► World of Tanks: Patch 9.9 Update – New Swamp! – Bat.-Chatillon 25t feat. AMX 50B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Bat-Chatillon 25t Gameplay. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Oh those decisions sometimes are really .. Should I take the shot? Should I not take the shot? Who know what could have happened if I played that first game differently…
Anyways, in today’s episode I am going to focus on tier 10 French tanks that I have in my garage. You are going to see 2 really awesome and action packed games!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Your garage seems to be missing an ELC in the French line up. How can you
    resist this bundle of joy?

  2. Emilien Gosselin

    You pronunced Bat Châtillon fairly well :)

  3. You normally play really good dez, but in this BC game you were far to
    passive for this matchup. You basically let your team die and clean up in
    the end, but wasted too many shots sniping (in what the batchat is crap^^)
    Nevertheless good work like always ;)

  4. Nice vid as always dez hou deserved That coffee

  5. bat-sha-ti-yon

    • +J Vilander
      bat-sha-ti-yon bat-sha-ti-yon bat-sha-ti-yon bat-sha-ti-yon





      me practising…

  6. Thomas Bresciani

    That bc game tho

  7. well , i was there with 110 on swamp :)

  8. MoRiS From Iluminati

    How about chinese tanks??? I think you havent played whit them (sry for bad

  9. only problem is they took that side’s only good td spot and made it a
    brawling spot. TD’s are supposed to hang back and snipe, where do they go

  10. You and your blind shots man…Depred so hard.

  11. Did the Chang the tier nine German heavy to the moushen or no

  12. Hey DezGamez, you should do a “draw my life episode”. I think it would
    pretty cool to learn more about you.

    • I don’t think he would be the kind to do a ‘draw my life’. I picture a more
      Q & A video with World of Tanks footage in the background.

  13. ok ok i see what u have there 😀 i knew u have the AMX 40 xD ou btw what
    would you do if i send u 30,500 gold? :D

  14. 1:03 did I just see arty in DEZGAMEZ’s garage O_O, ooo someones been

  15. So you are saying at 14:20 bat chat is easy mode ? And are driving a
    M53/M56 ! Nice point and click skills bruh!

  16. Better optimization my fatass, I couldnt even log in my game when I updated
    it so I had to install the whole game again and I still get had 5 crashes
    in 20 games

  17. Julien Brouilhounat

    bat-chat real name is pronounced like that in french: <>
    nice maps anyway, i liked your 50b approach ^^

  18. Welcome to the under 301+Club. How tough are ya?
    Now see this batchat game is the single reason I don’t take any blind shots
    with my autoloader tanks because every shot you waste/miss is damage you
    could have done. also that final shot on the Conq…Dez he turned right
    towards you at the last second. You should have poked again and shot his
    lower plate then rammed the SPC to death.

    Now that second game. oof. wire games like that are bad for my heart. but
    GG to that Jpanzer for keeping calm.

  19. World of tanks just frustrates me too much but i cant stop playing ><

  20. Some kind of tough plastic… potentially flexible and easy to replace… a
    rubbery type consistency maybe… Dez it’s rubber XD

  21. Love your vids dez.

  22. Brayden VanderWeide

    Couldn’t have won even if you hit all your shots at the end. Even if you
    used your shells on the conq and sp and it was 1vs1 against the arty, you
    still didn’t have time to cap

  23. Why do you have a AMX 40 in your garage?!?!

  24. Wow that Bat chat 25T game was insane sad that u ran out of ammo. I bet if
    u killed that conq. u would have been able to ram that SP 1 C to death.
    That is what makes this game exciting still.


    There was a Estonian flag on the side of the first tank lol

  26. I enjoyed it liek a “bauss”!

  27. whens the AW giveaway results

  28. Hey dez when come out the winners of the AW gieveway?

  29. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks
  30. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

    Jo Dez!
    Idea: I think you should (If you ever decide to sell T-shirt/Hoodies) you
    should put like your Logo DG in the front, and Epic Action! On the back,
    that to me is like your Catch Phrase!

    Love your Channel, love you!

    and now i’m gonna pop open a beer and enjoy the episode!

  31. Oh boy… If only… Right?

  32. Lol dan te jebo spotted icon

  33. dez wy sp low quality in video????

  34. shit video quality!!

    • +Robin “Moshhe” Hendriks
      You are correct… But weirdly enough I waited for 1080p to go up.. :S
      Weird that it didn’t go upo for all of you

    • Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

      +BinUnterwegs Low Quality comes online first, higher Qualities come a while
      after uploading, since that takes longer. atleast that’s what i think the
      reason is.
      I have 1080p quality and it’s crystal clear

  35. Nice Work Dez. Do you have your Oldskools mod pack up after 9.9 dropped?

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