► World of Tanks: RNG-esus #21 – Best Wins and Best Fails!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Best Wins and Best Fails! World of Tanks RNG. World of Tanks RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments Compilation Video. World of Tanks Epic Wins and Epic Fails!

► Once again:
1) Upload your replays : www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know what happened and when it happened.

Thank you guys for epic feedback in my previous RNGesus episode! did hit 1,000 likes as requested… You guys are BEASTS!
For the reward I am going to upload yet another 10min+ episode for you!
These episodes takes shitload of time to record and edit… So I hope you enjoy! 😉

Feedback is always #1 information to see what you think about it, so please do that. Comment, Like, Dislike… whatever helps me to see your reaction.

Now sit back and enjoy the video!


  1. Looks like 2 base capping pieces of shit disliked RnG, Psh figures

  2. Awesome! More please!

  3. Love the Stalin Icon lol , as always Dez another great video. Watching your
    RNG vids reminds me of why I very rarely plat WOT anymore…25% RNG and a
    heap of illegal mods or possible illegal mods…either way …love the game
    not the cheats. Keep up the great work ( PS I will sign in now and like
    your vids to help you out , if it does lol )

  4. Yesterday when we played strongholds our KV-2 bounced of an O-I and
    oneshoted an unspotted Hellcat! :)

  5. nice modpack :D

  6. i sent in a replay where i ammo rack a 50B with M53/55 AP, ram a LT while
    he was trying to kill the other arty on my team and on the move across the
    map shot on the last enemy all in one game and it didn’t get picked…

  7. Dez, you’ve been making great WOT videos for several years now… nice to
    see you getting the subs finally. I watch Zeven to learn, Foch when I’m
    irritated at the game and your’s pretty much whenever they come out. Great
    job! Cheers

  8. Did I like it? No. I loved it! Good job Dez keep up the great work :)

  9. Brilliantly funny compilation, Dez!!!

  10. Epic :D

  11. Man I love your videos, especially the RNG series, but you gotta fix that
    syntactic error in the “Help me to make RNGesus” text… It’s supposed to
    be “Help me make RNGesus” without the “to”… It really stabs my eyes
    everytime I see it #GrammarNazi

  12. Yeah!!!! 1:20

  13. Keep up the great work, Dez……..look forward daily of your videos.

  14. So is Mountain Pass the new Derpenburg? Mounderp Perss! Great vid btw man!

  15. Have you tried the 9.14 test server yet? My internet is too bad right now
    cause of snow storms, but like at 4:45, will the new physics prevent that
    from happening? Would it flip the Batchat instead possibly?

  16. The clip of everyone going over the cliff for the last kill is why wot is a

  17. Repair kit : check ,first aid kit: check, automatic fire extinguisher:
    check, hand of Stalin check. Another great video Dez?

  18. because in this series your Modpack is different and is no longer promod? I
    do not understand o.o

  19. that WTF100 and the cliff divers that tried to go after him…..We need to
    find those people and make sure they never breed.

  20. Best World of tanks series on youtube

  21. Lol- that WT simply rocked XD


  23. Needs more goomba stomping 😉 ( landing your tank on another, for ppl that
    did not know the term )

  24. Oh yeah thx dez for selected me again 😀 (5.49min :p)

  25. wish i could get the stalin consumable

  26. At 5:37 the amx who fell of the cliffs name is even Pathfinder

  27. what GPU do you use? thanks for the time and videos!!!!keep up the good

  28. I do love watching amx’s doing that to jap heavies, I could make a movie
    and right a book on how to do that in an ELC to those things, I have about
    18 replays of me doing that to them

  29. Yes, I loved it!

  30. Give that WT a medal.

  31. I d like to have this consumable of yours… XD

  32. You’re welcome IS 3.

  33. i play 7k goddamn games and i get a total of like 3 ammoracks; mr. waffel
    on the other hand, 2 in one clip. FAIR ENOUGH! :'(

  34. Awesome.

  35. I made it!

  36. New durpenburg confirmed!

  37. 100th viewer!

  38. I am glad I refreshed my sub box before going to bed! Woohoo!

  39. EEEEEWWWWWWW, almost get the feeling this game is made of RNG… Kappa

  40. First lol

  41. Massive bag of Thank Yous for 1,000 likes in my previous RNGesus episode,
    we did it!
    For that reason I made another 10min+ episode for you! It takes pretty much
    entire day to record and edit, so… I hope you enjoy!

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