► World of Tanks: R.I.P. Clicking Sound… Feat. British Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

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Today going to be one sad day… I am finally going to say goodbye to my clicky-clicky keyboard and going to replace it with silent one… Well, with a lot more silent one. 🙂 And let’s test out this new keyboard with some vehicles.

Enjoy the video and your weekend!

►Tanks in action:
– UK/British Centurion Mk.


  1. Great suggestion re the T-shirt!

    I’m sitting here wearing my Quickybaby Comet T-shirt and I have the Jingles
    TOG T-shirt as well…. best thing to wear when taking the land ship out
    LOL! I reckon a ‘What’s going on?’ With Dez’s favourite tank on it would be

  2. I also have that same exact keyboard. So don’t worry Dez the clicky spirit
    will continue to live on… my desk. 🙂
    have a great weekend everywun! :D

  3. Are those” health bar ” circles on the mini map? Are they modded or new
    play available with 9:16 ?

  4. Dez is one of the best if not the best tanker. And with the new keyboard, I
    am sad but hey. it is what it is. You make my day every time you upload a
    video. #DezIsTheBest

  5. finally lol I heard your keyboard in almost all your videos oh well it had
    character lol.

  6. your first conqueror battle how it ended, isn’t it unfair that artillery
    can shoot you you over objects while you’re behind objects, and you can not
    shoot things over objects with tanks. artillery is just able to do to much,
    plus while you are fighting other tanks you generally can see them and or
    take cover from tanks you cant see, artillery can shoot you with out you
    knowing they are aiming at you plus it is near impossible to take cover
    from artillery. they can hit you and half the time it is all over when they
    hit you that one time. aging Jedi did a video on someone who was in a
    battle with no artillery, and Jedi was making it well known how much more
    enjoyable battles with out arty is. people argue saying it stops camping
    while i argue by say the only way to not get hit by arty is to sit in back
    and never get spotted, which isn’t fun Wargaming.

  7. Arty is meant to prevent camping but instead encourages it. Well done
    wargaming. Shitters.

  8. 16:30 you gotta stop camping there Dez! Arty working as intended!

  9. Fun to watch as always. Thank you for the upload!

  10. I actually liked the clicking sound, made me think of a old typewriter. I
    actually still used a typewriter when I first started writing papers for
    classes back in middle school. No, I’m not old, my family just had a couple
    of typewriters and for some reason I just preferred them for basic writing.
    Your keyboard reminded me of that.

  11. Farewell clicky, your melodic voice gave these videos a sound quality that
    Jingles could never hope to match.

  12. @DezGamez that’s the only reason i sub. is for your clicky keyboard ;)

  13. play tiger 1 but (p) ,Maus

  14. play maus

  15. Noooo just not the *click* and the keyboard sound ! I really liked it :,(

  16. Your “mediocre” games would be great games for me :)

  17. what are the best medium tank lines in wot?

  18. first time i coment Your vids m8 and i watch all of IT. clickin sound was
    original. now ITS not. get old razer up

  19. nooo not the keyboard clicking sound!!!!!

  20. comon dez, bring back the clicking sound :(

  21. RIP clicking sound.

  22. Johan Holmqvist (Digger007)

    PLEASE swap back

  23. I feel you with the clicking noise. I bought the Black Widow a few months
    ago and the only thing I can hear over the clicking is my wife in the next
    room yelling “Jesus Christ, be quiet!”

  24. so when your brain is fried on a friday you play as well as me

  25. i have an Razor Blackwidow. It might be loud, but it is damn good keyboard

  26. Wachira Narongsack

    Centurion Mk. 7/1 ❤️

  27. I wantyour keyboard back :(

  28. Shalindra Senalankadhikara

    Liked after 9:41 lol :D

  29. Keep talking just the way you do. and it’s nice you show videos where
    things don’t go to plan 🙂 Helps newbees like me feel there is hope in the
    distant future

  30. but that sound was sexy

  31. @DezGamez
    The critical damage, can mean anything from damaging tracks to knocking
    things out. So a lot of times in this video when you get critical damage,
    its probably just you damaging the tracks but not knocking them out.

  32. I think the clicking sound was coooool! :)

  33. Lau Timothy (LockOn)

    I actually liked the clicking sound QAQ

  34. Jędrzej Rutkowski

    I love your videos!
    I dont like it, I love it!

  35. I thought this was going to be Pascucci Medals galore given the title

  36. expected 113-113 Illuminati..was not disappointed lul.

  37. but your mouse click still there.. 😛
    anyway,u are my 2nd fav wot youtuber..goo job!

  38. RIP the Razer CLACK Widow.

  39. Love that X-file-sound! :D

  40. RIP clicks

  41. Almost 100k

  42. Hi Dez, when will you upload new motorbike ride video? :)

  43. I miss the clikcing. It was your “thing”. :-(

  44. ohno Dez why? it wasn’t a bug, it was a feature? :'(

  45. Almost 1k likes

  46. good job tunnel visioning hard with the 268 ^^

  47. Tunnel Vision day confirmed 🙂
    Great vid Dez, as usual 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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