► World of Tanks: RNGesus #5 – Oops, Sorry!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks RNGesus series. World of Tanks RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF//Win Moments Video Series. World of Tanks RNG Moments / Derp Moments.

► Once again:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know what happened and when it happened.

Would you like to see artillery failing? Or would you like to see artillery owning it up with pretty ridiculous shots?
I got everything you in this one video, RNGesus episode 5 is here!

► In this episode, once again, I am going to be able to premium tank codes to everyone who are sending me RNG clips:
5 x T-127, garage slot, 300 gold, 3 days of premium!

PS! If you sent your clip last week, you are still able to win, because I have created a little “backup” myself with clips!

Feedback is always #1 information to see what you think about it, so please do that. Comment, Like, Dislike… whatever helps me to see your reaction.

Now sit back and enjoy!


  1. Can you please tell me how are you able to open and watch the 9.9 replays?
    Because I can`t, already contacted WG and they said that they are aware of
    the problem, and will be solved once the 9.10 is out. But seriously, its
    only certain people then? WG *facepalm*

  2. Petri Hämäläinen

    Your RNG videos are the best there is, including those made by WG. Keep it

  3. i sent 2 much better replays than that

  4. Lot’s of fun.

  5. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    JagdPanzer E100 fair and balanced tank 60/10 for pure balance.

  6. omg the t34 in 2:10 is in my clan

  7. silly wot he killed his ally and the shell was still traveling for some

  8. i would like to send one, but it was from a few patches ago. will it work?

  9. nice! What’s that music starting at 1:30?

  10. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Mines not in :/

  11. Tnx for putting my RNG shot (e100 killing non spotted arty) in your video
    🙂 i totally forgot that i sent it to you and now im watching video and see
    familiar moment, oh wait thats me 🙂

    Keep up the good work man… Cheers

  12. Love it. Keep going!

  13. I love it how you can be on fire while being submerged.

  14. much better then the official RNG

  15. I have send you a replay of me T110E4 one-shotting IS-7 but I never saw it
    again…? why not?

  16. 2 vs 13
    me and my bro in platoon, both zero kills.
    we managed to kill 11 of them for crucial contribution, but the other 2
    whom woth were spgs killed their self….. how pathetic is that?

  17. well, that panther just made the burning mission for t55a…

  18. 3:30 seem fair and balanced….

  19. LOL, that GW is burning under water, nice one! 😉


  20. This video has been the highlight of my day lol love it

  21. Brayden VanderWeide

    I like how those 2 fires with the panter are featured and 1 fire was on a
    t7 XD. Just shows how hard that mt mission is

  22. Man that ricochet to arty kill, epic

  23. and that arty mod aint making it like 1000000 times easier to click… yea
    totaly not cheat….

  24. What’s the name of the music at the end?

  25. 3:30 thats a thing???

  26. Nice clips. That KV2 1100 dmg shot on the Tiger made me think of an ace
    game I had with the KV2. I made a Tiger 1 and a T29 learn the hard way
    never to show your side to a KV2.

  27. OMFG ………. that G.W

  28. 3:25 that batchat arty tho :P

  29. Lol the teamkills

  30. I’m early

  31. Im going to email you my IS-3 Replay. Bounced something like 3 or 4k dmg

  32. Love your videos!!

    keep it up

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