► World of Tanks: Pyromaniac T110E4 – 11,000 Damage with Crazy Fires!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T110E4 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T110E4 Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

Good evening!

One late video you, or whenever you are watching this. In today’s epic battle episode you are going to see “Fantom08” in his T110E4 kicking some serious ass… To get almost 11,000 damage done is no joke. Check it out!

Replay file: http://wotreplays.com/site/2880491#stats


  1. love your work dezgamez?

  2. Great Video bro!

  3. its from czech player.

  4. one of my favorite tank

  5. If only my E4 battles were this good. Love your channel Dez!

  6. Burn baby burn!

  7. one shot in to the pooper :P

  8. Them damn commanders always listening my mixtape

  9. #PrayForMikserCZ

    Chudáček jeden…..
    (Poor little guy…..)

  10. OMG what a beast !! Good video Dez 🙂 And Gg to this player !!

  11. Alejandro Fernandez De Araoz

    I love your videos Dez!!
    Keep it up

  12. nice replay.
    can you play with me a battle towmorrow?
    than add my name: Sliving_Up
    all my accounts 😉

  13. Turret impenetrable for ISU? Month or two ago I was penetrating it with
    IS-7 AP rounds…guess luck with pen rolls..but still, ISU would easily go
    through cheeks…but hitting them, that would be harder tho :D

  14. Why not take the Pyro from TF2 for the thumbnail?

  15. “Pyromaniac” in title, firefighter in tumbnail *cries inside*

  16. I’m early :p

  17. i think I’ve already seen this one on one of the half dozen or so WoT
    replay channels out there. That second shot though…when you’re actually
    thankful for server lag. He fired that shot and if that shell didn’t go
    super wide and around the T34”s turret, it went through.

  18. Sadly, I just sold my E4 to buy my IS-4. And that’s on Xbox where it still
    does 850 alpha damage. Highest damage I’ve done was on E4 with 8200.

  19. eyy dez 206 likes 0 dislikes also back again :D

  20. ? E4 wants to set the world on fire ?

    Loving the enemy perspective camera angles. It really shows how much you
    enjoy making content for us and only makes all of us love you even more,

  21. Dat Leopard got hit by karma :)

  22. aww yah could have put the pyro in the thumbnail : (

  23. where is my replay :(

  24. Lol at the end you said the gun on the T110E5 is pretty good.

  25. 10minet vid 10 minet to school chalang accept

  26. i need that unpenetrable isu turret… where can i buy?

  27. We had a e4 in epic battle before there on windstorm you forgot about it

  28. This update for YouTube on mobile is awful holy crap.

  29. I don’t waste fire extinguishers when I know I’m fucked

  30. LoL when the E4 is epic its does it in style top job dam well played

  31. I really have to say, that E4 is a fire-causing tank… I’m surprised every
    time I get a match without a single fire caused…
    But I still love my T57 Heavy more 😀
    btw… Pixelhunting… I’m crying rn

  32. ” 2 marks on the gun, he know what he’s doing”… i got a lot of 2marks..
    and i often keep going through the map, with no idea of what im doing,
    getting derped in less than 5min… ^^’

  33. How many times are you going to call it an E5 ….? Lol

  34. I always compare T110E4 to E100 and (unless of a few minor differences)
    E100 is just way better, the only major thing going for T110E4 is the
    standard penetration which can be achieved through firing HEAT with E100
    and that kills it for. I own both vehicles but I very rarely play T110E4
    because of that….

  35. my favorite TD

  36. so is E4 worth buying? got it almost unlocked

  37. Hey Dez. Heard that the Chieftain Mk.6 is coming to Consoles. Any idea when
    it’s coming to PC as well?

  38. He was extremely lucky with some of his shots and constant fires but other
    than that he’s obviously an excellent player with great map awareness.
    Awesome replay.
    Nice upload Dez, keep up the good work!

  39. This is why if you don’t take a FE in your tank you NEED the whole crew
    trained in firefighting and the perk Preventive Maintenance. I learn this
    the hard way more than once.

  40. I like the thumbnail! Another fucking great vid Dez keep em going

  41. a little bit too late xD

  42. Give this to Aus guys. Most of them will yell “Warpack player”.

  43. Challenge: IS4 stock gun. AP rounds only!

  44. RNGesus smiled on this guy. I’ve had battles where everything bounced
    including premium shells with 375 pen.

  45. Anyone think he sounds like Daithi de nogla or is it just me?

  46. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    Dez…Isnt the E4 avg dmg 850? and not 750

  47. Quang Huy (AgeChuOj)

    You said T110E5 at the end of the clip again haha, epic game anyway,

  48. Dennis “GoldenObject” Henriksson

    you got a overwhelming dutch accsent

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