► World of Tanks: RNG-esus #25 – Just LOL… Wait, WTF?

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Source: DezGamez

. Best Wins and Best Fails! /Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments Compilation Video. Wins and Epic Fails!

► Once again:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know what happened and when it happened.

Are you ready for a 10 minute RNG-esus episode, filled with crazy moments?
If you are, then sit back and enjoy RNG-esus episode number 25! If you are not ready, then… you are ready!

Feedback always #1 information to see what you think about it, so please do that. Comment, Like, Dislike… whatever helps me to see your reaction.

Now sit back and enjoy the video!


  1. I see that another one of my rng moments got into your series. What would
    that be now, 3-4 times? XD
    Keep it up! :D

  2. Abbadon Despoiler

    KV-2 is still king of the derp!

  3. this video shows why exactly why I hate RNG – fucking derp guns hitting at
    full speed, while aim circle is bigger than map itself…

  4. can i have link of this mod ?. pls. it very beautiful when you have spotted

  5. Ah. It’s not a WTF moment without a random flying PZ1.C soaring by.

  6. Does the wide park flying glitch still work with the new physics?

  7. Maybe a little change in the soundtrack? Great vids though.

  8. imthemistermaster

    I should send you my replay of me ammoracking an 1800 hp is7 in my Pershing

  9. I didn’t realize it until 5 seconds later, but dez is a genius I
    uncontrollably said the title of the video in the first 2 seconds.

  10. That was fuckn great!! I do not know how you don’t have more subscribers!!

  11. I need to fund my replay in my gw tiger I blind shot a teammate out of
    radio range

  12. 1:13 tho :o

  13. Dez.Would you share your musics to using in RNGESUS videos ? It will be

  14. Martin “Polski” Poliak

    First E100 warpack mod spotted! 😛 his minimap shows him direction of enemy
    BC arty…

  15. Why was my video not in there? I thought the T49 500 meter clutch shot was
    great… guess not great enough

  16. damn me , back at it again with the kv2

  17. probably my favorite series..captures all that makes WoT great and so fail
    at the same time..wonderfully edited.

  18. Nice tunes Dez!

  19. Good Job me! good. job.

  20. Su8 has APCR?!

  21. Why the black pause betweeen some replays?

  22. Any plans for a similar series for warships?

  23. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    I get the feeling I’ve seen the IS clip before…

  24. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    The first song reminds me of something out of the Firefly soundtrack…
    Good show, that. Real shame it ended.

  25. If you werent in thus is it possible to be in a later one?

  26. That O-Ho shot is why accuracy in wot is broken, try it with .30 dispersion
    and shot will miss 9/10
    Nice video btw, your content is rocking lately Dez! :)

  27. Moral of this video, arty is still fair and balanced. hahhah jk it isn’t.

  28. Which music is that? If there is an album can u pls name it? :)

  29. dude i cannot beliebe it im on the video tape!!!!! love my e25 =)

  30. im new but on wath server do you play

  31. 3.25, kol I have excactky the same ammo loadout as that oi in mine oi

  32. 8:50 top gun tactics :)

  33. Hey luv your video :)

  34. Lmao two E25’s Dukes of Hazard E 25 style. I wonder which one was daisy

  35. +DezGamez really love the songs in the background on your vids, they remind
    me of nascar 06 I played with my cousin for years in summer holidays! :D

  36. almost 50k subs!

  37. cool

  38. What tool do you use so you can freely spectate in replays?

  39. I never knew that if all crew got killed the tank gets destroyed… never
    happened to me… I think…

  40. TheValentineEnemy

    Those howitzer shots..bloody luckers…0.3-0.4 accuracy guns cant hit
    anything while fully aimed..lol talk about RNG..

  41. big play

  42. crazy people…

  43. Omgg yusss! rngeeez!

  44. nice video Dez lad

  45. DezGamez > Quickybaby

  46. Holy shit, your videos never cease to amaze me, nice job Dez!

  47. this game become a pice of sh*t

  48. gud,but not enuf T49 derps

  49. when you are early and don’t know what to comment

  50. when you are early and don’t know what to comment

  51. Nice ;)

  52. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    Hi people

  53. hehheeh nice as always (foreshadowing)

  54. primer comentario

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