► World of Tanks: Put Enemy Balls Inside a Hole… Wait What? – IS 8-Ball

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Source: DezGamez

Moon Mayhem Special Event. 2016 Special Event. World of Tanks -Ball Gameplay.

So, Wargaming had to make a joke for the April Fools special event and this is what we got this year…
I have to say I kinda like it… Because it is stupid as hell! 😀


Would you like to see Face Off episode today as well?


  1. would love to see face off.

  2. holy crap I just wanna keep it after april fools is over xD

  3. On xbox world of tanks we have the HMS TOG II lol, its the tog turned
    artillery but fires 3 shells at ones and is a legit boat aha

  4. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    Y this isn’t a complete different game?

  5. Lol on Xbox we get Floating HMS Togs

  6. Over on console we get to battle in the hms tog

  7. We need to put the balls into da hole!

  8. “SnoopaVision is in beta and will be enabled on ► World of Tanks: Put Enemy
    Balls Inside a Hole… Wait What? – IS 8-Ball by 28.6.2069.” cant wait…

  9. The Face Off would be epic, Dez!!

  10. Makes me think of all the countries as Balls haha

  11. It’s called IS360 on my server

  12. Nice vid but 15 berts vs 15 berts Would awesome

  13. what will happen with the exp from the mission?

  14. What the fuck is Snoopa Vision?
    Also, 7:15 look at the chat

  15. Xbox April fools is better because the yog found its home in the water

  16. You should call them, ”Balls of Stalin” or ”Stalin’s balls” or ”Balls
    made from Stalinium” xD

  17. first? guess so

  18. Times like this is why i wish you had the Xbone Dez as we get to sail the
    HMS TOG! And its glorious! So much fun! :)

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