► World of Tanks: Premium Machines FCM 50t, Type 59 and IS-6 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Premium Tank Gameplay. FCM 50t, , Gameplay.
►Welcome Home!
Thank you Wargaming!
Had 3,5mln creditsæ aaaand itÙs gone..
Thanks to your 4th Anniversary special (-50% off from equipment) I am broke again! Every time I am going to spend all my credits on them and still not going to be enough.
Luckily I got some really interesting battles with some of tier 8 premiums and grinding money E and Z!


Oh yeah, I finished the game as well, got LEET amount of experience… So I have that going for me…

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. if you could only get 1 t8 prem what tank would it be?

  2. 13:30-Get REKT! #Dez

  3. nuclearsharkattack

    Ship — your commander was dead, thats why you couldnt see shit at the end
    of the IS6 game. Nice work trying to carry!

  4. Great video man !!
    I want to see some panther 8,8 action.
    Good luck

  5. “OOOHHH…!!” Golden! :)

  6. What and where can I get that sight from???

  7. I am a wallet warier so I just buy credits with my credit card. I have 26
    tier 10s.

  8. It’s better Su-122-44 + panther 8 8 or just fcm 50 t

  9. You are welcome for me watching :)

  10. how many perks / skills can you have on your crew ???

  11. 10:42 reload time changes to 6.66 ( 666 ) Illuminati confirmed.

  12. Why y no purple dez D:

  13. Hahaha i lol when you knocked the building down thats me all over haha

  14. Dez i won a wg lootbag and u Saigon i would be contacten bye wg, nut have
    not Bin contacted yet. Should i just wait?

    • +no mercy They sent out e-mails last wednesday, so check your WoT e-mail.
      Check spam and junk box as well, just in case!
      I gave out all the names to them, so my job is done. 🙂

  15. kilasracingfactory

    Holy sh1t, I added the guy you killed in 15:14 in 2013 because we carried a
    game together and never talked to him again.

    Funny sh1t.

  16. I have Panther m/10
    Dicker max, tog , and a lot of other low tier premiums! But is the 13-57f
    worth the 30 euro’s because i all ready a lot of premiums.

  17. Loving the videos as always, keep up the good work 🙂 .

  18. i know the pain of not having credits too well because i am constantly
    buying and selling tier 6 and 7 tanks because i need money to buy higher
    tier stuff its why im afraid of finishing the amx 50 100 grind (its a tank
    i love by the way) because the amx 50 120 will be yet another tank to add
    to my ever growing list of tanks ive unlocked but cant buy. im also
    avoiding the e 50 because im soo close to the e50m but i know i wont be
    able to buy it for a long time so im avoiding it.

  19. Dez, can you do a lorraine 40t review? I beg you. Keep on doing the good

  20. Credit Cows on duty!

  21. 1st:)

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