► World of Tanks: “Penetration!” in Derpenville – T49 Derp Gameplay Action!

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Source: DezGamez

. World of Tanks T49 Derping . World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Guys, finally I have my very own King of Troll in tier – T49 light tank!
I got to say, it is pretty FREAKING fun tank to play with!



  1. Hrvoje Vrček (esseker)

    Dez give us download for that mod pack of yours

  2. Dez your voice is so soothing
    are you Russian?

  3. its almost as good as the KV-2 :P

  4. Yeap true 69 is a beautiful number 😀 LOL

  5. Is it me or are you a little drunk hihi. you sound like it hihi ;)

  6. “give me that juicy ass” strip poker reference hmmmm ;)

  7. get the back of american heavy than higrole

  8. in this tank you have to aim i have 3 marks on it

  9. Dez is that light tank driver who thinks hes a heavy XD

  10. I think you would just like to see an enemy team comprised solely of
    wtf-e100’s :P

  11. Challenge play t49 with heat rounds only

  12. epic video! I would love to see more lt videos

  13. Hey Dez. How about a series called “Hold my Beer”, Where you demonstrate
    tactics that other players have trouble executing in-game. And When ever
    you do it, you have to say. “ok guys, hold my beer, hold my beer guys”. and
    then you rush forward. Just like you did a few episodes ago. Couldnt stop
    laughing :)

  14. Sexperience with the T49, slightly disturbing. :P

  15. i hate people which complain about likes

  16. What is that aiming reticle? I can not find it on the menu

  17. KV-2 is allways going to be better.

  18. Luís Henrique Dória Santos

    0:31 Caramba??

  19. The Mighty derp lives!

  20. Panther International Shipping

    What accent is that?

  21. I love you <3

  22. No HEAT ammo?

  23. I love your super manly voice ?

  24. Only 400 damage! I must tell forum!

  25. Something is wrong . . .

  26. Lol i was in that centurion and in that match i got my second mark :D

  27. Damn Daniel

  28. Stay sexy, lmao……. Dez….did you buy T-49 a Valentine’s gift? 🙂 Love
    at 1st site. Great video.

  29. you are to funny man, I’ll follow you from now <3

  30. Dez is a master at baiting

  31. I miss the days when Dez began every episode with, “welcome back to World
    of Tanks. How’s going?”

  32. laughing my arse off here in New Zealand. keep them coming. Come on guys!

  33. WOW Dez you have a real life?

  34. +DezGames Can I send you my Ace in my T49 for you to review?

  35. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Great video :)

  36. Dont stop doing what you do Dezgamez cracking vid yet again ,If your
    channel doesn’t grow to the size of QB’s ect it would be sinful.

  37. Geometry Dash Warrek

    *plays T49 without aiming and hits quite a few shots*
    *IS-7 (russian accuracy) hits him*
    “He is incredibly lucky.”

  38. lol, you make your videos 100% entertaining. I watch many YouTube videos
    from other people and none of them are as good as yours. It is your
    attitude, your humor, and many other things that set you apart from every
    other World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, and World of Warships video
    uploader. Great job as always Dez. I will be your subscriber as long as you
    are around making these enjoyable videos to watch.

  39. So 69 :)

  40. derping light tanks > wot stereotypes?

  41. Today – I don’t aim! Miss – damn. Miss – damn. Miss – damn. OK – maybe I
    aim a little. Lol. Nice video.

  42. the dislikers like to aim in their t49

  43. When the stars align, after you sacrifice two goats, wilst looking
    outside at a full moon, wilst preforming a satanic ritual, wilst being
    blessed by RNGesus himself, facing enough paper armour tanks, wilst
    standing on one leg, pressing your left click with crossed fingers,
    after just having found a four leaf clover, wilst playing on Cliff,
    after blowing your birthday candles and making a wish, getting on the
    hill, after just buying a chi-ri, with no arty to take a dump on you,
    obviously wilst your room is all Feng Shui. You to can have a decent T49

  44. The offspring of a KV2 and a Chaffee said uncle QB XD

  45. Saw you playing in T49 today, you unfortunately didn’t feature That game :(

  46. Dez? do you have a tog? if so are you going to/have you done any videos in

  47. Driving light tanks with new physics (9.14) will be the best thing ever! Do
    you agree?

  48. awesome! I actually came really early!!!!!! :D

  49. Noke | CS:GO and More!

    i hate people which want likes

    like if you agree

  50. first comment

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