► World of Tanks: RNGesus #12 – WTF Moments?

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Source: DezGamez

. World of Tanks RNGesus series. World of Tanks RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments Compilation Video Series. World of Tanks RNG Moments / Derp Moments. World of Tanks Epic Wins and Epic Fails!

► Once again:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know what happened and when it happened.

Your weekly dose of RNGesus is here. Take a look at some of the most “WTF just happened” moments. World of Tanks RNG, I love you!

► In this episode I do not have any codes to . I am out of them… Sorry. 🙁

Feedback is always #1 to see what you think about it, so do that. Comment, Like, Dislike… whatever helps me to see your reaction.

Now sit and enjoy the video!


  1. 2:08 someone used a stealth boy from fallout.

  2. I’m famous now! lol

  3. Kos “kOOsmaty” n

    and my multikill with kv2 <3 thx ;)

  4. what would this series be with out arty

  5. I know the clan TERMS, and I know sollitdude a little bit… I’ll tell him
    that he was on YT

  6. It’s strange how the ISU teammate dissapeared just so he can kill the
    friendly artillery and after that, he reapears. Hack and anger towards the

  7. Hello Dez and all you people out there, I have to tell you something guys…

    I live in Paris, and in the events of Friday, We have lost Friends, Familys
    and much more…

    I have personally lost what people usually call Friends,but for me they
    were Brothers, and I would have died for them if they woudnt have done it
    before me… Ive lost them in the events of this Friday 13th, and may God
    have mercy on theirs souls, and on Paris’s…

    Ive had an Horrible Week-End, and I have to go to school tomorow at 8:30, I
    cried and I still cry these days (as a french guy said : even mens cry, its
    not that they are weak,no, its that it makes a lot of time since they
    became strong) but this nigth, i was checking youtube and i saw this
    video… And just by seeing the” RNG “title for the video, i had an instant
    smile on my face, you just made me smile for the first time since these
    horrible events, and thank you for this men, making tonight, tomorow, this
    whole week better for me and all your viewers, really man, a big FUCKING

    Thank you Dez, thank you for giving us hope for better days, giving us
    happy moments, and giving us some awesome content, And Thank You the world
    for all youre support, really, we need you #PrayForParis

  8. hey i can see me at 1:39 min :D

  9. Wtf #1 happens when you switch into overhead view in any arty. Maybe only
    on low quality settings, but it happens for me too. And yeah, the su was

  10. BK94 - Chaîne Gaming

    haha i played on the 50b who bounce the e4

  11. my honorabru cliff dive

  12. 2:28 Thanks Dez for showing my replay after all that time :D

  13. That russian td disappearing? That is just camo rating dez.
    This applies to all the russian bias tanks.

  14. WTF #2 And Germany introduces it’s newest technology. WW2 smart rounds.
    Rounds change trajectory as they leave the barrel to be guided to their
    target. Even better than OP KV-2 Derp gun.

  15. ilarionas avgoustou

    the first replay was from me and I sent it like from august :p you must
    have a lot of replays

  16. WTF#2 he was using a mod that auto aims directly on ennemies in front of
    you that’s why it seems so weird the aim shifted back to the obj.416

  17. 10k Subs No Videos?

    Please explain to me how most of this was RNG

  18. Reporting that guy who killed arty on purpose by HE splash, what a cunt

  19. so troll, that obj 416 kill XD

  20. wtf#2 soooo rng.

  21. Nice video Happy Panda, Thx :)

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