► World of Tanks: RNGesus #28 – Epic Heroes = Epic Games!

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks RNG. World of Tanks Best Wins and Best Fails! World of Tanks RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments Video. and Epic Fails!

► Once again:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know what happened and when it happened.

In this episode of RNGesus, you are going to see some pretty impressive saves, jumps and kills… I like to see what people are able to do in this game! 😛

Now sit back and enjoy the video!

► Music used:
– “Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]”
– “ES_Soft Tears Trailer – Johan Hynynen”
– “ES_Heavy Industrial Anger 5 – Victor Ohlsson”
– “Cartoon feat.


  1. great work. pls share the first song!

  2. Your videos getting better and better. Best Wot Youtuber

  3. michele demattia

    name of the song at the start?

  4. 5:55 those guys are from my clan ;o damnit why wasnt i playing with them
    for this ;.;

  5. Why do you room out so far out like 4:45 , i could not see what happerend
    what tank hit what ???

  6. ahmad al-sahoury


  7. Amaury Vandemoortele

    just beautiful ! ? i love ?

  8. Very nice video Dez !

  9. Holy Shit KV.2 sniping on Malinovka

  10. I hope dat Centurion got the “set an enemy on fire” mission activated…

  11. 8:53 No French tank has ever done anything that heroic in the history of
    men :O

  12. Christian Fechner

    OMG so Nice Make More so Videos!!

  13. wtf that Lorraine arty just disappeared

  14. Where can I send a replay?

  15. Slothy The Sloth

    I killed a Covendator while on the move across the map, didn’t even lock in
    XD this was with my T-28

  16. That Lorraine in the first 2 minutes, too lazy to search the exact time…I
    hate retards like that. There is NO reason to go down there, you will take
    damage or get stuck. Head 30 meters left, and there is a convenient little
    slope. It only takes an extra…3-5 seconds
    Also, lost my shit at the clearly disabled ISU-152. No offence to disabled

  17. Oh Holy Sh@t, you put drum and bass music in your video!!! <3 Love you Dez.

  18. Willemcross DeEchte

    why you have 9.13 replays and not 9.14

  19. What was the music at the beginning called

  20. How long does it take you to make a RNG episode ? And what programmes do
    you use ?

  21. that ISU, pls leave game

  22. Spähpanzer Ru 251 vs T49

  23. _Xx_M4TR1X_xX_ 13

    I don’t like it. I love love love IT !

  24. How do you get your wot replays file to be comparable for YouTube

  25. caleb McCullough (Blistersteel)

    much licked,very power ! ;)

  26. HAHAHA you used my T37 cliff diving clip :D

  27. Object 261 vs english x tier arty. (Dont remember name) face off.

  28. Benjamin Stratford

    Hey Dez, great video, but what happened to those AW RNGesus you talked
    about when we first saw the replay systems?

  29. These keep on getting better!

  30. Ian Kyle Maturan

    there is a Churchill that got stuck like the tank in 1:22 i pushed him. and
    i became blue ??

  31. xX flying1ace Xx

    Loved it 😀 Looking forward to the 10th face off special :D

  32. Put your bunny slippers on and relax Ship the Nutz and have great rest of
    the weekend

  33. Man that ISU replay gave me cancer, and it wasnt because of the music xD
    If i had not play World of Tanks before and see that people do suck beyond
    imagination i would believe that ISU was trying to suck on purpose just to
    make a video

  34. RC-UFO interceptor

    This replys are from what period time of year?I cant wait to see my replys

  35. its just me or the music from 3:05 sound like porn music? :D

  36. great video with great soundtrack,very f-ing nic

  37. The Pilot Penguin

    last song was epic and it fitted so well with the bat

  38. Lol. Gotta love the RNG the game tosses at you. Sweet video Dez. I got a
    good laugh out of it.

    Also that ISU…………Oh God the player base for this game is like
    poison to a thinking man most times.

  39. How can I play better in my amx 30? More spotting behind bush without
    getting spotted? I have a hard time playing with tanks that don’t have
    armor. Please help

  40. One of dee bezt zubmizzionzzzzz thanx bro, much appreciated

  41. so good, cheers for a good vid to end the weekend on

  42. what’s the song at 9:00 , I really like it! :)

  43. Artys vs. ISU… My god, i laughed my ass off!
    The Music is just perfect for this situation…Jesus…i still have tears
    in my eyes!
    Thanks DEZ for this (imo) best episode of RNGesus. Keep up the good work!

  44. epic

  45. you have me saying “good job me”! Love your videos. Houston, TX

  46. What song is playing in beginning

  47. 22TH

  48. how can I send u a replay dezgamez?

  49. more crossout plz dezgamez! ur very entertaining!

  50. why are you uplouding in midnight? , support from Croatia !!

  51. I like your taste of music Dez haha. Epic. Cool video.

  52. Still waiting for my replay :(

  53. Holy shit, Single killed the SU-100Y!!! hahahaha fucking hell, the shit
    they get up to when I’m not there…

  54. DezNuts

  55. lolz isu and arty rng orgy ?

  56. Daniele Porumboiu

    Nice music, i like it

  57. That SU-152 man!!! LOL

  58. 3rd! ;3

  59. I got stuck in the exact spot that 50 120 did but in an at2

  60. firsttimeshot opAF

    I luv music

  61. good job me… good job

  62. Csalló Dániel

    are you normal dezgamez :p?

  63. Csalló Dániel

    xd 11:45

  64. suh dez

  65. That cap save at the end tho… WP… 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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