► World of Tanks: RAMPAGE MODE! – E-50-M feat. SU-122-44 Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Commentary. World of Tanks SU-122-44 Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Epic Battle Series.

In this “Epic Battle” episode you are going to see 2 super quick and super awesome gameplays with SU-122-44, teir 7 tank destroyer and with E-50-M, tier 10 medium tank.
This is what I like to watch, non-stop shooting and non-stop action… To get that high amount of kills or damage in 5 minutes is just crazy! 😀


►Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet SU-122-44, Tier 7 Premium Tank Destroyer
– German/Germany E-50 Ausf.
►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Are you gonna make som World of Warships video soon? :)

  2. Mark Rogachevsky

    Dez,you pronounce Jagdpanther Yag-pan-ther.

  3. Excellent game with the SU-122-44, I loved his playing! Continue your
    videos! ^^

    PS: I can not pay for the OR for personal and health reasons, and I want to
    know if this would be possible if you know or even you can help me / give
    me some OR ^^ (of course it bothers me always ask this question!)

  4. The auto aiming thru buildings ruined the 1st replay but e50m was beast!

  5. Michael Mcdermott

    epic E50m

  6. Too many people using cheats in wot nowadays…

  7. Battleshipman56 Battleshipman56

    Love the su 122 44

  8. Dez I want to watch your gameplay of
    The e50m. 

  9. Epic battle? Time to load up the Mini Maus!

  10. How the f*** can he lock on someone who is behind a building ????
    WTF ???

  11. damn, next e50m top of the tree i will get that bugger.

  12. marquitoescort2011

    The Fame guy has 4100 win 8 lol.

  13. Name of music?

  14. 122 44 auto aiming behind buildings?

  15. Xhino Domi (Reaperino)

    Damn!! GG for the SU-122-44! Almost makes me want to buy it.

  16. Im glad i picked up an su 122 44 :3 and that e50m was quite the bauuuus ;P

  17. Maurice van Hemert

    Its a very good td in terms of dmg and mobility.

  18. That E-50M player – 4100 wn8, 20+ Pools medals plus Raseiniai Heroes’
    Medal, probably the best player on EU with his first account. He is Polish
    but full of hatred retards still say that Polish players cant play.

    • +empatre with xvm you can prove that they are rly bots

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +empatre I agree with you, fuck this imbecile.

    • “you bot”? Ok, I see there is no sense in wasting my time here. Get life
      poor guy.

    • +Christian RezZquiiL Since few months xvm on main site offers showing
      players nationality (flags). When you have that you can see how many great
      players is from Poland and that our nation isn’t any worse than any other.
      Most of us just dont say “siemka” in start of every game. Thats something
      that only “tomato kids” do.

    • Christian “SKILL” RezZquiiL

      +empatre yes polaks cannot play, its very rare to see good polak players
      sry dude

  19. IMO 15 premium shells are a bit too many in the E-50M

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +MrAlpha188 If you are 1v1 with a Maus, you will need those 15 shells.

    • +Aroused Squirrel Yes, but you use prem shells in very rare occasions
      thanks to the penetration of the E-50M.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +MrAlpha188 His standard shells are obviously enough to do 10000 damage.
      That means that he will load gold only when he needs to (will never run out
      of standard shells). Thus it is good to have more prem than you need, than
      not have enough for critical situations. And yes, he almost ran out of
      standard in this game, but such games don’t exactly happen every day.

  20. Maurice van Hemert

    Het Dez, killengage here. You still have armored warfare codes left ? If so
    i would be happy with it :)

  21. that su 122 44 replay makes me wanna buy that thing instead of the amx cdc
    >.< that guy makes everything looks easy.

  22. Wooohooo so early

  23. Fast action, a lot of kills, a lot of damage.. What more do you want? :P

    • Oh yeah, and the best penetration too!

    • +DezGamez You don’t know why you like the E-50M? Why wouldn’t you is a
      better question! Has GREAT armor, top of the line accuracy and gun
      handling, good speed, good maneuverability, and good enough DPM – with my
      setup I get a 7.92 second reload with it, and the reticle basically never

    • +DezGamez u sir deserv more subs..nice work and keep coming..

    • +DezGamez Awsome replays and epic gameplays again gg 😀

  24. Wuhu 1st like 😀
    Again epic gameplay, thx for entertainment dez

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