► [World of Tanks] Patch 9.6+ Update | New Premium Tanks, MM, Leagues and more!

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Source: DezGamez

9.6+ Update. New Premium Tanks, Matchmaking and Game Modes!
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Hello there!

In today’s World of Tanks News episode we are going to focus on patch 9.6 changes… and some other changes from the future as well. We are going to get a lot of new premium tanks, with following prizes:
– AMX-13/57 from 7000 gold to 5000 gold
from 11750 gold to 7450 gold
– STA-2 from 11500 gold to 7400 gold
from 10000 gold to 7000 gold

Keep in mind that these numbers are from supertest and can still change a bit!

Going to talk about new matchmaking, new game modes, some changes with different tanks and a lot more!

Whale20’s replay and scores: http://wotreplays.com/site/1521841#self

Sit back and Enjoy!

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Oldskools modpack:


  1. 1st comment XD YAY

  2. Keep it up dude good to be a sub again 

  3. So when is 9.6 scheduleded to go into the game?

  4. i am cursed to get prokhorovka and fiery salient constantly. i hate these
    maps so much they are so dull and boring to play on.

  5. Im looking forward to the new tanks, maps etc. But WHERE IS HAVOK!?
    they said it was coming in 9.0, now we are at 9.6 and still no sign of
    HAVOK 🙁
    come on WG :/

  6. Possible replacements: WT Panther, Jadgpanzer Kanonen, or VT-1 (Highly
    doubt it)

  7. The scoripion is 7000 gold ?????!!?!?! the E-25 was 5000 and its probly
    better what the hell?!?

  8. Waffle replacement could be sturmtiger or something of the sort 

  9. I dont feel that wt is op 

  10. No news on cheiftain or centurion action x again :(

  11. in a post on the 18th of jan on For the Record, it also states that the
    Auflpanther tier 7 light may be replaced my the SP.I.C 

  12. they need to put the PL on a Russian Server.. al those who talk in there
    native language on a EU server where MAIN language ENGLISH is!! stupid
    Germans/ French.. put aside ur pride and FUCKING LEARN ENGLISH!! and i
    havent started on eastern EUROPE yet… stubborn Fuktards! 

  13. Dezgamez… 15,000k Subscriber episode? Extra long? Idk just saying 😉

  14. It took me 3 days to get the medium mission where you light a tank on fire 

  15. THAT GAME WASN’T FINISHED!!! Damned ;-)

  16. that would be great to chang the map frequency! it´s really a pain in the
    freakin ass! Yestareday I´ve played 2 games in my KV-5 and both games were
    on the same map, same game mode! (encounter) and last but not least, same
    starting position!…maybe it was because I screwed the first one, so the
    system gave me a second chance :D

  17. lol. I wish the waffle E100 would get removed and replaced with the JPZ

  18. i have the WT auf e100 but i hate it myown so PLEASE remove it 😀 nice
    video dude 

  19. I’ve been stuck on that heavy mission for days now. I’ve been so close to
    completing it a lot of times, but someone always ruins it. I even resorted
    to pleeding with people on chat. Most agree but there’s always one or more
    that ignore you & screw u. Closest I’ve gotten was 2 secs left on cap. So

  20. great job man, keep it up !

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