► World of Tanks: Pz. II Ausf. J – Pay to Win Demon – Panzer II J Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Battles. Most Tank In World of Tanks.

Test Client: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/-9-17--test/

Scroll down click “Test Client” for download.

Is World of Tanks pay to win? No!
Is this tank pay to win? Yes!

Today I am going to feature one of the most tanks in World of Tanks, Tier 3 light tanks Panzer 2 J or Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J. There is nothing more annoying than facing this stupid demon on the battlefield. I am not going to say I wouldn’t do that, but still… 🙂


Player: Sheriff_of_Megaton
Replay http://wotreplays.com/site/3062047#stats

►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf.


  1. It’s free on console, or at least it was at one point. even came with a
    permanent skin.

  2. just to say it but some people got it before WG started to sell it in the
    shop and paid alot more than 100euro,
    in my case
    i got a russian gaming store to send me both the BT-SV and PZ II j boxsets
    that was around 200USD each

  3. I have no problem to penetrate Pz. II Ausf. J. It’s easy to kill. I play
    tanks with high penetration or with high caliber just use HE.

  4. and this is why the tetrach had 141 pen on its gold rounds

  5. Yeah this tank is just absurd. and only like 4 tier 3 tanks can pen it.
    This is a tank for LOLS and maybe,MAYBE some small statpadding.

  6. U pay for GOLD, tank its for FREE

  7. WoT is not pay 2 win? It certainly is. T26E5 Patriot, AMX Liberte, Scorpion
    G are all better than normal tanks. Crew training with gold is vastly
    better than with credits. Re-training vital skills with gold is better.
    Free exp to skip stock grinds… it’s always been pay 2 win on many levels.
    Just the team battles and RNG tend to cloud that a bit for people to

  8. Well we all know what to get Dez for Christmas if it happens to be sold
    around this time of year it seems..

  9. IF I could buy it for the NA server for $100 bucks I would…would be so
    worth it

  10. Bollocks is it P2W… the 2j can be pen’d quite easily by a shedload of
    tier 2 and 3 tanks.. not just the obvious premiums like the FCM36pak40 and
    the T127 but standard tanks too.. even without premium ammo being used.

  11. @DezGamez Look, while I agree with you on some points I disagree on
    other… Basically, if you are an average player which just wants to play
    few games daily to relax after work and you jump into your t30 and then get
    wrecked by insane amount of gold which is penetrating root of your gun, no
    matter the fact that you are trying to use the only advantage of t30 –
    extremely high armor on frontal part of the turret how would you feel? Or
    maybe getting penetrated in your Tortoise through the same place by people
    just casually passing by you or just peaking and shoting without aiming
    (I’m not talking about hitting weak spots). What I’m saying is that gold
    ammo is making some tanks completely useless because in that way you are
    taking their only advantages. And issue is that not everyone can farm that
    much credits to fire gold ammo since in higher tiers it’s extremely
    expensive so yes, it is pay to win because in most cases you don’t need
    much skill to penetrate with gold ammo (ofc depending on vehicle). Also
    there are some completely OP vehicles like Skorpion that are just
    incredibly cancerous no matter which tier they play against. Yes, I’m
    writing this because I’m angry since I can’t play my Tortoise anymore
    because I just don’t bounce a single round no matter where I go or how I
    position myself and because I can’t get any bounces as T-VIII heavy tank
    playing vs T-VI tanks. So yeah since I can’t afford to use gold (and tbh, I
    don’t want to since it takes fun out of aiming for weak spots) because of
    the amount of time I can spend in game, I must say that gold is ruining it
    for most of the people like me.

  12. Lets all club together to get Dez the dam Tank…..just to see how evil he
    is ;)

  13. just grab a german td and you are fine

  14. i asked my self why pz 2j is in the game. well at the end i only figuret
    out that if the average pen would be 46 with ap, it would be a russian
    tank. or isn’t that how wot woks?

  15. 100 000 crédits.. lol.. Ridiculous.

  16. your not paying 100€ for that tank your paying 100€ for 30k gold and get
    this for free! get your SH*T together got dammed

  17. I hate gold spammers especially autoloaders.

  18. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    I always enjoy your vids but NOT the incredibly annoying advert in the
    MIDDLE!!!!!!! of the vid. Honestly, it;s so irritating that I have thought
    of unsubscribing even!

  19. Dez I have this tank, would you like to borough it?

  20. No need to remove it. Its rare enough.

  21. theyoutubeuser524587

    cmon Dez, wot is p2w, if u see for example crommie b with a prem account
    and u can spend some gold shots, or if u play with regular tanks u can
    afford to shoot more gold than poor gamers

  22. Dez watch Sliphantoms video – Is world of tanks pay to win (or something
    like that) Its a totally different way of looking at it, please check it
    out, and great videos, keep it up!

  23. Wait, am I wrong or didn’t they actually REMOVE the weak spot hatch on the
    side of the tank. To me that is the biggest issue.

  24. Dez what time are u going to make the face off?? id like to join

  25. Dez you are wrong. The pj is free if you buy 30,000 gold. The tank costs

  26. Angelo Soares Giroto

    Only arty balances this thing out…

  27. this is why..tetrach existed :D

  28. I got it on wot blitz for 10 US dollars and it is so fun

  29. every time I see this thing in YouTube it gets 14 kills

  30. To some extend, it is obviously pay to win. Yes, you can buy all the nice
    stuff with in-game credit, but you get more in-game credit with premium
    account and premium tanks. Also, you get 3-players in the platoon with
    premium account, as far as I remember. Also, more experience with premium
    account -> more crew-skills (captain skills in Wows). Also, crew shifting
    (captain re-training in WoWs) require golds, and is a pain in higher tiers,
    if you don’t pay for the retraining (at least in WoWs, which I play now).

    Don’t get me wrong: Although I try to play with little use of real money, I
    think it is fair, that those who pay for the party, decides what music to
    play. But denying some element of “pay to win”, is naive in my opinion. But
    as long you are happy and paying, it is fine with me ;)

  31. simple get a cruiser2 with the derp you will destroy the reaper

  32. I have had my IIJ for almost three years now and I have to say that battles
    like this are rare. Maybe there are reports of “pages” of multiple kill
    battles but up against how many thousands and thousands of battles? the
    ratio is not that high. To be honest, if I play my IIJ, nine times out of
    ten I am bottom tier in a tier four battle and don’t stand a chance. The
    premium ammo is loaded up and most tier 4’s can pen it like butter and with
    the silly gun, I cannot pen the tier 4’s in return. in a battle where it’s
    top tier and amongst tier 2’s it’s going to dominate but then again, there
    are a lot of other tier 3’s that would also. This tank isn’t as OP as
    youtubers would make out. Given the choice again, I wouldn’t waste my money
    on it because as Dez says, it costs too much to run having to fire premium
    ammo all the time. WG will never refund money for a premium tank even in
    cases where they have completely mis-represented a tank in the shop (not on
    the SEA server anyway).

    As always Dez, a great video…

  33. You scream ” Mother Fucker !!!” right when I was watching next to my mom (
    she was doing something else) and we just literally stared at each other
    for almost 1 minute… Well done DezGamez !!!

  34. so, you’r saying it is op, then?

  35. Sneeky way to get someone to gift you one, Dez!

  36. Odds are slim to none that I would buy that, but I must say the exp the
    crew just got damm !

  37. Game is pay to win undoubtedly. This tank is the crown proof.
    Don’t forget, not too long ago, people used to shoot digital money at each
    other until they changed it.
    Prem account enables someone to carry more prem ammo with less worry of
    losing credits with a win/loss.
    Same goes for prem tanks. If you have both, you can carry a alot of prem

  38. i dont think they sold this tank even once in the shop on the NA servers we
    only get the BT-SV that WG nerfed.

  39. Bullshit!!! WG give it as giveaway at gamescon and WG Party in 2012/13 for

    Not all Pz. II Ausf. J spend so mutch money … and it isn t worse cause
    every T3 TD kill it easy. And ive got many T4 fights with it.

    OP only in T2-T3 may be but i get 1 T3 battle in 20 fights with luck.

  40. cammo is pay to win

  41. If you can’t buy it with currency you earn in game, then it’s pay to win.
    You can earn gold in tournaments and credits of course with anything, but
    not $$$

  42. They did sell this at $14 in world of tanks blitz hehe

  43. I like killing these things with my Su-76i XD

  44. i use T-127 vsPz.Kpfw.Ausf J………………..ez kill by me

  45. WG dont need to remove this tank from the game, they can improve
    penetration values of all other tanks on rank 2,3. It is not important on
    that rank either, most tanks have thin armour and can be penetradet easy
    even with todays penetration.

  46. :))))))))))))))))))))))))

  47. I was playing m3 Stuart only to troll pz.IIJs I penned it with gold every
    time. Soo much pzIIJ rages 😀 and now they off me chat :(

  48. Before power-creep I would have agreed, that this is pay to progress more
    than pay to win.. But starting with Scorpion.. Average joe can’t deal with
    flag tanks or Scorp..

  49. this is strange wg sells this op shit but no type 59?!

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