► World of Tanks: Rheinmetall Skorpion G – Review and Gameplay – New Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Rheinmetall Skorpion G Tank Review. World of Tanks Rheinmetall Skorpion G Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Rheinmetall Skorpion G Live Gameplay. World of Tanks Patch 9.15.1 Update Review.

Time to show you something new and something really exciting! They are going to release new tier 8 German premium Tank Destroyer – “Rheinmetall Skorpion G”.

My first thoughs… “OMG, what a cow!”

out the video for gameplay action and for my opinion about this tank.



  1. At 12 mins in, that reasoning doesnt work out that well very often. If your
    side is weak, its much better to leave it completely undefended and push
    the other side. Ontop of that, the alley there doesnt give you many
    opportunities to cover other areas of the map unlike the 2 line. Generally
    I just think low road is a bad Idea.

  2. Rest In Peace, my sweet Charioteer.

  3. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    wtf is this ?!?! OP AF. WG aways balancing the game. Bring more and more
    premium tanks.

  4. hey that’s the grille 12 isn’t it?

  5. Wachira Narongsack

    So another premium tanks with beter gun then regular tanks? Noice …

  6. Dez when will it come live if you know

  7. I gotta say – this thing makes me happy in all the right ways. Just play it
    like a (good) Hellcat driver and you’re laughing! If I didn’t already have
    an E25, I’d snag this one the second it went on sale :)

  8. Wargaming is really going in for the money, another OP premium tank. GG…

  9. i miss the victory girls :,(

  10. im gonna comment again… that shit is a rhm on a panther chase….. OP AF
    shouldnt the prem tanks be weaker than normal tier 8s? cuz money making?
    dafuq SELOUT

    • Exuse me… your language?!

      Secondly the F.ck are you thinking…. maybe you say things with a little bit of sense in them… how the F.ck did you supposed to make money if you have a shit gun… ? and if the tanks that are already in the game (theres a lot of them) that have shit guns how do you think its a good idea to give premium tanks even worse ones? the premium tanks (as you said) main role should be to make money… but you cant make money if you cant pen anything at all…. you just not going to do dmg… so taking the p@ss at a tank that has a good gun… and has mobility but no armor, bad camo, and bad/medicore viewrange…. you think its op? i cant wait to see how people will carry every single game… haha which they ofc wont becouse as everyone knows paper tanks just not capable of.

      I made my point here.

  11. firsttimeshot opAF

    like a better borsig

  12. this tank will be nerfed :/ i’m almost sure, it’s to good to be true

  13. Expert is not from mod. That is the Eagle eye perk, it “locks stats” (let’s
    put it that way) on the last tank you hit, so you can see what critical
    hits are made on that tank (e.g. ammo rack, tracks etc etc)

  14. Frederick Schulze

    I still have to wait 9 days for this. I am so excited for this and I can’t
    wait until August 18th…

  15. hey dez, more f**king tags for the vids please… Whitout expanding the
    desc, I can see only extra tags…

  16. thats like a tier 9 on tier 8, zzz wish the other tier 8s were that good
    lul worst tier of all time, then u get this… lul

  17. Omg i want itt when does it come out how much does it cost

  18. What is that”expert off” that i saw

  19. What do you believe will make more credits an is6, t34 , or the new td


  21. 1st!!

  22. This is going to be one “Epic Credit Cow”… Let’s milk it, while we can!
    What do you think?

  23. strv!!

  24. what is that transititon music

  25. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    Wait, did it come out or what?

  26. McAnimu “NewAndImproved” Jesus

    I’m probably the only guy who won’t use mods to play anytime at all

  27. Wow think gonna buy this…


  29. next op shit

  30. Same gun is on E 75 but with worse stats….. ;-(

  31. Great video …. keeps moving and good mix of stats with live action.

  32. McAnimu “NewAndImproved” Jesus

    I like how you prepared and made an account just to overview the tank,
    question is, why 200K gold just for a review account

  33. you say in the description that this tanw will be release,ao now we cant
    buy it,but how do u have it?

  34. It’s like a tier 8 grille.

  35. do you play on na servers

  36. Panther/M10… Haven’t seen that tank for a long time now.

  37. McAnimu “NewAndImproved” Jesus

    If it’s more than 7.5K I’m fucked, not that good at WoT computer tbh,
    better at blitz

  38. why in the battles you dont have your normal name?

  39. 60 views… xD

  40. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    2.21 lol thats the vk 30.01 H turret, built in in the “Atlantikwall”. I did
    never see that lol

  41. Thats the Scorpion I wanna see ^^

  42. Glad to be first to comment, Hi Dez :D

  43. Cool looking tank!

  44. TheBrownsound the

    Holly crap, first! hi dez bro

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