► World of Tanks Patch 9.8 Update: Domination Mode, HD Models, Battle Badges and More!

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World of Tanks Patch 9.8 Update Preview. World of Tanks Tank AMX 30B Gameplay. World of Tanks News.

We just got patch 9.7, but there is already new behind the door – 9.8!
In this episode we are going to take our at it.
Going to show all new HD Tank Models: Wolverine, Type T-34, Leopard 1, Hummel, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, Patton, Type 58, SU-85, Cromwell, T26E4 SuperPershing, T32, Pershing, IS-3, AMX 50 120.
Going to talk about new game mode – Domination/Fallout.
Taking a look at some of the nerfs and buffs with tanks.
New badge system and much more!

►List of all the changes: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/content/docs/development/


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Dez Nutz!!!!

  2. Nice Vid And A Really Good Run!

  3. buffing… IS-7…. lol
    why? not OP enough?

    • 09blackcobaltss

      +BlackPaw Its only OP in someone who knows how to use it right cause they
      seem to get killed pretty quick whenever one is my team and its a
      tomato/inexperienced player playing it.

  4. Sucks they didn’t HD the old dog t62a. :(

  5. Those weren’t rocket launchers on the super Pershing, they help the recoil
    of the gun

    • Isn’t the Super Pershing getting buffed in 9.8? I heard its hull armor was
      getting insane upgrades.

    • They were not for recoil, they were hydraulics to lift the mantlet, because
      it was so heavy

    • Super Pershings buff only higher his armour to the point where it was
      before it got nerfed before ~5 Updates or more. I knew too that it is
      comming, but i think i wont come in 9.8 i already played Testserver- no
      changes yet

  6. Well I just hope they don’t nerf the splash on the CGC.

    Well fuck, you’ve done it again wargaming, you’ve made it completely
    impossible for me to have ANY SORT OF SWAY on the tide of the battle.
    Thanks a lot you crybaby no-skill lazy cock suckers who got the CGC nerfed,
    did you ever think MAYBE it might be YOU who’s the moron noob, and not the
    arty player?

    • +Archie Fulford Its mostly the gun arc that wrecks people on the CGC

    • +docteree sorry but last time I checked you have to click to shoot too and
      if you hit the ammo rack wont you 1 click too

    • +docteree Oh what’s that? You just pathetically tried to troll me with? I
      didn’t notice, considering how moronic you are I actually took you
      seriously for a second…

    • +Special One The gun arc got nerfed as well, in case you didn’t know. The
      CGC’s gun arc never made any difference to how OP or not OP the thing was,
      nor did it make any difference to how unenjoyable it is to play…

    • +LagG_ I agree, it’s like “You just CLICKED your left mouse button and one
      shotted my B-C with your 183mm gun, what’s that you were saying about

  7. +DezGamez i would like to know the background music
    Its awesome

  8. Concerning ‘free experience’ personal reserves:

    Is that 5/10/15 of your RAW experience, or of your earned free XP? If it’s
    a % of the ‘free’ XP you earned for a battle it’s pretty much utterly

  9. the 50 120 looks really awesome in hd

  10. Is the Aufkl. Panther replacement also on the test server? And if yes, will
    it be shown in a video? btw love the vid <3

  11. i heard the vk4502b replacement the tier 9 mauschen might be coming in this
    patch in test 2 or 3 :D

  12. I am excited!

  13. Stuff the 9.8 patch, it was the epic game that made the video!

  14. The best new thing in 9.8 for me is option for SD/HD because my laptop is
    in a line of toasters… gt320m, i2 due core.. not so good… for a
    toaster… 30-35 fps on min settings for 1h of gameplay, after that my
    laptop becomes a melting facility and not even a cooler is helping… then
    it drops to 10-15 fps suddenly… so i have to stop giving my toaster
    bread… so I really hope SD option will help because before big graphics
    changes in 9.0 I had at least 45-50 fps on even better graphics, so it
    should hrlp! I hope so! :)

  15. AMX 50 100?

  16. super pershing got a buff with the HD model

  17. I play on the Xbox 360 edition and I just did 9.2K damage with my obj 263
    but of course we had to lose.

    • +Izuey DCZ Doing a lot of damage doesn’t mean you will win every time.

    • Ye I know it’s jut really annoying, if I was more aggressive I could’ve
      walked away with almost 13K damage.

    • +Izuey DCZ
      Again. Doesn’t mean you would have won the game. But it can help you in
      terms of money and XP.

    • I stood a chance, they weren’t very good. I needed to have pulled back
      though. I was only on 200 HP so it would’ve being quite hard but I messed

  18. Mmm M48 is gonna be so trollish in this patch :D

  19. posted 25 minutes ago…seems legit

  20. lol domination is interesting i did 19K dmg…

  21. Use HE ammo when u are shooting Wt auf E-100

  22. I see that the T30 is getting a buff as well. I’m very excited for this.
    Think you could show some T30 gameplay Dez? Pls. I’ll give you an Oreo. :D

  23. Your thoughts?

    • +DezGamez Nice eposide mate 🙂 Just a quick question though: when do you
      plan on releasing an E50M video that you recently promised to release,
      after the E50 one? Thanks 🙂

    • Ethan Saintseer

      +DezGamez can’t wait for Domination mode

    • +DezGamez I thought you died man, No video in 3 day ? i was worrying.

    • Had super busy and awesome weekend..

    • +DezGamez
      Quite happy with the new mode and the new personal “stronghold mission”. It
      can really help when u grinding experience or credits. Every little bit
      counts 😀
      Not sure what to expect from changes of the personal missions – yea some of
      those are really pain, but overall the missions are not that hard if you
      have the right tanks and as they are getting harder (for better tanks), the
      harder it is to make with just a few tanks. Some of those are really MM
      based (kill certain amount of specific tanks, etc), but if you play enough
      games, you get there eventually.
      About the change to GC… well, already the least accurate arty get even
      less accurate + longer aim time. I am not sure if that arty needs a nerf

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