► World of Tanks Patch 9.7 Update: Release Notes – What Changed?

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 9.7 Update Release Notes.
World of Tanks patch 9.7 is up and running and it is perfect time to see what they changed with it.
Going to cover most important changes with patch 9.7.

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Hopefully it is informative enough.


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  1. marquitoescort2011

    they didnt nerf the pen of some td´s and mediums… thank god on that one

  2. +DezGamez Mistercroo just posted a video of an absolute EPIC BUG with patch
    9.7! Check it out and give us that mo fo in English!

  3. What a cliff hanger… Did you get Top Gun in the background game? :)

  4. Supposedly the new big world version is there to facilitate new features
    that’ll be “coming soon”

    All I care about though is my E100 in HD, damn she looks fabulous 

  5. +DezGamez Check out the Highway map in training room…people say its full
    of bugs,u can go throuhh destructible houses,fences,little cars…etc.

  6. I heard they were nerfing arty in 9.7, so I thought I might start playing
    again…. Well a view range nerf wont make me play again….

  7. gettin those deep updates. ballz deep.

    keep it up man, definitely my favourite tanker on youtube. but damn i miss
    the power hour!

  8. This game will be better when lazy wargaming rebalance the ridiculous arty
    alpha .

  9. how about fixing the retarded fuckin mm

  10. Lol swastika smiley faces wtf

  11. Thanks for the good laugh at 1:20. I don’t think this patch will get me
    back into the game, not until the Conqueror Gun Carriage is dealt with,
    it’s a pain to play my favorite tanks, the T95 and T110E3, when I can’t
    even get behind actual cover.

  12. I think Dez has a future as a news anchor. I always enjoy your vids. Time
    to move to cable. Heh.

  13. Well done. Very entertaining. You have to wonder what the meetings were
    like at WG headquarters where they discussed the change to arty view range.
    I have concluded that mood altering drugs were involved along with snacks
    and a lot of laughing.

  14. +DezGamez crosshair mod name pls

  15. How is this crosshair mod called?

  16. kuule räägi kas 9.7 jaoks kasutad juba mingit xvm modi ?

  17. dez!!! They messed with the elc amx :'(, the new hd model makes it taller.
    So its harder to troll heavy tanks by sticking to their sides :(

  18. You forgot to mention the penetration nerfs for most of the tier ten TDs,
    which IMO was very needed.

    • +Archie Fulford It did not came this patch. They were going to nerf pen of
      T10 and some T9 mediums and TDs. but they canceled the changes until they
      nerf the gold shell pen

    • +SirDigsALot90 Well at least they’re nerfing gold, Fucking finally. I’ve
      had enough of having my AMX 40s mantlet penned by the ridiculously over
      powered 30mm anti-tank gun on the Luchs, and the ridiculous 40mm on the

    • +Archie Fulford
      Matilda has awesome pen with standard rounds with 121, and the Luchs has
      also very nice pen on its machinegun with 95 pen (and 110 pen with gold) so
      it isn’t much of a difference to Luchs if he is shooting gold or not.

    • Maybe Just Get Rid Of Gold Ammo!

    • +SirDigsALot90 95 pen is not enough to get through the mantlet of an AMX
      40, neither is 121. 142 or whatever the pen for the Matilda’s premium ammo
      is, same as a high roll from APCR (which is quite common) from that over
      powered 30mm.

  19. I play a good bit of arty :/ these view range nerf will not stop other arty
    players from scouting, it will just piss of arty players who are being
    scouted and cant even take a snap shot because they cant see the guy, but
    then again map awareness is key

  20. i so far am liking the R35 and the Somua S35 so far their fun little tanks

  21. Fucking finally war gaming, it was about Fucking time they implemented
    separation of skilled players and none skilled players. Now I can finally
    get passed the Fucking panzer 1 C.

  22. While watching this I dropped my phone in the toilet…… I learned that
    it flaots… THANK GOD

  23. Dez, you sound all the way like: ”Wtf? You didnt change A shit that

  24. How would one submit a replay for the channel?

  25. How about Wargaming showing some love for the sound effects? Same engine
    sounds since god knows how long etc.

  26. That is sad, I quite liked northwest :(

  27. Awesome vids man. Keep them coming

  28. Of course they added amx cdc just when i had to buy jqtig 8.8

  29. Ok. So are you from the south eastern part of Europe?

  30. Damn that arty nerf. :(

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