

  76. Engine sounds are definitely more realistic, also give you a more enhanced
    feeling of how the tank moves around and makes you feel like you’re
    actually in the tank, gj wargaming.

  77. if i havent sixth sense on my commander, will i be able to hear that sound
    when somebody spots me?

  78. heh DEZ heard your channel mentioned on jingles and circon i think your
    channel is going to blow up get big,are you prepared ,hope you are you are
    a great youtuber…..thanks for the entertaining vids……..i also
    appreciate you swearing and i mean it,shows a real personality and i hope
    you dont give in to the masses

  79. if u dont ,u dont lol

  80. Dez it’s a hammerhead shark

  81. hammerhead shark ;o) (10:23)

  82. never change too much of the old game, i hope WG doesnt make a huge mistake
    in te future… and listen to the community

  83. I like the new sounds and what they do with the minimap but the new physics
    in random battles………………….

  84. I hate this new update

  85. These new sounds are amazing! Now they go boom!

  86. I hope they wont destroy game even more still hope they gonna fix game its
    pretty broken now

  87. Im early, i better say something incredibly true….

    DEZ, YOU ARE THE BEST WOT YOUTUBER OUT THERE! But seriously i love your
    videos, and the ideas for the new series seem FANTASTIC!

  88. Dez do you want me to send you the New lefh?

  89. Engine sounds are awful! Perhaps I will get use to them with time. Or not.

  90. See he’s also a seal clubber he has Prem HE loaded in his T49..

  91. Emmanuel Ramanambiar

    Yay cant wait to play my new Ms-1 in HD!!!…kappa

  92. Chemistry´s the best!

    If you want realism War Thunder is probably a better choice of a game.

  93. 100% realism in a game would be downright toxic for the fun and
    entertaiment. Nobody wants his KV-1 or Tiger 2 breaking down because of an
    engine or transmission damage. There is a certain point or line you should
    not cross when it comes to realism in games.
    And as far as the new physics feel and play like, I would say that Wg did a
    good job there. No more light tanks racing around the maps as if they had
    no physical weight or any delay in their movements. It actually feels now
    like you would actually drive a 40ton+ vehicle around, Which is always nice.
    The new sounds are just really, really nice, far better than the vanilla
    ones and I would say even better than any soundmod out there. And finally,
    we got some tank engines that do not sound like pimped lawn mowers. They
    are still not perfect, but a slight improvement is better than no
    improvement. The only thing we need next is updated map textures and models.
    So yes, after a long time, I am honestly looking forward to patch 9.14.
    Something I never expected again after the Rubicon catastrophy. Although
    the buff of the IS-6 seems still out of place in my opinion…

  94. Great thnx!!

  95. “our focus for HD models is not low tier tanks and artillery” thanks WG

  96. R.I.P ligths!

  97. First! Also thanks for the update!

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